Monday, June 13, 2011

RM100 million that nobody blew

updated 830pm
Less than RM100,000, ministry clarifies Bernama report. 

Original posting:-

REPORTED: Rais' ministry allocated RM100 million to celebrate 2011 Artistes' Day held on May 29, 2011
PERCEPTION: Rais blew half year's budget in one day as spun by Lim Guan Eng and dad Lim Kit Siang
THE FACTS: 1. The ministry did not spend RM100 million [I heard it spent less than RM10 million for the event, but this is not a fact ... yet]
                               2. The RM200 million allocated last year comes under Creative Industry Fund and is a low-interest loan scheme. [see here for details as announced by Najib Razak last year]
BEATING PERCEPTION. Why Rais Yatim can't come out instantly to throw out the rubbish that the Lims have been dishing out on this matter beats me. Our Information Ministry must be able to act faster, or perception will be regarded as the truth (for example, see ..cut Rais Yatim's pay by Malaysiakini).

I hope the minister is not thinking of ANOTHER legal action because if he is, he would have to sue Bernama, the national news agency which came out with the erroneous report. Bernama comes directly under Rais, just in case he does not know that also ...


  1. Your Ex-Sweetheart3:14 pm

    Hey Rocky, check this out, fresh out of Malaysiakini:

    "PAS's constitution Clause 3 to 8 are the embodiment of PAS's Islamic state goal (highest law is Al-Quran, enacting Islamic values and policies in all spheres of nationhood, etc.)"

    "The unelected Syura Council ensures that the actions of all committees in PAS do not deviate from this goal."

    "The exact same applies for the Islamic state of Iran."

    "Mahathir Mohamad and Ibrahim Ali's allegations that PAS has abandoned its ambition to establish an Islamic state are baseless."

    Does this totally rock or what?

    PAS exposed for the crafty theocrats they are.


  3. Utusan Mak Siat3:44 pm

    Another 6.30 news agency.

  4. Anonymous4:07 pm

    RM10.0 million for a one day affair to celebrate artistes? Who got the contract? Mesti crony punya.

    How did they blow the money?

    Even if they gave 10 Semi D houses worth RM500,000 each to the Top 10 artistes, that is only RM5.0 million. Still RM5 million left over.

    Or if they gave 50 Proton Perdana worth RM100k each to the Top 50 artistes, that is also RM5.0 million. Still RM5.0 million left.

    If they gave Proton Gen 2, then Top 100 artistes can get one Gen 2 each, total RM5.0 million. Still RM5.0 mill left over.

    So how did they spend the RM10.0 million?

    Kalau just dinner and karaoke, even if RM200.0 satu kepala at 5 Star hotel, then even if 1000 guests it will only cost RM200,000 (dua ratus ribu Ringgit saja). Where did the balance RM9.8 million go?

    OK lah even if they invited 2000 artistes for dinner and karaoke at RM400 satu kepala (seven star hotel), then it is only RM800,000 for dinner and karaoke. Where did the balance RM9.2 million go?

    Tapi ada ke 1000 artistes di Malaysia? Atau 2000 artistes? Ada ke dinner and karaoke RM200 satu kepala? Atau RM400 satu kepala?

    Kalau kat Kelab dgn wine, whisky, beer, brandy mungkin boleh RM200 satu kepala. Tapi sejak bila Rais hidang minuman arak?

    Jadi soalannya, kemana pergi baki dpd RM10.0 juta itu?

    Hj Hoegarten

  5. Anonymous4:10 pm


    Thats the problem with Najib's cabinet members. Half of them are either sleeping on the job or busy filling their coffers. It seems Najib is the only one trying to fight the battle. Maybe Muhiyuddin also trying his best but the other ministers like Rais, Shaziman, Noh Omar, Hishamuddin, Nazri and a few others are either incompetent or busy with their own agenda. I hope Najib and his merry advisers will look into the details and not just listen to the nice music played into their ears by their bunch of ingrates.


  6. Anonymous4:39 pm

    He had been too long in our government leadership – from Tun Abdul Razak to his son’s era. Time's up Dato' Seri Utama! We have many younger leaders – more qualified, energetic, diplomatic, polished and most importantly, caring in real sense, from the bottom of their hearts - in waiting.

    His promotion of 'Adab Melayu', Tatasusila' or whatever he may wanna call, doesn’t reflect the real diplomacy/personality of a polished Malay. He is sometimes crude, and often sounds too official over something that is supposed to be a casual event. Do we want our younger generation to be behaving like him – conversing in a rigid and snobbish manner when his Ministry is suppose to reflect the nation’s PR post? Cynically, upfront we present our people to be friendly, causal and warm, while the man up there is not reflecting.

    Through a Tan Sri, I once secured an appointment to present an idea to him. He fixed the time at 2.00 pm and told us not to be late as his schedule was tight. We were at his office at about 1.45pm. He delayed it until 5.30 pm, we didn’t mind but what disappointed me was, my partners and I were requested to present our paper in the presence of his guest and in less than five minutes, gave us a petty comment instead of concrete suggestion, over the idea which will very soon become a reality - of course minus his support or assistance. All we wanted if he couldn’t extend us the much needed financial assistance was his Ministry's moral support. His reason for the rush was because he wanted to go home early to catch up a Berbuka Puasa event nearby. I walked out in disappointment because he was ‘shallow’ in his evaluation and detrimental to driving inspiration. From there on; I too had negative impression about Rais.

    I hope after this, there’s no more ‘All Rise’ if we are to represent a positive National PR.

  7. Anonymous8:09 pm

    wasn't this guy the guy who raped his indonesian maid? why let him handle money?

  8. Anonymous8:29 pm*
    Read this.......


  9. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Malaysians wonder where is PERKASA< UTUSAN or MACC? 100 million spent , wow

  10. Bro RM100million ke, RM10million ke, RM100,000 ke, PM Najib must replace Rais. He has passed hs expiry date as Minister.

    The Info minister should be media savvy and keep up with the times. Rais is not the man for these politically turbulent times.

  11. Anonymous8:51 am

    bernama tulis fakta yang betul tapi kerana disekalikan dengan pernyataan ttg kertas kerja utk hari seniman, terus semuanya jadi haru biru.

    saya rasa, yang membacalah suka memeningkan diri dengan membuat maksud yang bagi faedah untuk diri sendiri.

    kelakar! rm100 juta itu diperuntukkan kepada seniman (orang seni) bukannya Sambutan Hari Seniman.

    pikir logik pun boleh tahu.

    - liza

  12. That is a good for nothing two timer politician.
    Come 13th GE...if Najib chooses him to stand for election...he is an idiot.
    If he leave Rias out...his Donkey Kong...Ibrahim Ali should be bought over to stand for UMNO B..and not an Independent candidate anymore.
    After all...Ali is loved by Najib better toe the line.
    Rias can go to hell...sooner or later.

  13. Anonymous9:10 pm


  14. Now Rias said "Anonymous" hackers aiming at the Govt misunderstood the Govt noble intentions.
    So during Sarawak election..this useless Info Minister hacked Malaysiankini....very noble act?
    A two timer will alwys remain a two timer.
    Once hero worship Lim Kit Siang and keep insulting Mahathir..bought over by UMNO B...all forgotten.
    He is a useless gas bag.