Thursday, April 04, 2013

Ghani Othman vs ... ?

The quintessential Johor Malay
The blogger Annie is so sure that Johor will have a new Menteri Besar after the General Election. The new MB will be from Barisan Nasional, of course, as the Opposition doesn't stand a chance of capturing the Umno stronghold, at least not in PRU13. So far, this Annie has proven to be on the ball where Johor politics is concerned so I have no reason to doubt her posting Johor will have a new Menteri Besar.

I assume, then, that Ghani Othman, the incument (and outgoing) MB, will not contest a state seat and will switch to a parliamentary seat.

Question is, which one?


  1. Nuruf4:26 pm

    You are wrong.Ghani is not offer any seat to contest in Johore.Not even Parliment.

    He had problem with his Sultan.

    I think he will be offera chairman of a GLC co.maybe Sime Darby.

  2. Anonymous4:48 pm

    alamak Ghani Othman is contesting yet another term but on a Parliament ticket?Dont joke lah Ghani, you were once a federal deputy min and a minister, then MB Johor for so long.Plse lah Ghani retire lah. Actually you are not bloody good. If you are good why dont you become DPM like your arch rival the boy who was you said is not a Colombo Plan scholar like you, ie Muhyiddin.
    But I think Muhyiddin is smarter than you on all fronts even he wasnt a Colombo Plan scholar and entered only MU

  3. Kenny5:02 pm

    Johor memang kubu kuat kami,
    Tak kecut musuh datang ke sini,
    Tak hirau siapa MB akan berganti,
    BN tetap gagah ini memang realiti.

    Ghani Othman banyak bersumbang,
    Negeri Johor megah tak tumbang,
    Pembangkang mimpi nak datang menyerang,
    Pasti kalah bagai kura-kura sorok dalam kerang.

    Kit Siang nak tanding Gelang Patah,
    Asyik jerit gila cakap nak ubah,
    Dah tua tapi masih tak nak bersara,
    Slogan Ubah memang suatu yang kelakar.

    Anwar tak nak Permatang Pauh lagi,
    Takut dekat Siam kalo nak pergi,
    Asyik pergi Siam cari pompuan misteri,
    Dia dah takut hilang jam OMEGA lagi.

  4. damansaraman5:15 pm

    Dear Rocky

    The Prime Minister must be bold enough to have a much better line up in both Federal and State governments

    My biggest worry is actually not on this GE but rather the GE14

    Anything that Najib do today, will reflect what is to be expected in 4-5 years ahead

    Najib should run away from the typical UMNO worries towards the so-called DEADWOOD Warlords within the party because, believe me, the big majority of the Malay voters are sick and tired of them

    They are UMNO's biggest liabilities

    Najib with his great performance to date should take this grand opportunity to WALK THE TALK of Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan

    Those tainted, expired, simply incapable, or arrogant must go

    Failing which would be a very sorry episode for UMNO

    1. Anonymous8:04 am

      Absolutely correct. The main worry is GE14.

  5. Anonymous6:07 pm

    He should be kicked out from Johor. Only makes Dato Lim Danga Bay rich. But Dato' Lim is stabbing him by supporting Lim Kit Siang who is contesting In Gelang Patah.

    Bodoh punya Melayu. Anak Melayu Johor tak akan lupakan dia. BN johor pun dan fed up dengan Ghani.

  6. Din Sayur6:38 pm

    Gelang patah le mana lagi... apa la kau ni rocky

  7. Anonymous7:22 pm

    There is no better time to bury UMNO than now. ABU

  8. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Hehehe this is the best time to bury u and pkr for gud. Both not gud for the country. Baduttt Tali barut penghkianat agama bangsa dan negara. Tak layak cari rezeki d bumi msia.

  9. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Najib had 4 years to get rid of deadwood why didn't he do it?
    Now its too late.

  10. Anonymous1:18 am

    if Ghani is to contest in Gelang Patah, LKS will be buried unless he go back to Ipoh Garden. hik hik.

  11. Anonymous9:11 am


    you really dont know much about politics.

  12. nenek jikdah9:38 am

    najib must send him to gelang patah... or permatang pauh should anwar contests in perak.

    ada berani ka?

    1. Anonymous8:06 am

      Ini komen bodoh. Hapa kejadah nak ke Permatang Pauh. Berangan jadi polical strategist tapi tin kosong.

  13. Anonymous10:19 am

    Gani can win anywhere in the country,not just JB.He will bury all his enemies, inside and outside, this time just wait and see.Hidup Gani!

  14. Anonymous11:31 am

    The 'warlord' should be announced himself to be not contested again.whoever service 4 to 5 terms should be retreat and give chance to a new face.I don't think these 'warlord' consider as winnable candidate anymore...