Sunday, July 19, 2015

"I was only joking"

YB is for Yang Berjenaka. Faced with the lawsuit that he'd boasted he was so looking forward to, YB Rafizi Ramli now said he made those remarks in jest.

Then - See you in Court!
Now - I was joking lah. y'all

Truth be told, some of us have known all along that this guy's a big joke.

You see, he has been at it for years now. Won't blame you if you are starting to believe that the YB won his Pandan seat in the 13th General Election uncleanly and unfairly - by using the diamond ring and other jewellery jokes to whip up voter sentiment against the PM's wife and, therefore, the BN government.

Take this January 2013 article, for one of the many instances.

This a joke, too, YB?


  1. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Here's a MUCH bigger joke:

    RM2 million in total gets deposited over the counter, the bag carrier denies he even knows her, is exposed, then in a panic deletes his whole Facebook account.


    Ooooh, I have another one:

    RM2.6 billion is alleged to have entered his account, after 3 weeks the best answer is "not for my personal use", which, ummmmmmmm, is not a denial.

    Shame this RM2.6 billion can't be spun to Justo at all.


  2. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Wait, wait, there's an encore:

    So this fat mamak, after his boss panics, claims he has people lining up to buy that TRX land that Tabung Haji ill-advisely bought. Sale in "2 weeks" he says.

    Months, later (PUNCHLINE)....jack shit happens!


    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...ahhhhh, good one.

  3. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Keep it up bro... Keep on defending your paymaster ajibgor and his wife or your paymaster Rosmah FLOM and her husband....

    We know for sure who pays for your living now...

  4. Anonymous4:22 pm

    A riddle:

    "Thief forces dummy to buy land at high price.

    Dummy uses money that's not his to buy land.

    Dummy gets caught and feigns ignorance at first.

    Dummy forced to admit after colleagues say otherwise.

    Thief 'advises' dummy to sell off land to reduce public displeasure.

    Dummy agrees.

    Few months down, land still not sold.

    Dummy is now not only a dummy but a crony, a liar, dumber than before and possibly a thief too."

    10 points for first correct answer...

  5. Rafizi Ramli is such a liar. He's part of a gallery exposing him -

  6. Anonymous5:47 pm

    How about ahmad zahid hamidi public announcement of xavier justo so called tampered PSI document?

    No case against ahmad zahid hamidi?

  7. IT.Scheiss5:53 pm

    Malaysian politics has become like a Roman arena where instead of gladiators battling it out to the death before cheering spectators, politicians battle it out in accusations and counter accusations reported in various forms of media as well as directly on social media.

    Malaysian politics is certainly much more fun than those choreographed wrestling matches on TV where hulky wrestlers take turns to bash each other to a pulp before cheering spectators without leaving even a bruise.

    In Rome, the gladiators were regarded as the lowest of the low - i.e the underclass and outcast of society and I guess the same could be said about politicians.

  8. Anonymous9:08 pm

    hahaha...dah panas punggung..baru nak joking..jgn bg muka

  9. Anonymous10:00 pm

    "Won't blame you if you are starting to believe that the YB won his Pandan seat in the 13th General Election uncleanly and unfairly - by using the diamond ring and other jewellery jokes to whip up voter sentiment against the PM's wife and, therefore, the BN government.."

    Are you effing kidding me? Do you really believe Pandan folks are really that simpleton? They voted for him in the last GE over petty issue such as jeweleries? That is insulting to Pandan voters intelligence.

  10. Anonymous11:05 pm

    It's a joke only when "the bluff is called".
    -It becomes gospel truth until proven that it's a lie.
    ( the hits will keep on coming until the Malay govt is brough to it knees).

  11. Anonymous11:31 pm

    While I am unconcerned either way about DS Rosmah, its disgusting for anyone to get political mileage from fitnah.

    I had heard promising things about Rafizi as a young opposition leader but your recent article ( assuming its correct ) makes him as cheap and disingenuous as any politician.

  12. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Lapiji - lapiji....,mmmmm.

  13. Anonymous12:00 am

    Rafizi Ini lah contoh paling bagos sebagai MELAYU BABI!!!

    Harap2 takde lagilah MELAYU BABI mcm ni di Malaysia!!!

    Kepada Melayu PAS/PKR/DAP berhentilah jadi SUNDAL BANGSA DAN AGAMA!!!

    Betandiing banyak.banyak kebaikan nya jika bertNding secara sehat terutama sesama Bangsa dan Agama!!

    Kepada yg lain Bangsa dan Agama yang pembelot saperti Ular Kepala dua tu korang huat la apa yg patut!!


    Jangan sampai ja di Negara Seberang Tambak sesal kemudian tiada gunanya!!!

  14. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Rafizi ni dulu mmg suka jual bontot masa zaman study kat MCKK dulu, bila dah besar jual maruah sendiri pada yahudi utk rosakkan malaysia supaya boleh gadai negara ni pada red dot. Oopps, jgn marah. This is nothing factual, I'm only jesting. Jenaka ini tiada kena-mengena dgn penipu tegar, samada masih hidup atau telah mati.

  15. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Why cant he say its a joke when UMNO clowns do the same?

  16. Vincento4:07 pm

    Imagine that the malaysian chronicle that is attached to your posting says nothing of rosmah accepting the rings from Deepak. Just the invoices being genuine.
    What crap is that to accuse Najib and Rosmah of corruption?
    Anyone can produce invoices of purchases of luxury items and claim that they are for rosmah. And people believe it hppk line and sinker?

    Why not say that they are meant for Betty? or Wan Azizah ?

    Not that all Malaysians are a gullible lot. More that those already hating the BN will spread this even though they don't believe the lies.
    As for Malaysian Chronicle -- you cannot be more toxic and hateful than the Malaysian Chronicle. Not the lies they publish but the demonic way they craft the lies.
    And dissing the NST, Star and Utusan for bing terrible...

    As far as I can see -- those attacking the PM do not care about anything else except to see the PM being convicted of all the allegations.

    As for Sarawak Report -- since when has it been a whistle blower?

  17. Anonymous6:44 pm

    La, cuma 3 komen je? Dulu masa kau berpakat nak jatuhkan Abdullah Badawi, blog Rocky Bru memang top laris macam pisang goreng.Aku memang baca blog ni setiap hari. Tapi bila Badawi dah jatuh, kau dapat title Datuk, tak pula kau teruskan investigative journalism kat Najib. Senyap, macam setan bisu lepas dapat title Datuk. Aptb.