Sunday, June 28, 2009

Utusan and Sin Chew at war

"Tetapi reaksi terbaru Sin Chew ini tidak boleh Awang diamkan. Apakah mereka sahaja berhak untuk mengkritik akhbar Melayu dan apabila kita menyanggah pandangan berhubung isu-isu tertentu, Utusan dianggap rasis. Sedangkan jika dibuat kajian bebas, pasti jawapannya ialah akhbar Cinalah yang rasis." - Utusan Malaysia

"If Chinese publishers are so useless, perhaps we should enlist the help of Malay publishing groups!" - Sin Chew

Who's more racist, now? The editorial exchanges between Utusan Malaysia, the Umno-owned and leading Malay daily, and Sin Chew, which belongs to the largest Chinese media group in Malaysia, may be viewed by some in the context of media freedom.

Some may view it as part of a general breakdown in the raison d'etre of Malaysian journalism, as editors serve masters other than the people.

In any case, it's not a pretty sight. And all's not well with race relations in Malaysia.

Extracts, translated from Kenapa Sin Chew melatah? by Awang Selamat in today's Mingguan Utusan, the Sunday edition of Utusan Malasia:

"The writer [a university professor] merely revealed that several main Chinese-language dailies did not provide for a balanced view when debating the issues. It is strange that both articles [by the professor], which are laden with factual findings, have triggered an emotional backlash from the Chinese dailies. Both articles [by the professor] mentioned no newspaper by name but the most emotional response had come from Sin Chew. Agaknya siapa yang makan cili merasa lebih pedas. Kenapa cepat melatah?"

Awang Selamat rants on, saying that for a while now the Chinese papers (this time naming Sin Chew in particular) have been publishing negative articles about the Malay papers, including Utusan, but the Malay papers did not react. There was no need to, writes Awang, because the media were not created media wars.

"But Awang can't remain silent with regards to Sin Chew's latest reaction. [Sin Chew] thinks it is their sole right to critictize the Malay newspapers and when Utusan reacts to their criticism we are are regarded racists. Whereas, if an independent study is made, it will certainly find that it is the Chinese newspapers that are racists".

Awang Selamat obviously aims his verbal diarrhea on a sarcasm-rich Opinion piece published late last week and posted on on 25/6/9, entitled "Malay group publishing Chinese dailies?".


"All of a sudden Utusan Malaysia begins to get concerned about Chinese newspapers. The media group made a special effort to probe the contents of Chinese papers published between 8 and 13 June, and discovered that these newspapers did not accept the mainstream thoughts of the country, still living in their own world and failing to see the prevailing environment!

"To these patriots, Chinese newspapers are good for nothing where nation-building is concerned, unlike Utusan Malaysia which has since the colonial days been fighting for independence, changing the destiny of the Malays, and consolidating the leadership of the same."

To visit Awang Selamat, click here. His latest article on Sin Chew, however, is not on-line yet.


  1. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Mula2nya parti Komunis nak memerintah Malaya tetapi gagal.Kemudian Parti PAP nak memerintah Malaysia dan mereka juga gagal.

    Anak PAP bernama DAP dengan sendirinya pula berusaha nak memerintah Malaysia tetapi tak berjaya.

    Sekarang dengan pertolongan Anwar dan Nik Aziz,mereka telah berjaya memerintah Penang dan Selangor.

    Hasrat Cina nak memerintah Malaysia tidak akan padam cumanya mereka pandai berlakon dan ada melayu2 yang jelas termakan lakonan2 mereka.

    Sin Chew memang racist dan Utusan pun racist juga.Jadi apa masalahnya!

    Semua parti di Malaysia ini adalah racist.

  2. Anonymous1:20 pm


    Oh no! Awang Selamat is going to be arrested under ISA for inciting racial tension...oh no!!

    Ya if that will happen..only politician and innocent reporters ger arrested under ISA lah..

    Idiots like Awang Selamat are invisible to the eyes of the law which is controlled by the useless BN...


  3. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Cina mudah lupa. Datang tidak di-jemput,balik pun tidak di-halang.Beri satu inci mahu satu ela.Kasi muka naik kepala.

  4. Anonymous2:00 pm

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  5. Anonymous2:05 pm

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  6. As a bilingual, i read both Sinchew and Utusan.

    Sinchew gives wide coverage to both government and oposition views, with considerable edge to government parties.

    During UMNO or MCA general assembly, their coverage was extensive, spreading 5-6 full pages.

    It was Utusan who fired the first shot out of blue, in their ongoing campaige to rally support from Malays for UMNO.

    The piece by Sinchew is an opinion piece (not editorial) by TAY TIAN YAN.

  7. Written here is a comment on Malaysian Insider by me on the very same subject.

    I disagree,
    Malay editorial groups should not write or start nor run a Chinese newspaper.

    This is Malaysia,
    Why should we even have a mandarin based newspaper. This is not China, how can we have a Bangsa Malaysia if "Malaysians" don't even want to use Bahasa Malaysia.

    Instead of sniping and cynically remarking Malay vernacular editors why not Sin Chew and others write everything is Bahasa Malaysia. That way everyone can read your newspaper and understand you point of view.

    I mean you complain about the Malay dailies and their readers of not understanding the "Malaysian Chinese" community yet you write your frustrations, ideas and issues in a language that only your group of people would understand.

    It seems to me,
    people only want Bangsa Malaysia only if it is convenient or beneficial to them. I mean how Malaysian can you be if the NEP was abolished yet at the same time insist on reading Sin Chew at home, watch Astro Dragon package on TV, goes to a vernacular school, work in a single race based companies, listen to a mandarin radio show with songs from Hong Kong and only use the national language during government official paperwork (even that has mandarin translation).

    Intergrate lah a bit, mingle.

    You want Malaysians to understand your frustrations then write in Bahasa Malaysia lah....

  8. Oh, man!

    Why can't we all just have sex? Huh? Why?

  9. Sejak Mantan PM Palelah dah berambos aku kurang maki hamun lagi tapi au tengok makin PM baru ni nak buat 1Malaysia lancau (dgn izin tuan empunya blog ini) konon nak pikat hati semua bangsa lain aku dah mula menyampah.

    Asyik nak retorik saja slogan saja nak buat apa?

    kat akar umbi sudah parah dah ni

    Jangan jadi zaman Tunku dah la Dato' Seri..

    Bagi muka naik kepala kemudian kaum sendiri goes amok baru nak tubuh MAGERAN II?


  10. Anonymous2:37 pm

    setuju pendapat sinatra
    nak buang deb,nak open tender,nak cakap cina,sekolah cina,parti cina.meniaga sama2 cina saja
    bila org melayu bising sikit cakap org melayu racist.depa buat tak apa

    melayu utara

  11. Vergis Mathew2:42 pm

    who is this writer called himself or herself Awang Selamat?

    Why don't they dare write they real name instead on using a pseudonym as the author of the article?

    I think they are scare that is why.Awang Selamat is a coward that need to hide behind a pseydonym to ride powerful article.

  12. Anonymous2:52 pm

    sin chew still thinks its readers are chinese from CHINA.

    SIN CHEW, if you cannot accept the fact that you had to learn Bahasa Melayu in this country, please shut down your paper...

    -lei si gau si-

  13. Anonymous2:53 pm

    malay only have power and rank...etc raja,jawatan2 kerajaan....
    the chinese have all the MONEY..
    they will pay money and another useless malay will come to kill another malay(result singapore)... If you dont want this to happen BOYCOTT them now,dont let them come to power....make sure your money dont reach to them..
    Money talks...
    Bullshit walks...
    Boycott works...
    i also have many chinese friend..

  14. sniper3:00 pm


    I suggest you read these books before making any comment :

    1. Chiang Kai Shek - The China he lost

    2. Pu Yi - from emperor to citizen

    3. Mao Tse Tong - an autobiography

    After reading all these books, then you will understand the words "Racists" better
    ie how one great race treat their own race in such a way

  15. jamal3:26 pm

    Apa masalah sin chew nie...

    Sin chew patut bersyukur sebab kat Malaysia nie bole ada akhbar bahasa cina...

    Kalau dah tak suka sangat pergi balik tongsan laaaaa....

  16. Anonymous3:47 pm



  17. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Chinese Pot called Malay Kettle Black, whilst Tamil Belanga (clay pot) grins.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  18. nstman4:46 pm

    Utusan is a racist, bigoted paper. Everybody knows that. Period.

  19. Mazlan4:47 pm

    Another case of the blind leading the blind.
    Who reads these papers and takes them seriously anyway?
    There's no such thing as journalism in mainstream media these days. They are all being lead editorially by their political masters... so really who cares what they say anymore.....?

  20. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Chinese always put Chinese agenda as main priority. Should they are not racist, just ask chinese all over the world to disbanded "Chinatown". Its because they are racist that Petaling Street wanted to be known as "Chinatown". And chinese even in America considered them as chinese, not American!

    THINK !

  21. well Utusan is the one who started the so called 'media war'.

    Seems like they don't take criticisms well. Typical UMNO behaviour.

  22. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Pi balik, habis cerita,
    aman sejahtera semua Bumiputra,
    Tak kira dimana perusuk dunia,
    Sendili tempat disana tersedia,

    Hey you DIASPORA's, sekadar mau citizenship taluh nama atas KELETAS saje ker? You all are causing lots of problems to your host countries worldwide. What you do in Malaysia, akan membuka mata dan kasi semua olang dunia MELUAT!

    Nah TENGOK apa sedang berlaku kat PNG and Australia! Mayak kacau punya bahalols!


  23. salam bro rocky

    mohon laluan untuk kempen RAKYAT SOKONG SAIFUL !

  24. Karim Ahmad5:58 pm

    it is no secret that the Umno utusan anjing that wag their lil fluffy tails for Barisan crumbs have a long tradition of racist propaganda. Moaning about Chinese dailies or pissing around the rambutan tree will not change the facts of what these racist zealots have wanted to incite all along.

    And the facts are plain to see. the rakyat has tolerated the utusan racism against Chinese, Indians and non-bumis for a long period. It has escalated from questioning the loyalty of non-Malays and non-Muslims to flaming non-issues into religious and racial fabrications.

    What goes around comes around and bites between the legs. so, i suggest the boys and girls at utusan do a little washing and cleansing in those unmentionable parts.... after all they do seem to have an obsession with bodily fluids and other aspects of najis.

    if there is one infection that spreads faster than AH1NI, its the racist ketuanan melayu mindset. it reared its ugly head way back in the early 60s through a small but highly influential middle-class Malay politicians like mahathir, and it has since wrecked its bitter fruit in May 13th, in demolition of the constitution and the judiciary.

    their dream is fueled by a jihad desire to turn this country into an islamic state. it is a dream that will turn this lovely country into a nightmare, just like what has happened in Egypt in the slaughter of thousands of Coptic Christians, in Lebanon, and in a host of countries across the world with a major size of non-Muslims.

    to utusan and their ketuanan bandits, i have this to say: those who live by the sword will die by the sword. this nation will not stand by and allow jihad bandits’to desecrate it. the rakyat has found its voice of merdeka and it will not be silenced, never again.

  25. Anonymous6:09 pm

    In general I think a lot of Malays dislike us Kelantanese because a lot amongst us do not speak in the standard Bahasa Kebangsaan that can be understood by the majority of the Malays. And I understand this frustration (and/or hatred).

    If we dislike the Chinese people for not speaking in a language we understand, does that make us racist? We don't hate you because you're Chinese. We dislike your refusal to use the language that all Malaysians can understand. The OFFICIAL language.

    I find it funny that a lot of Chinese take Obama's win (in the US presidential elections) as something of an indication that people should be more open (towards the idea of a member of any race being a top leader). Obama, despite having Kenyan roots, understood the culture and uses the language Americans used.

    Can we have a non-Malay PM? I'm all for that. I'm all for someone who understood the Malaysian people to be PM. We've ousted a Malay who do not, you know.


  26. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Maybe you can also start publishing comments in Bahasa Malaysia to start off with.
    Kerana saya tak faham.Saya Malaysian.Malaysian cuma tahu Bahasa Malaysia.
    If we go by your logic,why not just have a law forbidding use of any other language other that BM?If that guarantees national unity it is worth implementing.
    But it doesn't,right?Unity to a 20 year old like me means hanging with my friends from other races,having mutual tolerance and understanding,and having great fun together.We don't speak BM all the time;we try to learn and speak in each others languages(simple words)and laugh at each others incorrect pronunciation.We also impersonate each other.And I believe underneath the jokes and the laughter,between the joy and despair,debates and discussions,we have found unity as how it should be.Unity that is pure,solid,unwavering,mature and true.

  27. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Listen to the Man, Rocky, it doesn't matter if you are Black or White!


  28. Amir,

    This is when sex lost it's fun...

  29. Awang Selamat is a racist.

    I can't read or speak any Chinese dialect I'm not really qualified criticize Sin Chew. I couldn't care less though.

    What I have read are Awang Selamats comments that are ridiculous, and racist in nature.

    Similar to an anonymous comment here:

    Cina mudah lupa. Datang tidak di-jemput,balik pun tidak di-halang.Beri satu inci mahu satu ela.Kasi muka naik kepala.

    Well Parameswara come to this land un-invited and nobody prevented him from leaving either, but he stayed and built the worlds largest trading port.

    On a separate note, the Indians were brought by the British, and people like Hang Li Po were in fact INVITED to Malaysia. (or to be specific Melaka).

    Awang selamat turns all his articles into a Malay vs. Non-Malay argument. How can Najib talk 1Malaysia, when people like Awang Selamat continuously focus on dividing this country.

  30. Anonymous6:58 pm

    what the fuck is rasis? it sound like racist, dont we have a bahasa for racist? embarassing! no wonder no one respect or bothered to use bahasa!

    Be original

  31. Rocky!
    I have a suggestion of a real IMalaysia concept, lets have a moratorium for say one year, and within that one year all races are allowed to have sexual intercourse (without condoms or birth control pills) among them, Malay do it with the Chinese with the Indian (may be with the Punjabi) with the Iban with the Dayak vice versa so on and so on, then after one year rest assured no body can call each other dominant, thus truly One Malaysia......yipee kayey! Amir what do you think?!

  32. Anonymous7:10 pm

    apasal Lee Kuan Yew lahir. kalau sudah lahir kenapa dia mau hidup lama2?

  33. These 2 giants owned by BN parties fight, end of the day DAP and Keadilan will pay the price. Utusan takes its ques from the likes of Goebbels' propaganda machine. Awang Selamat would have done well in Hitler's team. honestly in terms of standards that Utusan does so well to keep, only Hitler's propaganda machine would come anywhere close.

    The Chinese Press are no better. They deserve the shit they get.

  34. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Tunku Abdul Rahman beri Singapura (pulau kecik) kepada LKY supaya dia jadi Raja Lanun, dia pulak sedap-sedap bina negara, nak sangat rasa jadi Pee em.....

    susah dan pening.

  35. Inilah masalahnya apabila bahasa yg bukan aliran kebangsaan dibenarkan secara berleluasa. Syak wasangka di antara kaum semakin menebal.

    Well done Malaysia..

  36. This has gone too far. Is there such thing as absolute freedom of the press?

    PM, TPM, where are you? Show yourselves! We need LEADERS, not observers!


    Wanna see a young chinese mindset? wait till the end of the clip. Jeezzz.. Hey, I can say jesus Christ can't I?
    And feel free to gimme a klik.

  38. kalau nak tengok reaksi anak cina bila kena rejek, lihat url di bawah ni. siap kata " mati laa kau,**** ."
    No komen. gambar ni cerita sendiri.

  39. Anonymous8:13 pm

    To those noobsh*ts who said that us chinese should go back to China, and all the bullcrap about us being uninvited and all, use ur pathetic excuses for cranial matter and ponder, WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO MALAYSIA'S ECONOMY IF ALL OF US CHINESE PACKED UP AND LEFT?


  40. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Old Fart said...

    "Awang Selamat would have done well in Hitler's team".

    Yes you are right partly...Awang Selamat should also follow Goebbels' way on the exterminating of pests. Hope you will agree??


  41. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Memang padan dengan akhbar UMNO,,,too racist,,,apalagi kasi haram kedua-dua akhbar,,,lagipon mana ada orang baca UTUSAN/MINGGUAN MELOYA tu,,!!!

    Berani tangkap ke AWANG KENIT tu,,,

    MACAM MAKAN BABI,,!!!!!!


  42. we are the world8:30 pm

    1957 till now still talking about race. Damn racist country. Period!

    p/s: If you Editor of MM, then what about Yushaimi?

  43. obviously TAY TIAN YAN wrote a hateful letter against NST and Utusan.

    Like anyone who thinks they're innocent, Awang Selamat fights back.

    But of course, MOST OF US who THINKS WE EMBRACE MEDIA FREEDOM would like Awang to shut up.

    What an irony.

  44. mat t8:50 pm

    Ha ha ha someone suggested inter racial sex,what the missus having menopause ka kah kah kah.

  45. Anonymous8:54 pm


    It's very low moral of you to make this trivial thing in your post. You knew it will invite racist comment and yet u did so..

    Sometimes I was wondering whether do u use your head like your hand?
    Utusan we all know it's racist same goes to Sin Chew... malay buy utusan, chinese buy sin chew.. that's it..

    you are such a lowdown.

  46. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Idiot like the editor of Sin Chew Daily are the bloody racists! Damm you!

  47. The only balanced view from Utusan has been the Umno view -- a lopsided dacing.

  48. Anonymous10:13 pm

    There are a number of comments posted by some narrow-minded people, I hope brother rocky's mind is not as narrrow as them, tak henti-henti hentam pasal individu tertentu, perkara lama dan sejarah yang telah diputar-belitkan, sedangkan tuhan memberikan akal kepada mereka tetapi tidak digunakan.
    adakah mereka anggap individu yang berapa orang itu mewakili golongan etnik tertentu?
    fikiran sempit inilah yang akan hancurkan negara, banyak contoh dapat dilihat di berapa buah negara, sedarlah wahai saudara2ku, tak kira siapa yang memerintah, malaysia cuma mahukan pemerintahan yang baik!

  49. Anonymous10:31 pm

    To Sinatra Zit

    U said why do we need a mandarin based paper when this is Malaysia. It should only be Malay paper. Want to voice out grievanaces, do it in Malay language.

    HOW TRUE. Let's start by closing down MALAY MAIL, NST and the Star.

    By A Twit who has a bigger brain than a Sinatra Zit

  50. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Can anyone please tell me what does economic and political injustice against poor people of ALL races under the NEP got to do with non-Malays not speaking BM (which is utterly untrue)?

    What does the tit-for-tat editorial wars between Utusan and Sin Chew got to do with non-Malays not speaking BM?

    Ah, so, if the non-Malays do not want to speak BM and stick to their own language, we have the right to punish them by treating them as second-class citizens? Wasn't the NEP formed to help the Malays and Bumis, and NOT to punish the non-Malays?

    I cannot see any logic in many of the commentators' bullshit.

    Please lah, if you cannot go beyond acting childish and emotional, please shut the f**k up.


  51. Anonymous12:53 am

    I thought some people fight for press freedom here, in malaysia.

    Tak nampak pun?

    Press freedom taik kucing.


  52. Anonymous1:22 am


    Uiks, sekarang utusan dan sin chew gaduh pasal kaum plak ke. Nak tanya, sin chew ni bukan MCA punya ke?

    tapi rasanya rakyat malaysia tidak akan tertipu dengan sendiwara terbaru UBN ni. mula-mula main kan isu chin peng. tak menjadi. Kemudian mainkan isu kerajaan perpaduan pulak.

    tak menjadi lagi. agak-agak cubaan nak bangkitkan soal perkauman melalui tektik terbaru ini akan menjadi tak?

    aku rasa tak menjadi lagi le......walaubagaimanapun rocky, diharap terus mencuba sebab manek urai akan mengundi tak lama lagi. Juga PRU13 pun makin mewnghitung hari.


  53. Exactly nothing Rais,
    The language issue is the Sin Chew complaints about the things said in the Malay newspaper. Which is even more confusing how the NEP get's in the Sin Chew article got anything to do with what Utusan wrote.

    Although these days it seems popular that everything is to be blamed to the NEP. If one complaints about how the Chinese venacular write reports, the counter is you have the NEP so STFU racist.

    Bodoh kan...

    So the reasoning behind writing in BM is so that everyone can understand your point of view or frustrations. Apart from that it is to point out the hypocrisy of some of these so called "Malaysian Issues".

    I mean since you keep calling yourselves Malaysians why not start using Bahasa Malaysia.

    Tak gitu?

  54. Ah or write in English lah.

    I mean either way is fine.

  55. Anonymous2:10 am

    to sniper, who wrote,..."After reading all these books, then you will understand the words [sic] "Racists" better ie [sic] how one great race treat their own race in such a way..."

    Firstly, Chinese is neither a race nor is it great!

    go here for a better understanding of the difference between race and ethnicity.

    the issue here is that of ethnicity.

    "...In 1950, the UNESCO statement, "The Race Question"... suggested that: "National, religious, geographic, linguistic and cultural groups do not necessarily coincide with racial groups: and the cultural traits of such groups have no demonstrated genetic connection with racial traits. Because serious errors of this kind are habitually committed when the term 'race' is used in popular parlance, it would be better when speaking of human races to drop the term 'race' altogether and speak of 'ethnic groups'..."

    but, then again, defining ethnicity is like defining the end of a rainbow... an impossible task!

    as an example, let's look at the ethnic Chinese... although the Han chinese forms the bulk of the population of China, there are other ethnic Chinese.

    Who, exactly, are these Han chinese?

    Interestingly, the ethnic Han Chinese didn't come about until the Han Dynasty, although there is a river in central China called Han, the origin of the Hans!

    It was during the Han Dynasty that the multi-ethnic tribes of China began to feel that they belonged to the same ethnic group!

    So, in truth, the present-day Hans are just a convenient conglomeration of the various ethnic Chinese... in other words, they identify themselves as Han Chinese just as long as their own agendas are met... then, all of a sudden, they become Taiwanese or Cantonese or, even Macanese!

    If Mandarin is the native language of the Chinese, then why is it that Cantonese is the official language of Hong Kong ?

    And, for that matter, why is the official language of Macau NOT Mandarin?

    The plain FACT is... Cantonese remains the official government language of Hong Kong and Macau when NOT communicating with mainland China and Mandarin is only becoming increasingly influential in Hong Kong after the 1997 handover.

    It's clear that the Hong Kongers and Macanese aknowledge that Mandarin is the official language of the People's Republic of China... the country, but, NOT the Chinese!

    Mandarin a native language of the Chinese... give me a break, already!

    Another paradox is the name of the language itself... is the word Mandarin, Chinese in origin?

    No! It's Portugese.

    The Chinese equivalent is Guānhuà.

    And, what is Guānhuà?

    ... the language of the imperial magistrates (mandarins.)

    So, there you go.

    As a general rule, I don't subscribe to ethnic issues because... "According to Thomas Hylland Eriksen,...ethnicity primarily as an ad-hoc element of a political strategy, used as a resource for interest groups for achieving secondary goals such as, for instance, an increase in wealth, power or status.

    Hey, Lee Kuan Yew, with PAP, did it Singapore!

    Apparently, someone is trying his/her level best to do it in Malaysia.

    Finally, to Rocky's rhetorical question, "Who's more racist?"

    In this age of political correctness... Sin Chew is the racist because Malay IS a race.

    Awang Selamat is NOT a racist because Chinese is NOT a race... an anti-ethnie/ethnist(?) at best... it's just like calling a Jew, a greedy Jew... one is, by virtue of political correctness, NOT a racist but anti-Semitic.

    but, then again, aren't the Arabs also Semites?

    hmmm... there's a lesson to be learned there, somewhere!


  56. And so it begins...anew.

    Shut up and suck my dick.

  57. Bro, tolong plug sikit my entry about Kelantan oil Royalty

    I have included some evidence that the oil platform on the Kelantan Thai border is indeed a JV with out northern neighbour.

    Funny how Haji Hadi can 'visit' the platform on fishing vessels... the truth is he saw it from a distance lah on fishing vessels, because visiting means actually going on to the platform... ye tak...

  58. Anonymous5:23 am

    Where is Bala? Now that is stil unresolved and we are arguing about race. Race is something none of us can do anything about. We have no choice but to be born into you all dumb people. It's not race but power you stupid fools! Move on and grow up before we are seriously left behind in myopic arguments.


  59. Anonymous7:03 am

    39 years after launching DEB, bumi, repeat bumi, which means not only malays(!), equity ownership is only at 19% - why isn't Utusan posing this question to the almighty government instead of wasting it's time in tit-for-tat bickering with SinChew? if awang is so concerned about the well-being of malays and i hope the rest of the 1st class citizens, then he/she shud be using Utusan to challenge the government to meet it's objective which is now overdue by 19 yrs! and if really need to challenge the other newspapers and media outlets, do it intellectually instead of being emotional bout it - same goes to all other race based papers! if things get out of hand, it's the 25+mn Malaysians who will be at the losing end - not these race based papers!


  60. lantak le awang selamat nak meraban apa pun hehehehe takde kesan. teman memang tak beli dan tak baca utusan sejal 2001.

    sin chew memang teman tak baca sbb tak reti. dlm malaysia paper yg aling best dan open ialah sabah daily express.

    tiada satu pun paper malay aboleh lawan dari segi keterbukaan. harap malay mail huhuhu jauh panggang dari api bruuuu

  61. Anonymous9:16 am

    when this country goes to the dog/pig/pariah level...Them perhaps we all malaysian will unite to work/be together as a malaysian...

    ya another useless mamak says...

  62. Anonymous10:08 am

    it s so sad to see this is happening deeper now days . im mixed. im proud of it. to me di mana bumi dipijak disitu langit dijunjung. all malaysians should be able to speak both national languages fluently especially malay. it doesnt matter where you come from, you should be proud to call yourself malaysian!! not malay, not chinese not indian etc.

    from my point of view, in general, malays are lazy, chinese are greedy and indians are always thinking they are third class people in this country. i thanked malaysian politicians mainly for this.

    btw, my chinese friend with spanish nationality is so proud about his spanish language (national language) why cant we?

    i think it s time to kick out this vernacular school system!


  63. Anonymous10:51 am

    Utusan Melayu - Champion of Melayu rights. Champion Bahasa Melayu. Cina semua pendatang. Patut balik Tong San.

    Er... why is Awang Selamat using the word 'rasis' to express racist when 'perkauman' would do the job? Who is butchering BM now?

    Cina Pendatang tetapi Rakyat Malaysia

  64. Anonymous2:38 pm




  65. Anonymous3:03 pm

    dear karim ahmad

    those who eat h1n1 meat will also die by the h1n1 flu

    i mean the SWINE flu

  66. Anonymous3:16 pm

    to the A Twit who has a bigger brain than a Sinatra Zit (really??)

    10:31 PM

    fact #1 this is MALAYsia
    fact #2 official language - Bahasa Malaysia
    fact #3 official religion is Islam

    3 facts enough for the size of your pea-sized 'brain'

  67. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Awang Selamat said are true...

    Let proceed the idea with...simple idea

    1) close all SJK(C)and (T)..

    ...and let see how they react.....!!hahaha..who racist??!!

  68. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Datuk nenek kita membuat kesilapan menerima mereka di negara ini. Bagi kebanyakan majoriti di negara ini, mereka tidak mengangap manusia yang cakap mandarin, mata sepet, sekolah asing-asing, kerja asing-asing sebagai rakyat negara ini. Mungkin dari segi undang-undang ya, tetapi tidak secara emosi, secara emosi mereka hanya pendatang yang datang melukut, pergi digembirai. Kecuali sesetengah mereka yang sanggup berasimilasi, bagi yang ini, mereka akan dilindungi dan ditolong dan dianggap saudara seperjuangan.

    Yang tidak sanggup berasimilasi, ludah saja, ptui!!


  69. Anonymous10:10 pm

    10:31 PM

    fact #1 this is MALAYsia
    fact #2 official language - Bahasa Malaysia
    fact #3 official religion is Islam

    3 facts enough for the size of your pea-sized 'brain'

    3:16 PM

    To the twit who didnt even put in an anonymous name,

    Official this and that yes.....agreed.

    How come u r writing in english? Official language BM. Use BM la, or awak tak erti?


  70. Anonymous12:44 am

    so petty....both of them, utusan and sinchew...'nuff said.


  71. Anonymous7:07 pm

    So racist and chauvanistic ler all these monyet ultras and certain commentaries di sini. Utusan Melayu always fire the first salvo with by its highly, damning, racial hatred inflaming articles and keeps on creating an atmosphere of racial tensions...when other retorts...tak tahan...tak boleh debate contructively (patut pun, otak katak kampung, tak boleh di cabar, anak jantan mah)... looks like Awang Selamat is mis-named by his parents...should be Arang Awas. Macam "burning coal", macam Nazi aje with a singular obsession to create a racial class and hatred...memang Nazi, orang macam ni ler yang mengancm keharmonian Bangsa Malaysia. ISA? Tidak...Patut masuk ke dalam kandang and lemas dia aje. Mati pun masyarakat Malaysia tak peduli...sampah masyarakat.

  72. Anonymous1:54 am

    Wau...I haven't read RB's blog for the last one year...and it seems like a fertile ground for terrorist and Nazi wannabe. Incredibly racist. I am recommending this blog and its commentaries for a study in true human ugliness.

  73. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Why are we always getting so racial? If these people really have a religion and are God fearing things would not have gone out of hand. It is 'gila kuasa' and 'tamak' that causes all these friction. Bila kita mati dalam kubur kita tidak boleh minta special rights..either you go to hell or such things as Malay rights and Bumiputra rights then you go to heaven...!!!

  74. Anonymous2:02 am

    Sejak dari dahulu (1962) saya masih belum mengerti mengapa jika Melayu mempertahankan haknya, dikatakan rasis..walhal kaum Cina (22%) dan India (7%) merasakan sering mencemuh org melayu. Saya amat menyokong Perlembagaan Persekutuan dikaji semula seperti apa yg dilakukan di India dengan menyatakan dengan jelas tanpa berselindung hal berkaitan dengan kontrak sosial.

  75. Anonymous12:23 am

    Cina dan India dibawa ke Malaysia oleh British untuk melombong dan menoreh getah kerana 2 perkara
    1) Melayu bodoh , lembab ,low IQ
    2) Melayu malas
    Buat pe British nak bawak Cina dan India dari ribuan km jauhnya ?
    Bukannye murah!

    Tak caya, pegi England dan belek buku-buku Sejarah diorang!!!
    Sebenarnya Cina dan India pun bodoh. Kita semua dijajah British dulu.

    Siapa Melayu dalam dunia yang cuma tak sampai 18 juta orang kalau dibandingkan dengan 1.3 billion Cina dan 1.1 billion India di dunia ? Siapalah kawan Melayu dalam dunia nie selain dari Cina dan India ? Indon ? Rasa-rasanya seluruh Indon nak bunuh semua yang ada di Malaysia kalau berpeluang. Sedar-sedar lah Melayu ! Kawan yang ada jangan dibuang, nanti takde kawan….cuba hidup selama-lamanya tanpa berkawan dengan sesiapa… orang giler je boleh begitu!

  76. Anonymous12:40 am

    Cina dan India dibawa ke Malaysia oleh British untuk melombong dan menoreh getah kerana 2 perkara
    1) Melayu bodoh , lembab ,low IQ
    2) Melayu malas
    Buat pe British nak bawak Cina dan India dari ribuan km jauhnya ?
    Bukannye murah!

    Tak caya, pegi England dan belek buku-buku Sejarah diorang!!!
    Sebenarnya Cina dan India pun bodoh. Kita semua dijajah British dulu.

    Siapa Melayu dalam dunia yang cuma tak sampai 18 juta orang kalau dibandingkan dengan 1.3 billion Cina dan 1.1 billion India di dunia ? Siapalah kawan Melayu dalam dunia nie selain dari Cina dan India ? Indon ? Rasa-rasanya seluruh Indon nak bunuh semua yang ada di Malaysia kalau berpeluang. Sedar-sedar lah Melayu ! Kawan yang ada jangan dibuang, nanti takde kawan….cuba hidup selama-lamanya tanpa berkawan dengan sesiapa… orang giler je boleh begitu!