Friday, October 03, 2014

The thing that's been enticing Daphne Iking these days ...

TRAFFIC WOES : I'm pretty sure it's also been bugging many of you, too!


  1. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Enticing... hehe..cheeky rocky

  2. Lets us put things in perspective, At least I am not a Palestinian living in this big ghetto called gaza, where my home, my friends homes, teachers homes, my sister's kindergarten being bombed and droned by the Israeli military might day in and out. Everyday I don't have to look at the big blue sky over Gaza not knowing where the next drone is going to come.....Hmmm traffic jam in KL?! Well what can I say Malaysians.

  3. Mustapha Ong9:18 am

    Well done Daphe cos you have produced an important documentary on the status of our daily traffic woes. Your time and effort in producing this video is highly commended as it is very timely and informative. Congratulations Daphe! You have created public awareness for us to really understand the current traffic situation due to the ongoing massive construction of the MRT that will take another few years. However, it is important that all commuters understand the chaotic traffic situation that had effected us, but it is a worthy and temporary sacrifice and endurance in order for us to create a better and futuristic transport system in any modern city. I believe once the MRT is completed, the people will enjoy the bliss and benefit of a modern and effective transportation system that will befit the modernisation of our country, particularly in Kuala Lumpur, Damansara and Petaling Jaya.

  4. Anonymous11:26 am

    With her outfit she looks like aHassidic Jew person in drag, with the hat and the half sideburn!

  5. Anonymous12:54 pm

    It all back to attitude.. People who has spend thousands on buying their cars wouldn't want to keep the car at home and use public transport.. Cars today are being built to cater driver comfort and equipped with sophisticated devices. They rather face the jam. So don't complain.

  6. Anonymous7:26 pm

    How many times u see available parking lots not used but the asshole decides to park the car besides the table he/she is sitting?

    2014 new vehicle registration projected at 630k. Say 30k is scrapped or written off, then net gain on the road is 600k. Say 50% in Kelang Valley, thats an annual increase of 300k vehicle on Kelang Valley roads.

    Still wondering why roads are choked?

    Mat Bonk

  7. Anonymous1:55 pm


    It's because of people with attitude like yours that this country is where it is today. Not good...tak pa...let's compare with someplace worse to feel better. Epic fail.

  8. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Waiting for the day when oil goes beyond $200 per barrel which will happen when Saudi and Malaysian Oil dries up. That will be the end of Traffic Jams when nobody can afford to drive.

  9. Anonymous1:55 pm

    wot's with the haat ms iking?

    but seriously, complaining about mrt construction is to be expected. as many agreed here, lets see how this all work out.

    something amiss here. planners have failed to incorporate cycling as another way to commute. create dedicated lanes, carefully plan it to be AWAY from the kapcai's.

    can be done. see how copenhagen, amsterdam, and now london is trying to do it.

    cmon, on yer bike

  10. Mustapha Ong7:13 am

    We should have more people like Daphe Iking..a true Malaysian from Sabah. lepas beliau bercerai dengan towkey kaya, beliau masuk Islam dan terus berkahwin dengan orang Melayu..May Allah bless you and family Daphe. Never mind if you don't remember me as long as I can remember you!!!!

  11. charleskiwi7:50 am

    What has the billion of ringgits spent on building the smart tunnel ? This must be why the country is in deficit and doubtless it is just another white elephant and a mega project that went with a mega commission that went along with all the other mega projects.