Tuesday, February 17, 2015

End of the road for Kidex, really?

"The people have spoken", says anti-Kidex movement
What a pity. If it's true that Azmin Ali, the Selangor Menteri Besar, has chuck the highway project out of the state's window, I'd feel sorry. Because from the little I knew of the project, I thought the proposed Kinrara-Damansara Expressway was a good project meant to benefit millions of city motorists, save the economy millions of ringgit and improve productivity by leaps and bounds in the years to come. Typical of a project ahead of its time, people will protest in the belief that they don't need it. Examples abound: the North-South Expressway, the Penang bridge(s), Lim Guan Eng's proposed Penang tunnel, Lynas, MRT, and many more. 
The main lesson we can learn is this: having a project that's good for the people is not good enough; we must be able to convince the people that the project is good for them. 
Need to look more convincing
The Malay Mail's reports today seems to suggest that the affected residents are far from convinced. Read h e r e.
The Say No To Kidex pressure group is preparing a big party to celebrate their victory during Chinese New Year, I hear. Azmin is a hero who listens to "the voice of reason" and "for taking a clear stand with the people". The anti-Kidex movement had quite big support, including from former Cabinet minister Zaid Ibrahim and several mainstream newspapers and news portals.
Still, you can't help wondering about that big "?" mark at the end of the newspaper's front page headline ... 
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  1. Anonymous5:27 pm


  2. Anonymous5:36 pm

    "....because from the little I knew of the project, I thought the proposed Kinrara-Damansara Expressway was a good project meant to benefit millions of city motorists, save the economy millions of ringgit and improve productivity by leaps and bounds in the years to come."

    Nope, you simply wanked that out of thin air. (You ain't kidding when you say "the little I knew of the project".)

    Selangor asked for factual, empirical proof, according to standard procedures. And gave an extension for such data to be provided. None was given, so they pulled the plug.

    Fair? Fair.

    Sadly a couple of Umnowhores will be out of some undeserved millions as a result.


    Maybe they can take up blogging?

  3. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Its good... Let the jam be at their gate, then they will start screaming. I hope the Fed Gomen let it be.

    With the traffic growth 600k a year, it will not take tat long for screaming to start. Say 300k new vehicles anually in Klang Velley, let time be the judge.

    There will be people screaming the magic eord -public yranspoer got to improve! Please lah... kalu ade parking spot pon x nak letak kete, mau parking tepi meja... even with good public transp, ppl will take own car. In Msian.


  4. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Datum Jelatek pun ramai yg tak suka.... Tp projek masih On... ?

  5. Anonymous9:04 pm

    They even protested when Federal Highway was being built.
    So much vision they have

    1. Anonymous9:42 am

      ......they even protested when Federal Highway was being built....North South Highway plus the toll except toll on Penang bridge!Protest on Penang Bridge itself but insisting to built tunnel so they can also collect even more toll.They almost protest on everything Klia,Klia2,Putra Jaya which now become their dream to take over.Proton whicn now has shown fruits of their labour.They simply refuse to admit it because their ego is to big.Our democracy system but nowhere in the world golongan minoriti can rule and governed.How ungrateful they are.....!

  6. Aiyoyo really ar? No kidding? This being the kunar year of the kid and all....

  7. Anonymous10:30 pm

    You won't solve traffic congestion by having highways in urban and suburban areas because by doing so we move congestion from one area to another. So, I salute to the Selangor Menteri Besar for killing Kidex. The solution to solving congestion in the urban and suburban areas is to have a comprehensive network of LRT/MRT linking high density commercial and residential areas. Productivity will increase due to less time for people spent on travelling to and from workplace and less consumption of petrol/diesel fuel which can save foreign exchange.

  8. Anonymous10:36 pm

    And so the people have spoken , no kidex .
    Well then , let them have it and face the JAMbo JUMBO in 3 years to come . The time will be just right for them to decide the next state govt . If they still love Azmin the Jamban , then let them crawl on the road . Who cares whether the fed gives a good project or lousy project , the Jamban lover are bend against it anyway .

    Aint no Jamban lover .


  9. Anonymous12:00 am

    Well dont be suprise (dlm diam2) Kidex akan diteruskan.sepertimana biasa MB / CM baru kluarkan arahan stop work projek2 supaya senang jumpa pemaju ha ha

  10. Anonymous1:03 am

    Firstly terminate the KIDEX project. Then create a similar project. Only this way can leak-out the RM100 million required to fund the Reformasi 2.0. So after the money gone, renego for KIDEX implementation. Rakyat Selangor kena kencing selalu.

  11. But is already confirm to cancel rite?

  12. Anonymous9:13 am

    "I thought the proposed KIDEX was a good project meant to benefit millions of city motorists"

    1. True but the people of Petaling Jaya who city will be ripped apart in half will bear the brunt of it...not before KIDEX itself will get clogged with traffic jam.

    "...save the economy millions of ringgit and improve productivity by leaps and bounds in the years to come"

    2. The MRT & LRT extensions are the ones saving the economy & improving productivity by increasing connectivity within townships and the city center without the taxpayers coughing up the ever increasing toll rates for decades.

    3. The main fact that the KIDEX developer could not furnish the desired documents to the state government after given countless extensions & deadlines shows that they think they could bulldoze the project without considering the social and environmental aspects.

    4. This saga is also a good example why local council elections are needed to bring in the 3rd force that will fight for the grassroots, rather than be a rubberstamp to the higher ups.

    - King of Gasing Hill

  13. Anonymous10:04 am

    Well, lets put it this way.

    If Kidex was not owned by some asshole UMNO lawyer , it would certainly help in the perception its good for the rakyat.

    Come on, if Kidex was awarded to a companmy owned by say Lim Kit Siang, all u UMNO jokers will b raising hell.

    Talk about kepentingan rakyat.


  14. Anonymous7:05 pm

    "If Kidex was not owned by some asshole UMNO lawyer, it would certainly help in the perception it's good for the rakyat."

    Two, bro.

    Two asshole UMNO lawyers.

  15. Anonymous7:31 am

    When delusional Malay residents opposed to the highly prized Datum Jelatek being built in their area, you even labelled them as Malay extremists when the fact that they're only defending their rights. Keramat is Malay area and should always be that way. When it comes to Kidex, strangely no such labels being thrown around and those who oppose to Kidex being treated nicely as something acceptable and completely rational. PJ folks can't be labels as extremists but not to Keramat residents. Hmmm I begin to understand this whole game. MB for all la sangat..

    1. Anonymous6:49 am

      PJ folks and their kind can't be labels as extremists because they can be label as mother of all hypocracy and mother of all asshole!

  16. Anonymous8:10 pm

    macam dejavu jee

    dulu air

    sekarang jalan

    rakyat pulak macam mana rasa

  17. Anonymous12:43 pm

    KIDEX dibantah oleh orang ramai DAN dibatalkan. DATUM JELATEK juga dibantah oleh orang ramai TAPI diteruskan.

  18. Anonymous7:20 am

    That orang ramai is none other than Dapigs and their kind.The newly appointed MB is their newly appointed puppet.Thus anybody still remember a person by the name of Khalid Ibrahim? Who? No.Sorry.We've got a new Toy who is a jamban lover.What a pity and what a shame!!

  19. Elder say..
    Pisang berbuah dua kali..
    Just wait and see..

  20. Badut Nasional11:43 am

    Poor Zaki... but not really that "poor"!

  21. Anonymous2:03 pm

    "Thus anybody still remember a person by the name of Khalid Ibrahim?"

    Ada, bro.

    Same fella who gave away a huge chunk of the Selangor rakyat's money to his lackeys as "golden handshakes".

    We still remember.

    Good riddance.