Tuesday, December 28, 2010

... And things you didn't know about his penis, seriously!

For one, it does have a mind of its own.


  1. Rocky, to know about the PENIS, we must ask the SIFU like TAIB MAHMUD on how the penis operate.

    A man who married a sweet young thing of 28 years old at the age of 74 must certainly know how the penis work.

    IT would not surprise us if he does NOT NEED VIAGRA.

  2. Anonymous6:52 pm

    We don't even trust the alleged sodomy recorded by our own citizens, how are we going to believe a sexual incidents reported by an alien?

    kah! kah! kah!

  3. Anonymous7:01 pm

    it carries many names in bahasa melayu (that shows the variety of the language) - konek, pipit, butoh, zakar (those name zakaria means happy scrotum), punai, etc
    i would prefer konek

    a good one has good 'konektivity'. if u cant get good 'konektion', u are doomed, unless u go to konekticut for a minor surgery.

    however, if you are a person in charge of konekting the whole nation with good USP facilities, then u should be called a 'pengonek'!

    size doesnt matter... to konek does! once u are in control, u can konek your son or whoever u like to many opportunities.

    the bottom line, stay in konek and dont abuse it. some even like to be 'koneked'

  4. Anonymous7:11 pm

    "Anugerah Tuhan" tak salah punya, yang salah benda lain...

    -sang penyair atas pagar-

  5. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Dear Dato
    I almost fell off the chair reading the headline.
    Here are some additional things we don't know about this dear friend of ours :

    1.mostly blind but easily trained.Lost the vision on onset of maturity but mostly manage to identify the intended target of dwelling.

    2.There are those with exclusive preference for exit place as a point of entrance ,trap or no trap.

    3. Inversely proportional to the size of the owner's car,with great caution taken to mention that, the BMW that you drive was not included in the said study.

    4.Labelled as traitor by some for leaving two of his partners when going through his business .The two are actually the think and tank of the whole setup but they are not pakatan as claimed by penis.

    5. His refusal to wear protective hat,which is for his own good,has been identified as the actual cause of 'buang bayi' problem.

    6. Women are advised to be cautious on handling them,no matter how heart breaking the face/story look and sound,no matter how much pleading on bended knees he does or even any scholarly/ bomohly/ustazly advice he give......his sole aim in life is to get you, full stop.

    To be continued

    Abu Hensem

  6. After reading your posting on penises I am now more so convinced that the world is also coming to an end! BTW I went on a four wheel drive in the forest under a -15 degree Celsius condition and survived!

  7. bro bujai,

    Lu lupa another one bro.. how abt "kote".. I would say "kote" more prominent since it has a sound of Melayu sopan santun compare to "Connect" aka konek tu kasar la bunyi nyer ... pompuan sure dont like maaaa..

  8. George, you tak tahu kah, my father say as long as a man is able to hold and lift a cup of coffee without shaking his hand, his penis is A-OK. This applies whether you are 21 or 90.

  9. kolopilah12:55 am

    org jelobu sobut kelopir, bang.

    istilah pipit tu halus sikit bunyik eh.

  10. leman masjid tanah12:56 am


    many names, yeap...

    whatever the konek does, dont let it get diskonekted!

    mampus nanti!

  11. well,we all knew to...keep it 'right'...clearly in the forefront ...be careful on rocky mountain,it will snap! (I write rocky..not you la.. Dato..)

    Wei..jangan lah mention Taib Mahmood pulak..Apa dosa beliau...

    That's the thing you must learn...
    ...better keep it 'straight' ..to the point!No waka..waka.. ok?

  12. Anonymous1:08 am


    To have a good konektion, you need a good konektor on the other side. The Menteri Konektiviti was ready with the konektion but I think the konektor in his home was too worn out. He needed a tighter fit, the konektor would not grip well. Not wanting to spend money on a high quality German konektor or even a fairly tight Chinese konektor, the kedekut tried to get a cheap Made in Indon ciplak. I think this is where all his konektivity troubles began. Now no matter what he does, it is too late. The konektiviti is broken.

    Hj Hoegarten

  13. Some guys like to have penis inserted inside their anus....

    Ewwwwwww.... So gross.

  14. Anonymous3:31 am

    Next time should someone try to rape, jangan meronta..

    Observe and take note;

    -Length during and after, use your fingers or arm to measure hahahaha
    -Color coklat, bintik2, putih, hitam
    -Texture very important
    -Dah potong ke belum may help determine his religoun
    -markings like tahi lalat etc and brand seluar dalam..
    -and balls important, MONSTERBALL or telur penyu..

    In the police report, include all these..



  15. ManChai9:13 am

    Apa nak jadi orang sekarang? Berbahasa lah sedikit. Sopan santun perlu di jaga. Sex education is good. Tetapi "merapu2" mengenai alat kelamin dan dijadikan bahan perbahasan, melambangkan di mana letaknya darjat seseorang.

  16. maka teringat lah kami akan seorang sahabat.. anu nya itu kam panggil concord sebab bentuknya yang mirip concord...BER-DENG-KOI kata orang penang.

  17. Anonymous9:40 am

    The Pen Is mightier!

    Huh? Is this an inter mission time to a new show?


  18. Anonymous5:06 pm

    enjoyed reading up the comments..hahah


  19. When changing modes, one has to be careful not to press the wrong button- the one with the letter R.

  20. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Oooo ... gasp ... Rocky omigosh you're using the P word kekeke. Let me make a prediction - this will surely stimulate a rise in the popularity of your blog. ;-)

  21. Saudagar Minyak Aurat11:51 pm


    I'm absolutely sure you misspelt the word 'pianist'