Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why Chinese students stay away from anti-PTPTN demo

"Ada pinjam, ada pulang". The Chinese newspapers in this country are rarely sympathetic towards the Government; the harder you hit the authorities, the more copies you sell. On the anti-PTPTN protest ignited by Anwar Ibrahim, the Nanyang daily turns its guns on the Opposition pact of Pakatan Rakyat. In its editorial "Pakatan Rakyat Perbodoh-bodohkan Rakyat", the newspaper says it the Chinese are steadfast about one thing, it is about the need to repay one's debts. The writer describes this as "basic decency" and accuses Pakatan Rakyat politicians of failing to observe this and two other "basics".

Read the translation of the article H E R E.


  1. Nana Tanjung11:50 am

    Anwar Ibrahim dok jaja lagi cerita nak mansuh PTPTN kat Penang baru-baru ni. Apa lagi, siap bertakbir laa khawarij-khawarij PAS. Kesian kat depa, kena kelentong lagi.

  2. Anonymous1:56 pm

    So the Chinese are steadfast about repaying one's debts which is the 'basic decency' but the Malays are not. Now I understand NFC & Tajuddin 's repayment scandal clearly. Thanks

  3. Anonymous2:12 pm

    cut your HSBC credit card into pieces.

    ur career in cocktail drinks....

    The one in pasar malam here is like 70

    contributing to our Malaysia economy....

    K. Kannan dan Malek Awab

    This is original!

  4. Anonymous2:39 pm

    The paper is talking nonsense. Did Ling Hee Leong pay his debts of over RM 2 billion ? Has Tiong of KDSB paid back his overcharging PKA by RM 1.6 billion ?

    It's all a matter of amount, and it isn't related to race. If you give me RM 250 million, I'll spend it and not bother to pay it back. Just like Shahreezat and Tajuddin Ramli.


  5. Jasper Bloodstone2:45 pm

    Study hard, get good grades, graduate with First or Second Upper Honours and then make a beeline for the private sector or get out of the country to seek greener pastures and more hospitable climates.

    Good for them!

    If they have fully repaid their student loans, that is.

    It would be instructive if the relevant agencies could provide a breakdown of defaulters by institution, academic discipline and (this being Malaysia) ethnic group.

    At least, it could tell who the freeloaders are, how long they have been in arrears or default and why administrative action has not been taken against them.

    Or is it similar to the traffic offences fines syndrome, i.e. the longer you delay settlement, the better "discount" or "writeoff" you get?

    Quintessentially Malaysian!

  6. I beg to differ. Why should students have to pay 4% interest, when others can get loans to buy a Mercedes Benz to look after cows , at 2% interest? Why should they have to pay interest at all, when we send flunkies overseas on government scholarships for courses which can be done overseas? I have no issue with poor Malays being given loans and scholarships . But we all know that is not the case. Overseas scholarships on taxpayers money should be based on merit., so that our nation can make the most of the brains we have left.

  7. Anonymous4:57 pm


    Jangan nak Perbodohkan Rakyat!

    Chinese PTPTN loan holders only make up abt 10% of Total Loan holders...

    Apa nak Bising Tentang Bangsa Cina NI?

  8. Anonymous5:42 pm

    sudahlah Rocky, siang malam pon Anwar punya pasal !! Rocky malam-malam mimpi pon Anwar ke ??

    Tajuddin tak bayar balik loan, Rocky tak buat bising, kenapa ??

  9. Prof Fairuz5:51 pm

    Chinese sudah kaya.They dont need PTPN.But if they borrow and the want to pay back.Good.

    What about the poor Malay student ?They deserve free education.

    Malaysia make so much money from Petronas.If Petronas gan give subsidpy amount around 19 billion rgt to IPP,owner like YRL,Ananda and Syed Mokhtar,why cant you give these poor student free education up to university.

    Najib,UMNO,and BN. Cant give good answer.They were caught unprepare.

    Big election issue,bigger than NFC.

    Pity Najib.If he can give Big buck to 1MDB,I dont see lojic why he cannot swallow his pride and agree to give free education as BN manefato.

  10. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Adat pinjam, bayar. X kira cina ka, melayu atau KELING..

    1. Anonymous7:33 pm

      atau pricks like you!

  11. Anonymous6:15 pm


  12. Bedul6:27 pm

    Hahaaha. Anwar is fighting a lone and losing battle on the PTPTN loan.
    Even Ustaz Hadi is against abolishing the loan which he said is to help the poor in getting an education.
    Obviously the Ustaz is ahead of Anwar in his thinking and should be the PM if ever Pakatan wins.
    Stupid Anwar visited the protesting students and signed a protest banner to signify his support to them for the sitting in.
    What kind of leader is that? He should be advising the students to go home, study hard and get a first class degree and have their loans converted to scholarship.
    Are the students not ashamed smoking away at the tents from the PTPTN money.
    But what do you expect from a general degree Malay studies grad right?
    He wants the students to be like him. Whole life demonstrating to get his way through life and the throne of Putra Jaya.
    Chinese students too got PTPTN loans. But many got their loans annuled after getting a first class degree.

  13. Jati Diri6:29 pm

    Anon 4.57

    Have you got you fact right about chinese makeup 10% of total loan holders? Better check you fact back

  14. monsterball7:27 pm


  15. Anonymous7:32 pm

    "I don't need to comment. I don't want to comment" said Najib...and walked off.
    This reminds me...
    "I forgot" Mahathir said 14 times at Lingam case.


  16. Has someone or something hijacked Rocky's blog, 3 months of entries that reads(reeks) of the dribble we read in NST, STAR, etc.

  17. Anonymous9:02 pm

    Pandai pinjam, pandai bayar. Jangan cakap banyak. Same goes for everyone who borrows from the government.

    No one forced you to take up the loan. If you don't like it, you should have refused in the beginning. This is simply an excuse to not pay.

  18. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Once in a while, you stick up a humorous post that draws the gut pains after all that laughter. That's exactly what this post did so much so that I had to sleep off the pain before I could hit the keyboard again!

    Choice pork chop : "the Chinese are steadfast..............debts, basic decency"

    What baloney,man? For reality bleats that:
    a. the Chingkies are the number one bastards when it comes to tax evasion, tax fraud in Malaysia and the world over.

    b. the Chingkies are merciless plunderers of other economies and scavenger dogs on the lookout for pilfered national wealth to fatten their girth and national coffers.

    c. Chingkie embezzlement and non-settlement of dues are legendary. Look at all the big financial scams in Malaysia and you almost always will find a Chingkie pig behind it.

    These are born social leeches, scavenging dogs and foraging pigs, Bru, and I hope you don't get the wrong ideas about worthless scum. Their illusionary success is the end product of criminal acts, money laundering and human trafficking and virtually nothing is from their own sweat.

    I have been reliably informed by my sources from a chingkie controlled regional money laundering jurisdiction that bankers there unashamedly discuss their cut of the pie first before getting into the nitty gritties of the transaction. And that jurisdiction owes up to 85% of its GDP numbers to money laundering!

    The fact that the Chingkies are not there in the PTPN issue DOES NOT mean the pariah race is NOT the brains behind the kerfuffle. It is simply due to FEAR and the perverse delight, the Chingkie gets from watching Malay Muslims knifing and bayoneting each other.

    For when push comes to shove, the Chingkie fear of getting hurt, and of death overwhelms its cowardly self so much so it always wriggles outta such tight spots, instead getting the Malai Lembus of PAS and PKR to do its filthy job. Remember the anti-ISA marches, Bersih 1 n 2, Lynas etc, found any Chingkie pigs there in numbers?Nope! That is pretty logical, for the only times in recent Malaysian history when the Chingkies confronted the Malays, they were slaughtered like pigs.


    Najib and co can trust the Chingkies for whatever it's worth but NOT me or the Melayu Bermaruah. The government deserve what they are getting now for jettisoning the ISA, sad though the humiliation is for the majority of the Malays. This is the net effect for having nincoompoops as advisers. Since Hisham, Nazri, Saifuddin et al brag about being worldly smart, contemporary and sophisticated plus intellectually cultured to accommodate, mediate and manage diverse views including anarchist ones, they SHOULD NOT bleat otherwise now but PUT UP n SHUT UP.

    Anyway, thanks for the laughs, Bru. It certainly made my day.

    Warrior 231

  19. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Rocky..sure or not ?? you read and faham chinese kah ?? Goggle translate tak boleh pakai lah !!

  20. Tak tau malu betul budak-budak ni. Dah pinjam tak nak bayar. Kalau belajar pandai sangat tu tak pa la juga. Tak sedar diri betul. Budak-budak kaum lain susah payah cari duit sendiri nak belajar, dia orang dah bagi dibagi pinjaman pun tak tau nak pulang pulak. Buat malu Melayu je.

  21. 1hutang10:30 pm

    4th estate. good point.

    starting income for grads is around rm2000. after paying sewa, elektrik, transport, food n drink, internet, prepaid h/p, medication, they be lucky to have enough to pay off their loan, average loan borrower has rm22000.

  22. Anonymous10:39 pm

    4:57 and The Fourth Estate are two sterling examples for being stupid beyond repair.

    it isnt 4% anymore. u should start do more reading. i mean more good reading. do not read Suara Keadilan and take whatever it is there as the truth. read both sides and u do your own decision.

    and if the interest is what u are so blardy care about, so do not care no more. it is 1% and it isnt interest. it is UJRAH.

    like i said, do more good reading. and UJRAH is not riba. is not interest.

    and 4:57. jesus christ.

    it isnt about race portion. it is about when u do loan u need to pay it. very basic of a living and yet it is all about portion of races owning or loaning?

    like this think jesus comes down also cannot help

  23. "Why should students have to pay 4% interest, when others can get loans to buy a Mercedes Benz to look after cows , at 2% interest?" The Fourth Estate.

    According to the PTPTN website the loan interest is charged at 3% per annum.

    The 3% interest for PTPTN loans is on a reducing balance.

    For cars, the hire purchase interest is calculated on the full loan amount at the beginning of the loan; the real rate of interest is about 8%-10% per year, for new cars. For 2nd hand cars, the rates are higher.

    "Why should they have to pay interest at all?"

    There's no free lunch. 3% is close to cost of funds.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  24. Anonymous1:59 am

    Sbb di unversiti2 mereka,gred pelajar ramai yang dapata 3.6 and above utk pengecualian bayaran balik ptptn melaui berbagai helah bocor soalan,naik kan gred markah janji ramai yg berpotensi akan dibantu dgn cara tu..maklumlah sekarang kan chinese da ramai yang yahudi macam bangsa israel..

  25. Ramen6:23 am

    I got one Chinese friend of mine. Went to work ILLEGALLY in the UK as a waiter, repaid all his PTPTN loan, then came back and work as an engineer. Is Anwar going to reimbruse him back?

  26. Serious Shepherd9:13 am

    Hutang wajib:
    A. Dibayar (contohnya pinjaman pendidikan, dalam jumlah RM 0.12 juta setiap orang)
    B. Dihalalkan (contohnya Tajudin Ramli, dalam jumlah RM 589 juta)

  27. Anonymous9:26 am

    If Cinas in Malaysia are steadfast in repaying their debt, why the fuc' AH LONG exist and why so many cinas comitted suicide due to huge debt.

    The cina student stayed away from demo cos their communist ideolody leaders told them so. No ptptn to student means less Melayu can
    afford tetiary education. You see?. But some Melayu SOBs fail to see this and felt bongkak and took part in the demo. One parent even been interviewed on tv and felt proud their sob was there to fight for truth. What a big hypocrite, against only after all their children benefitted from this scheme.

    Before a Muslim burial, all debts should be settled or if not the kins is obliged to settle them for the deceased.

  28. najib manaukau9:45 am

    Warrior 231,

    If you don't stop spinning nonsense about the Chinese and calling them with derogatory terms, I will repeat my challenge to you to have your DNA tested. And let me remind you once more that you will deviate from the questions raised and run to the chinese for help once more.
    Just go home, just like your 'chap chong' Mahathir and fuck your mother !

    1. Jasper Bloodstone2:28 pm

      Well said, Sir!

      Note how the warrior hyperventilates and goes all orgiastic every time the topics of Chinese and Singapore crops up.

      It's like the guy has a major hard-on for all matters Sino.

      Either that or he has been worked over good and proper by the Singgies in work or business, resulting in the mother of all inferiority complexes!

  29. Anonymous10:02 am



  30. Anonymous10:14 am

    to all the PR monkeys who keep diverting the issue should loan be paid,how about Tan Sri Khalid MB Selangor vs Bank Islam? He did not want to pay too. Its a huge amount brother.


  31. Anonymous10:31 am

    Buat malu Melayu je.

    Betoi ayat ni. Shahzeezat patutnya malu 250 kali. Tajuddin Ramli patutnya malu 500 kali. Tapi satu kali malu pon takde.

    Orang ni Melayu ke ?


  32. vinnan12:58 pm

    Why? Because the Malays and Chinese understand that to kill UMNO each must play on their strengths. The Malays are very good at protest and getting media attention having practiced hard since 1998. The Chinese on the other hand are very good at getting their friends and parents to vote ABU. No Chinese protest also mean no chance for UMNO to play the Malay hero with the keris soaked in Chinese blood.

  33. Anonymous1:05 pm

    apa nak susah buang masa bincang pasal ni? mentaliti melayu camnila, rocky2.. apa yg korang susah sgt, skrg ni bila pr dh jd kerajaan, diaorg nk mansuhkan ptptn, iaitu free education. apa bezanya mansuh ptptn dgn biasiswa? bgtau sikit. sama je, dua2 xyah byr.. kerajaan (bila pr dh jd nanti) yg nak mansuhkan, apa yg korang sakit hati sgt.. jgn duk citer psl kewajipan byr hutangla oi, sbb skrg ni org yg bg hutang berniat nk lupuskan hutang, so boleh ke tak boleh? samala mcm kes tajuddin ramli..

  34. elizabeth ngan1:34 pm

    no one like to pay back their debt this include chinese people too. i know this for a fact. every race believe that if you owe someone you need to pay them pay off course the interest must not be that high.

    rocky, don't bring race into this matter

    elizabeth ngan ee huey
    taman tun dr ismail

  35. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Base on your logic, police and army are useless because the Chinese are staying away from applying.

    Please get it in your thick UMNO skin that the Chinese is controlling the economy and the wealth of this country because most UMNO leaders failed to be fair to the majority Malays.

    UMNO gave away millions of warganegara status to foreign workers. Yes, that include foreign workers sebelum merdeka.

    UMNO put Malays in Felda settlements without the basic necessities like schools, water and electricity while at the same time create Kg Baru settlements for Chinese in urban areas with all the basic necessities.

    Chinese are always given the head-start since independence.

    Berapa ribuan hektar tanah di Johor misalnya yang menjadi ladang Cina sejak merdeka disebabkan sistem kancu? Majoriti Melayu kalau nasib baik dapat pun 1 lot tapak rumah. Hanya minoriti seperti penghulu, kc, kb n jcs dapat berpuluh-puluh ekar tanah.

    UMNO gave every Malay in the government a very very low salary compared with the Chinese in private and business sectors for more than 30 years since independence. Only lately the salary are getting fairer.

    In any civilization, the wealthier society is always better educated.

    Zaman kegemilangan setiap kaum ialah semasa kaum tersebut berada di puncak kejayaan ekonomi. Nothing to do with race and ethnic.


  36. Anonymous3:43 pm

    you know why? because most Chinese students don't have much choices...

    MARA? Bumi only..
    JPA? if lucky..
    State scholarships/loan? if lucky..
    GLC scholarships/load? if lucky..
    Bank loan? how to pay lah...

    beggars can't be choosers they said... but sometime I have to wonder why we have to beg in our own country...

  37. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Let's go back to 1997 when PTPTN came into being. The fund is set up first and foremost to assist students (Malays, Chinese, Indians, Bumis, Siamese born in Malaysia) who are IN NEED for money to fund their tertiary education.
    If you decide to pursue study at tertiary level, or having children to pursue tertiary education and you don't have enough money and looking for fund, then PTPTN is there to help you.
    It doesn't matter if the school results you get barely enough to get by, get even (after all, if you have excellent grades you should opted for scholarship)or your choice of tertiary level education is somewhere other than government-back institutions, then PTPTN fund is there to help you.(with the condition that those institutions certified with LAN accreditation)
    That is the purpose why the fund is set up in the first place. A saving grace for those inspire to pursue tertiary education.
    If it is free, the pivotal question is, are the government obliged to sponsor all of those stuff? As long as you are going to pursue your tertiary level education in Malaysia and everything will be taken care of.

  38. Anonymous5:06 pm

    The issue is education is supposed to be free provided by any government if they can afford it. It does not matter what race, religion, rich or poor whatever.

    For those rich they can act responsibly and turn down that right to free education or scholarships if they are righteous and upright.

    It's a Govt responsibility if it can afford it to it's citizens. Otherwise it's not called a Govt, of the people, for the people and by the people.

    Can the Malaysian Govt afford it? That's the question?

    The answer is definitely "Yes" cos the amount is also not much (around RM 3 billion a year) when the yearly budget is around RM 200 billion not including all the DE budget.

    So, whats the problem? "Rakyat didahulukan or Projek kronies didahulukan"

    Dropout cos no PTPTN loan.

  39. Anonymous6:03 pm

    bro warrior..

    see, what you had done..

    you had unleashed one stupid chingkie madpig out from the Hougang Mental Pigsty to attack you.. you are so good with words bro..effective indeed.

    If we conduct a DNA test on this chingkie specimen, we will surely find resemblance with that of the sus-barbatus sp.. two of a kind.. let us see where this JE, Nipah, H1N1, virus vault and parasitic worms host infesting maggots creature will run to after the reality come to blow kick his ass up sky high.. then we just blow this pigbrain into pieces in the air with pump gun for fun..

    This pigbrain got so carried away & forgotten his own root. There is no more gwailoh & commy assholes to lick & kiss & syphlis dick to suck in this time around like what their tongkang-reject forefathers & whoremothers had done for help in the past. Now they already feel the heat of reality burning their pinky filthy skin with their comfort zone shelter diminishing.

    The pig DNA blended so well with them coz they are what they eat..
    Plain idiot species. Cretin to the core.

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies

  40. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Anon 3.43 pm,

    3 choices to pay for your local Uni study when you are peasant, No PTPTN loan and Anwar is Eternal leader at Putrajaya

    1. borrow from Ah Long
    2. part time GRO if you are a girl
    3. part time toy boy if you a boy

    Nik Rahmoh

  41. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Anonymous Ramen said..."I got one Chinese friend of mine. Went to work ILLEGALLY in the UK as a waiter, repaid all his PTPTN loan, then came back and work as an engineer. Is Anwar going to reimbruse him back?...

    Anwar will reimburse him up his back!


  42. Anonymous6:31 pm

    semua org dah give up tgk skandal2 umno leaders...itu sahaja...kalau semua org (especially leaders) buat keje elok2, sure OK punya lah! :)

  43. Anonymous7:33 pm

    it's typical of the dark-side to spin a truth, as this example clearly illustrates: "...Why should students have to pay 4% interest, when others can get loans to buy a Mercedes Benz to look after cows , at 2% interest?" The Fourth Estate...

    the 2% interest loan isn't for buying a Mercedes Benz, is it?

    of course NOT... you stupid idiot!

    it's for a Cow project.

    now, what the people do with the the 2% interest loan to abuse the trust is another story, isn't it?

    hence, the relationship between the Mercedes Benz and the 2% interest isn't at all applicable in this instance.

    however, the dark-side being what it is, i.e. the dark-side, it's sole purpose in it's miserable life is to create distrust, chaos and general mayhem, will not rest until it created a problem from the unlikeliest of events.

    but, God is Great!

    see what happens when one tries to spin a non-existent problem... you end up confusing yourself, and you'd find yourself writing something idiotic like this, "...Why should they have to pay interest at all, when we send flunkies overseas on government scholarships for courses which can be done overseas?..."


    sure die one lar, See Estate

  44. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Anuar is advocating a new loan scheme, err scheming as usual. He is targetting the Malay market, especially the juvenile brained young teenagers. The loan scheme is called "BALON". Translated, it means just whack lah!

    Seriously, Anuar's in deep shit with his endless sexual career under scrutinity. He needs to create new diversions to stay afloat. It is like a cook trying to cover 10 pots of boiling broth with 9 lids, or the Chin Sau Kun Yam god with a thousand hands.

    Either way, he is trying his best to deceive. But no matter how high a squirrel flies, it is still subject to the force of gravitation.

    But fools being fools will still believe in magic stones and lucky numbers and mass stupidity will be demonstrated on the streets, come Saturday or any day.


  45. Anonymous9:41 pm

    The PTPN issue is a no-brainer actually. In reality, the costs of an ever-increasing demand (tertiary education costs) is pitted against the fluctuating income of a finite depleting resource (Petronas oil revenue) subject to the elasticities of supply and demand. And we know how the dice is loaded on that score

    Any call for the revocation of tuition fees is a moronic populist measure that suspends reality for political expediency. To compare the variable quantum involved in provisioning for higher education with the fixed amount squandered in a scandal (example: PTPN vs National Feedlot Scandal) is even more laughable, opportunity costs notwithstanding. Even more inane is the false assumption that tertiary education costs are static in orientation cos they are somehow "impervious" to inflation.

    The nation needs to jettison populist measures and embrace the reality of contemporary financial paradigms. Reining in spending,balancing income and expenditure, abolishing subsidies for essentials and fuel, restructuring the tax framework, tamping down leakages and wastage, addressing widening inter-ethnic inequalities (quantum-wise) should be the focus rather than adding burden to the exchequer. In fact, any party that has a constitutionally mandated balanced budget provision or a fixed % of deficit to GDP would be worthy of my vote.

    While studies have conclusively shown that expenditure on education helps to narrow the inter-ethnic divide, fiscal probity would demand that any such expenditure should always be sustainable. In fact, extra per capita educational spending for the indigenous population at the expense of the Pendatang is one of the sure-fire ways of narrowing income gaps.

    Today's PTPN is the net result of a policy, launched by a nincompoop PM wannabe and supported by his Chingkie imbecile pals, going awry as no financial sustainability studies were carried out in the first place. Simple calculations of current costs and future cost projections (at least 10 years ahead of 1997) would have indicated the questionable viability of the initiative. To pretend now that one is the champion of the underprivileged when one was responsible for foisting the burden onto their backs in the first place is gutter political shadow-play indicative of a bankrupt, reckless mentalityreeking of irresponsibility as well as symptomatic of a blase attitude towards fiscal discipline.

    No one except idiots and the gullible will vote in such morons but that is precisely the problem bedeviling the Malaysian body politic, and any modern polity for that matter. Unfettered universal suffrage has conferred the right to vote to uneducated, lazy pseudo-Malay sponges, their useless Chingkie manipulators and parasites and sundry scumbags and slimepoops eager to hold the state to ransom to fulfill their illogical demands.

    Warrior 231

    Warrior 231

  46. Buttercup10:31 pm

    I agree PTPTN loans be abolished. Provided Anwar pay from his own pocket.
    Sure can ya billionaire Nuar.

  47. Anonymous12:29 am

    if get free nobody wants to study as no commitment. just like buying house 100% loan-why bother to pay as nothing will be lost.

    All these are illogical/nonsense put up the opposition whom are bankrupt for ideas as Najib/BN is doing so good for the rakyat.

  48. Anonymous12:59 am

    rocky tiap-tiap hari pusing berita

  49. Anonymous1:45 am

    This scheme has helped increase Malay graduates - main reason for panic from lks and lge

    anwar is just the salesman - to get popular support, they first demand FREE education

    therefore dismantle this scheme, longterm effect - less poor brilliant Malays can afford tertiary education

    the tale about Melayu malas dan bodoh is becoming a myth

  50. Mustapha Ong7:38 am


    Good stuff and well said. Looks like you also have Singapore Chinese blood. Maybe you should confront your dad n mom. I heard God loves u and didn't want u to go, but it's only a warning so no sweat and carry on sergeant!

    Today, everyone wants to talk about PTPTN but nobody actually ask why are we all burden the government with rakyat's monies.So much talks but never walk the talk. I would like to ask PM why our banking system is not committed in their corporate social responsibility (CSR)? The banks only know how to use our monies in order to make more money to enrich themselves.

    Education financing is a huge national agenda and responsibility to our younger generation now known as Generation Y.In some countries that I had served, especially the last one in New Zealand, the Association of Bankers will approach the High schools and Colleges for the list of students so as to enable them to extend students loans (non payable if one could not afford to repay but they should be prepared to work time out for the bank that gives them the loan).

    I don't understand why our Association of Banks in Malaysia does not take this student loan issues seriously to assist the government. I think this is a logical CSR that will help to create a new core of highly educated human capital.

    Sorry to say that some of our Ministers are nuts and know how to apple polish PM Najib as long as they could do something and expect to be rewarded most of the times!

    Najib could only do that much, but if we are fully dependent on the wining streaks of Najib's popularity, than BN will never hope for another convincing 2/3 majority government after the coming 13th general election.

    Finally, the Chinese are practical people, you owe me money, you just pay and full stop. That's why they could survive as Ah Longs. Now that our Pahang Mufti had said that if you are a Muslim and you take the PTPTN loan and refuse to repay, then you have committed a sin.

    So please all Muslim debtors of PTPTN, I advise you all to be good Muslims when you are still alive and don't expect your loved ones and others to pay "your hutang" at the grave otherwise you will not be in peace down the lonely path all by yourself.Nobody will be there to advise you and help you when you need them badly, not even your parents, brothers and sisters.

  51. Anonymous11:27 am


    Kepala otak mu,,memang tahap UMNO goon!

    Ngapa kamu tak bising,,,BN Chief di Penang,,NAJIB bagi kat GERAKAN,,,why not to UMNO. Most of the state seat won by UMNO????

    Sia-sia je MAMAT-MAMAT UMNO ni kerja kuat before NAJIB melawat Penang tempoh hari!!!!

    Sampai KIAMAT Penang akan di PERENTAH oleh CINA,,!!

    MELAYU and others PEGANG TELOQ je!!!

    UMNO kan da Tukar nama,,UNITED MYENMAR NEPAL ORGANISATION,,,tanya Mat SABU,!!!

    -AH JU BOH-

  52. Anonymous11:28 am


    As Usual Use the Chinese When it is Convenent.

    Call them Chinese First when you want to Whack DAP and Lim Guan Eng...

    Call PKR Chinese Lover when you want to Whack PKR...

    Puji Chinese When you want to win the PTPTN Tug of War...

    You are not Only a F*ckg Hypocrite but also a MORON

  53. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Lend me RM 250,000 (one-thousandth of what Shahrizat's family got) at 2 pct interest and I pay back my PTPTN loan. Boleh ?

    I Am Chinese

  54. joehancl/PRAY, it works12:44 pm

    I say bru, is this one up for the Chinese or a spin against anwar?

  55. bourne identity10:10 am

    If the goverment abolishes this PTPN loan...should they also reimbursed all previous borrowers? Budak2 sekarang mentality katak dalam longkang. This fuckheads are very very lucky...motor ada...h/p tukar regularly.... minum di Starbucks.... tengok concert sini sana dan tuang kelas ikut Al Juburi's ceramah.
    Majority adalah malays or spelled malaise
    The quality of students nowadays are katak dalam longkang or mnaybe they were born in the rectum - just like what Al Juburi Anwar loves doing. Bet you Anwar has a long list of students jambu for him to do the rear job?

  56. Jugra7:47 pm

    I'm sorry... you can protest for many things, this country is democratic. all those so-called civil liberty movements, as well well as the likes of ambiga, tien chua etc, have spoken out loud and without fear in this here country -- so what's all this occupy dataran all about? reclaiming democracy? say what? so high faluting and so much mambo jumbo...and then the kids (or not) making a mess at dataran becos they want FREE education....
    all this points to the opposition parties. so, how can all they have credibility. it's not who's right or wrong. it's what's right and what's wrong.

  57. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Warrior 231, after reading your posting I gather you must have been sodomised by the Chinese, are you having to wear Pampers for life? You must have had enjoyed it, serves you right.

  58. bourne identuty11:52 pm

    Kalau hutang nak belajarpun tak pandai atau tak mahu bayar.... camne nak maju? Camne nak dapat respect?
    Respect has to be earned - not taken.
    67 bukit kami kena panjat turun sebab nak kejar dan hapuskan 1 grup tempur PKM dekat kawasan Lenggong/Batu Kurau di Perak.
    Setiap anggota aku pastikan bayaran bulanan pinjaman kereta dan motosikal di selesaikan untuk beberapa bulan kerana kami expect 4 bulan operasi tracking down ssualt group CTs ini.
    Nak sabung nyawa supaya rakyat Malaysiapun kami pastikan kami tak akan tertinggal hutang dunia.... ini kan pulak pinjam beberapa ribu nak dapatk diploma dan ijazah tampa takut terpijak booby trap atau kena ambush.
    Jadi ostrichlah...tanam kepala dalam tanah tanda malu tak mahu bayar hutang belajar.
    Kalau semua senang dari darjah 1 sehingga dapat ijazah... when will the future of our country learn what hardship is?
    I lost my youth, and so did others when we applied and was accepted in vat69 way back in 1977....
    Susah2 dulu....senang2 kemudian and this senang2 kemudian is seeing how developed and peaceful MY country is now....
    sayang sekali...traffic jams trek di KL setiap kali aku bawa teksi sambung perjuangan aku dari dunia bertempur untuk negara ke dunia membawa teksi untuk anak bini aku.
    My advice to the young.... respect us the elderly by going through the same hardships we endured in every industry.
    My advice to parents.... jangan bagi chance pada anak2 kamu but please guide them....
    after all - they are the future and they are not armed communist guerillas - thats our job to handle these commies :-)