Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Malaysia's top-earning blogger

Singapore: I'm here for an hour-long program on RazorTV, the region's first internet TV channel. My hosts invited three other bloggers for the Point Blank segment, including Cheo Ming Shen, the co-founder of Nuffnang, the blog ad community.

He told us that for Malaysia, Kenny Sia earns the most bucks from Nuffnang advertising. For Singapore, it's Xiaxue (pic).

With socio-political bloggers, especially in Malaysia, the advertisers tend to be a tad more cautious, Ming said.

Look out for the program here.


  1. With socio-political bloggers, especially in Malaysia, the advertisers tend to be a tad more cautious, Ming said.

    Thanks for the tip, Ahiruddin. Erm, nak guna blog ni buat announcement sikit, ye? From today, I hereby declare that I am NOT, repeat, NOT a socio-political blogger but a... eh, apa kategori si Kenny Sia tu? Entertainment ke? Ikut lah apa pun - tolong register aku dalam kategori tu jugak, ya...

  2. Anonymous8:38 am

    Happy to hear that we have top earning blogger. Like our artist.

    zamri sunway semenyih

  3. and they just got plugged here to increase traffic and hence, make more? heehee

  4. Anonymous12:04 pm

    seriously, if you look at the top earning bloggers or even top bloggers from nuffnang, they write shit blog and yet get uniques upto 9k a month..

    i am not saying kenny sia writes shit blog. his blog is good and he deserves what he has been getting from his uniques.. kenny have uniques visiting him like 10000 a day..

    on the other hand, some ugly fark duckling gets 1k hits a day just into her 2nd mth blogging and if u read her blog, there is nothing but pure crap and cam whoring... what kind of quality blog is that??

    sometimes i wonder if nuffnang members are just stupid or what.. as long as they ae ladies, everyone votes for her.. common man, write some quality post rather than just showing off one's pussy ..

  5. whoaaa...xiaxua's a hot chica. no wonder.

  6. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Interesting...both Malaysia and Singapore's top earning bloggers are both blog whores; they generate traffic to their blogs by prostituting themselves online.

    Guess gossip and sordid affairs are more entertaining to the masses then posts of substance...

  7. Anonymous4:18 pm

    kennysia, why not put in mandarin since english is bad for chinese?
    I bet you would get more money by putting kennysia blog in mandarin. After all aren't all chinese people are rich?


  8. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Maybe you earn more than them but you are not telling right. No??

  9. Anonymous5:12 pm

    psycho chicken,

    Please please that is not a babe. The babe in S'pore is Dawn Yang.

    You are actually looking at the fake babe called the Chou Ah Hwe of Sg, short and urgly.

    Everyone from S'pore to Johore and some say Batam agreed that she is the ugliest. Only AngMo can't tell the difference so her boy friend is one Uncle Sam who love Chinese Crested dog.

  10. Barackah!

    Unfortunately, I don't earn more than they do. :-(
    In fact, I don't make a single sen of a or sponsorship
    from my blog.
    More unfortunately, blogging costs me hard+earned money.
    I still have to pay some fees to my lawyer who's defending
    me against NSTP, which is suing me & my blog for defamtion.
    (If its not pro bono, I'd be paying thru my teeth).

    I get invited to tv shows and seminars. They usually give
    me a token but I don't have a price (ie appearance fee).

    I'm planning a e-zine portal in the hope that I could make
    some ad dollar like kenny sia. Most portals accept ads. Even
    RPK's Malaysia Today is a "I serve Nuffnang blog". That way
    I hope to keep my own blog ad-free.

    And dear Kerp,

    Down, boy!

  11. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Rocky, I suggest you start a online newspaper similar to that of Malaysiainsider and Malaysiakini. Some of the top present and ex-journalists will surely work for you.

  12. Anonymous5:47 pm

    The advertisers are the biggest losers for choosing to advertise on blogs.

    I have started to read blogs since 2003 but never have I wasted a second in checking out ads that appears on blogs. So do my friends.

  13. Anonymous3:42 am

    Whatever it is, I am happy to know that some individual bloggers do get some loose change. Keep it up Buddy ... Wali Kota

  14. Anonymous4:19 am

    this kenny boy is just a publicity seeker, hyping himself to high heaven. Xia Xue is the female version of him. There are a few other Malaysian bloggers earning more than them but they rather stay below the radar.


  15. Gotta make my comment here to three people.

    1) melayu-gagal, please do not equate Dong Jiao Zhong's opinion as be the same as mine. We do not share the same opinion just because we're ethnic Chinese. That would be like saying Rocky, Anwar and Pak Lah share the same opinion just because they're Malays.

    2) moonshine, hyping myself? With all due respect, I urge you to get your facts right: I never go out myself to solicit for advertisers; I never "hype myself to high heaven"; I never purposefully go out and seek publicity; and most of all, I never even proclaim myself as a top blogger in Malaysia. I have turned down enough advertisers and enough interviews to make that claim. If you don't like what I write on my blog, that's cool. Just get your facts right and don't accuse me like that.

    3) Rocky, it is unfortunately true that advertisers in general want to stay away from controversy, or controversial bloggers. Think about it, it does make business sense. That being said, I think if you sign up for Nuffnang, you may be able to earn some ringgits through their banner ad system. The big bucks are however, in the advertorials. Personally, I'm not sure how promoting products like Honda City or Malaysian Dreamgirl would fit into the general theme of this blog, which is mostly about politics and social issues. But like they say, if you never try, you never know. ;)

    Go for it Rocky.

  16. Thanks Kenny,

    I'll try my luck with this new portal I'll be launching, hopefully before year-end.

  17. @Rocky's Bru
    Good Luck with your portal, Ahirudin. I'm eagerly waiting to see what's there - I simply love new portals and such.

    BTW I hope that thing with NSTP will end amicably. PLUS the NSTP paying you some token payment for the duress that it has caused. This is something that I'm very angry with whenever I think about it - of an as*hole using a COMPANY to harass critics.

  18. they do it?... how much earning that they earn by month?

  19. Anonymous1:09 am

    can they share the tips to us....

  20. kudos to this post and to kenny !!
    its good news to hear that malaysian bloggers get good pay in add .

  21. HEHE CAMWHORE1:09 am