Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The faces of some ugly Singaporeans (caught on camera in Malaysia)!

Updated and uploaded:
Sin, sin, sin. With a little help from some friends, we're able to put up the two other clippings which we shall tag SIN 2 and SIN 3, below. SIN 1 is under Original Posting. The blogger Big Dog has the accompanying stories for all three SINS h e r e.



See also story from the MACC website h e r e.


Siaran Tergendala
Dear Readers: Please bear with us while we try to fix the video clippings that Santarina dropped in our letterbox this morning, thank you.
When in Malaysia, say no to RASUAH. I've got friends and relatives in Singapore, and I'd like to wish them Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year. As many of them come over to this side for makan, holiday, and work during the holidays, please remember: don't do what you won't do back in your own country. Do not - I repeat - try to bribe our officers. If you'd heard that you boleh cerita with our cops, enforcement officers, customs, etc. to get yourself out of trouble by using your mighty Sing dollar, you have not been updating yourselves.  
Some tips: If you have broken the law because you are not aware of our laws, just apologize profusely and stay charming and courteous at all times. If you're not lucky, you'll have to pay a fine. 
Malaysian officers can be very understanding and are believer in second chances, but not if you try to sogok, tumbuk rusok, bribe or buy them like these fellas in the following clippings: 

p.s. I wonder if these dudes have been bribing their way out of trouble back in Singapore. The authorities over there may want to check them out


  1. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Some say -Low 'ranking caste' Singaporean only obey whatever LKY dictate to them its like robot they cannot do anything better like 'growing pig farm'..Everything is Countable & Determined not even for them but for whole son/ on..

    Unlike the Japanese, their materialized world is the evolution- "not Forced to be"- like LGE quote- KLCC projek mcm orang pendek nak tinggi letak Kotak- or perembuan buncit pakai korset nak ramping.

    That is nature you see many Ugly sinaporean run amok in malaysia.
    e.g drive mad in PLUS, langgar polis etc (because they think Singaporean is vvvvverrrry clever creatures)..But Japanese respect law anywhere..(we talk about majority).

    That is the difference between natural Civilized or force to be nation

  2. trifling-jester1:32 pm

    akin to hating every man for hitting on your flirting wife, the problem is really your wife, not the male species.

    its the malaysians who are on the take thats the problem. dont distract us with anti-singaporean propaganda.

  3. Anonymous1:43 pm

    These melayus are predators

    1. Anonymous8:31 pm

      And you chingkies are backstabbers.

  4. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Ha ha, you are truly hilarious, Tan Sri.

    Or I guess you've never been asked to pay 25% of a multimillion ringgit contract into the account of a Malaysian minister via his appointed middleman.

    I have.

    Obviously an isolated occurrence in the land of RM4K wall clocks and RM15K A4 scanners, where a cool RM12 billion was blown last year alone due to government corruption and wastage.

    Yeah we are clean, man. Oh, so squeaky clean. And before the micro-brains start with the old, tiresome "kalau cinababi tak bribe kita..." crap, please note that a lot of these deals have zero cinababi involvement in the "mark-up" stage. Your cinababi scapegoat doesn't work here, fren. No, your cinababi scapegoat is responsible for toll, electricity, sugar and rice going up in price - because the cinababi own the toll, electricity, sugar and rice monopolies. You follow?

    Naturally, it's only squeaky clean governmental money that fills the Rockybru pockets in return for "blogging services rendered". So after another year of, ummm, hard-earned cash: "Merry Christmas."

  5. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Hahaa... nice act. Melayu will never turn down *rezeki* what. Its practically - A Sin!!

  6. Anonymous6:41 pm

    singaporeans? stupid dumb bribers. of course, they think they are the center of the universe due to the fact that their male thingy is as small as their country (island).

  7. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Anon 2.47:

    Face the facts:

    Most of the bribes are being paid by Chinese individuals. There are many clean Chinese of course, but some are greedy, and crooked - based on the Malaysian experience.

    Here are the testimonials:

    1. The screw up town planning like in KL are because of briberies for housing developments by Chinese companies. You guys build 30 storey condominiums everywhere regardless traffic and surroundings whilst expecting people to park their cars at the road side.
    2. The tontos and fuc*#$^ people awaiting at Pejabat Tanah, Majlis Perbandaran, Traffic Police Stations etc are Chinese
    3. Vice activities are Chinese run:
    a) pirated DVDs
    b) rumah2 urut
    c) internet gambling at cybercafes
    d) unlicensed money lending/ along

    .. and many more examples.

    Just look at pirated and plagiarised products across the world - where are they being made of?

    Don't insult Malays for the sake of insulting and pretend your race are 100% bribe-free pedigree.

    Singapore look clean due to the tough enforcements which is commendable and should be applicable in Malaysia. But saying they are 100% clean is bullshit, just look at some of the Singaporeans attitude in Malaysia.

  8. Anonymous9:36 pm

    haha... ye la tu. Kucing melayu kalo dah berdepan dgn ikan.Mana ada prinsip idup semua pon dia balun dari $$$ ke betina.

  9. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Trifling jester thinks Singaporeans are incapable of bribing. LOL! I suppose he doesn't watch football.

  10. Anonymous12:28 am

    bribes is necessary or else u think they can survive on the pay they earn from the UMNO govt?

    In SG policeman earn RM7K starting pay... here? RM700

  11. Anonymous1:01 am

    Anon 7:30 pm:

    "Don't insult Malays for the sake of insulting and pretend your race are 100% bribe-free pedigree."

    Errr, I didn't. Don't contrive a racial slant when there wasn't one. And what's my race, again? I think you've made a few assumptions there.

    My point was simply that Malaysia (as a nation) hasn't earned the right to call other nations prone to giving bribes. We have no halo. Pot / kettle / black. Sorry, lah. So let's not try to be superior. We have plenty of bengkok Chinese, Malays, Indians, and dll that have tarnished that halo. Very 1Malaysia. So I kind of find the original post a bit thin on credibility, frankly.

    You never been invited by a traffic cop to "settle"? You're one of a blessed minority, bro. Sadly, "if you'd heard that you boleh cerita with our cops, enforcement officers, customs, etc. to get yourself out of trouble"…well, you may not be 100% wrong. JB? I've been asked to "settle" twice at customs in return for not being charged import duty. And I'm not Singaporean. Aku ada ringgit aje. And a M'sian passport. And they knew that. So what does that prove? There are still many honest cops & customs officers, I am sure. What is the solution for the rest? Better training? Ethics courses? Stiffer penalties? Don't know. Someone should get on it, but then again the A-G's report reveals huge corruption year after year and no-one's on that. Are we squeaky clean right now? Very far from it.

    Yes, the cinabengs are the leaders in illegal DVD copying, gambling and massages. Not sure what your point is there, though. So find a cinabeng and ask, I guess. That's another line of enquiry not related to the subject. But to blame the cinabengs as the "main giver of bribes" is also sidestepping the issue. I've read that a hundred times, and I call it a "micro-brain" argument for a good reason: it's stupid. The Chinese, Malays, Indians, and dll are more at fault for accepting the bribe, surely. If you're charged with rape it's no defence to say that the victim wore a revealing blouse. Keep it in your pants. If Chinese, Malays, Indians, and dll offer other Chinese, Malays, Indians, and dll bribes, just say "no". Keep your hands in your pants.

    Simple right.

  12. trifling-jester2:36 am

    Anon 10:59 - do you have a problem reading or understanding? where on earth did i suggest singaporeans dont bribe? even a MARA college would probably reject the likes of your stupid self

  13. Anonymous1:24 pm


    So the moral of your article and, apparently, the gist of commentary here is that :-

    If you are Singaporean, DON'T TRY TO BRIBE our PDRM and Kastam officers.

    Wait until they ask for it than hand over the money.

    Heheheheheheh :)

  14. Anonymous1:32 pm

    I may be driving a Singapore registered car thus giving the impression that I am a Singaporean. But the truth is I am a Malaysian working in Singapore and knows has learnt the habit of when and how the easy way out of trouble which is what Malaysia is known for and also you don.t talk modesty with prostitutes !
    Please therefore don't measure the Singaporeans with that of a Malaysian, a wolf in sheep's clothing !

  15. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Rocky bru,
    Perhaps you should include this take too on the ugly singaporeans in Malaysia

    Guys & Gals,
    Why many STUPID si lang tao singaporeans caught in Malaysia?

    Who can ever forget about the unsinkable submarine?

    P.S : I do wonder if Rocky DARE to include more or not. Never mind perhaps, Rocky is Malaysia super spy mah

  16. Anonymous5:23 pm

    More ugly singapore song

    Rocky bru,
    Heard that singapore singapore armed forces trained by Isreal.

    Aiyaaa......Don't drop your saliva la.....What's brunei doing with singapore armed forces? Hahahaha!

    Woi Rocky Bru, apa macam sekarang?

  17. bro bila pulak ,our local scum get to get on screen????

  18. Anonymous5:43 pm

    On the technical aspect, I dont think this recording worth drawing any concrete point. First, the true intent of the recorder is questionable. Intent is highly dependent and factor of the outcome of the recording. Second, the recorder,by luring and enticing , induces the subject to react the way to his intended response. This is a trick act. Any good man will fall. - Melayu Malaysia

  19. Anonymous5:42 am

    That stupid looes 74 is too lazy to articulate.He is an RBA who specialise in website but dungu.ha..ha...

  20. Anonymous7:52 am

    Please don't suggest that the Malaysian police is very 'clean', just remember the cop in this instant must know and so do all the cops in Malaysia must have known where the CCTV are located.
    As a consequent no one especially the cops would never ever take any 'kopi' in the CCTV. It would be a totally different story when they are not under the CCTV surveillance.
    I for one had the unfortunate occasions to have been threatened by the cops either to settle his 'summons' or having to take a day or two off work to attend the matter in courts.
    Please don't promote the police in Malaysia are very honest and dedicated to their duty.
    Far from these the policemen will tell you without the 'kopi' they will not survive and live the life they are accustomed to. It is for these opportunities they are attracted to become the policeman plus why is it there are so few, if any, non Malays have become policeman !

  21. Anonymous3:43 pm

    When in Rome do as the Romans do, ever heard of that ?

  22. Anonymous3:46 pm

    First I thought Singapore got very little corruption because the Chinese is the majority.

    Then I look at China and the illusion is shattered.

  23. Anonymous4:56 pm

    I believe Mr Brown's comment on Malaysia hurts. It hurts me more since I spent many many years with singaporeans. What is there to defend when articles such as Johor prince kenna caught with his pant down in Singapore?
    I think Rocky doesn't have anything to say about this man. Come on, me never like that man but this instance he's right