Thursday, July 24, 2014

MH17 and how we brokered the deal with rebels (with pics)

Malaysian quiet diplomacy at work in Kiev, Ukraine
Over buka puasa with a senior rep from the Prime Minister's Office the other night, everybody wanted to know the same thing: How did Najib Razak pull it off? Our friend said he didn't have the details. Of course the bloggers weren't convinced but later our friend whispered to me, "My boss kept it to himself and just a couple of people involved in the nego(tiations). We were only told of the deal at the very last minute. And that's the truth!" I believe him. There was no bitterness in his voice; like (most) everyone else, our friend was happy the deal was gotten.  
Apparently, their journalists don't have the details, either. What's clear is that all quarters are in awe of Malaysian and Najib Razak. 
But we are reminded by Medan Abdullah, a Malaysian working abroad, PM Najib's "quiet diplomacy" has always been "the Malaysian way (that we always knew was there)". True, that. Our roles in ending Apartheid in South Africa, the genocide in Bosia-Herzegovina, the isolation of Myanmar and, of course, our untiring on-going support for peace in Gaza and Palestine are proof that as a nation we've never been afraid to go our own way in the international scene, without having to kowtow to the so-called superpowers.  
BTW, contrary to popular belief, Najib's quiet diplomacy is not just about making or getting phone calls as these pics attest ...

President of Ukraine signing the MH17 condolence book at our embassy in Kiev
Dutch FM
With the OZ governor general
Our delegation with the Vice Premier of Ukraine and its Foreign Minister
Malaysian delegation with the Dutch PM
Our delegation meets Australian Foreign Minister

p.s. My friend Medan also wrote that we all need to rally around each other as Malaysians during times like this.  Save your MAS and Najib-bashing for another time. Thank you, YB Wee Choo Keong for showing the way in Thank you, Mr Prime Minister. The Rakyat Post has been doing write-ups in support of the national airline e.g. Support for MAS gets louder. And I was told a group of residents from Taman Tun Dr Ismail is planning to do a greet-and-hug MAS staff at the KLIA to lift everybody's spirit ...  


  1. Anonymous3:52 pm

    I wonder if Tun M got his hand to broker this deals.
    Look like its a wiseman job.
    Not suit to Najib...

  2. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Eh Takde Gambar Brokering dengan Ukraine Rebels Ke??

  3. MrAngry8:03 pm

    The simple fact is that the right people were on deck to do their service to this country.

    This atrocity is not about effort or awarding those responsible who handled the back-room comms.

    It's about getting back our kinsmen, and to honour them.

    The sad fact is that most foreign media who post articles about "lending legitimacy" to the rebels like Alexander Borodai simply cannot comprehend that Malaysia is not interested in understanding the war. We have no interest in seeing the pots calling the kettles black, comfy from their arm-chairs in the White House or the Kremlin.

    Innocent lives died so media hype like this can exist? Really?

    We just want to see our fallen rested in peace, is that too much to ask?

  4. Anonymous9:12 am

    Heading yang Kelentong Lagi...

    Mana Dia Gambar menunjuk Hero sedang Negotiate dengan Rebels?

    Padan Lah Malay Mail Dulu Lingkup masa dibawah Rocky!

  5. Credit should be given when it is due. I think the PM and his men did an excellent job! Congrats!

  6. Anonymous5:32 pm

    to hel MAS dig out from its grave is known formula Dato. Just directed all government agencies including army and tabung haji to fly with MAS. now days Air Asia got the biggest chunk from government sector with so call cheap ticket (sometimes more the MAS ticket price) but lousy service

  7. Anonymous12:55 pm

    It's hard to admit Najib succeed. But he did. For the first time ever we enjoyed the strongest foreign relation with so many superpower. Anifah is a great guy a part of PM's team but, no matter how good your pr skills/english you has to be from the best side or the most trusty side to deal with the any country especially involving sensitive issue, and Najib is the one. I guess he's the only man who can call so called great superpower leader Obama, Putin directly. Plus, dont forget at the same time hes also strenghten the relation with China. ...Not Anifah or Rosmah. I never infavour Najib in many thing but in this case Najib is brilliant dude. He already called Obama (Ukraine side) then Putin (separatist side) to secure the deals before he met the separatist leader. Rocky Bru you jealous sama Najib hahaha. Dia boleh main call je beb!


  8. Anonymous12:40 pm

    "Quiet" is spot on. I don't see him in anyone of the photos. Maybe kudos is supposed to be to the other person appearing in all of these photos Rocky?