Sunday, October 05, 2008

Who is Baradan, Din?

If a journalist writes negatively about Anwar Ibrahim, he's a paid whore? Poor K. Baradan. I understand why he sounded sad when we spoke on the phone the other day.

I've known him for more than 20 years as a journalist and as far as I'm concerned, he's not made a name as either anti-Anwar or pro-Anwar (which is how it should be). But a reader of Din Marican is so incensed by what Baradan has written. A paid whore. To me, it's fine for Din to publish the "letter" or "comment", but he should not have left that note at the end of the letter. [click on the letter to enlarge]

If DSAI becomes Prime Minister one day and decides to make Din a Senator to sit on his Cabinet, please don't make him Information Minister. Seeing how he's reacted to Baradan's small voice of dissent, I'm afraid Din would outdo Zam in no time.

p.s. "Bahasa terlalu keras". Here, Anwar takes down posting on K. Baradan. No, no apologies, though.


  1. What is happening to the Zulkifli Nordin case? Has DSAI taken action against him? If not, the even I will not be duped by DSAI's sweet talk.

  2. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Oh, do stop this Malaysian pettiness about apologies. Taking down the post isn't admission enough that it was inappropriate? Too much words on this hangup already. Aren't there more important things to write about?
    Get OVER it already, please, Rocky.

    -sorry said in many ways-

  3. Immature reader and officer...I hope Baradan doesn't take it too seriously! Just cont' to do (and write) what he believes to be true!

  4. Anonymous2:10 pm

    To say Baradan is not anti-Anwar is to be be brutally dishonest. He is an arsonist and a disgrace to the Indian community that I hail from. Please look at what he has been writing before and after the elections on Anwar and tell me what you observe. To say that he is not driven by hatred, personal hatred is to be hateful and I think you are doing the same. There is difference between journalism that's supposed to educate people and highlight all angles by giving fair coverage and interviews to all competitors and engaging in criminal minded, hate driven campaign against someone and that's what Baradan does and has been doing. I repeat again, he is an arsonist and nothing but a criminal minded low class Indian who potrays our community as a bunch of sellouts who thrive in whore culture and S.declarations. By the way, can you show a single article in which he is critical of any other leader other than Anwar? Sheesh! He is personal and definately all moral beings will object to that.

  5. Anonymous2:22 pm

    There is no need to dwell on a low class creature like Baradan. His problem is that he is personal and not a simple journalist. To criticise is one thing, but to show extreme hatred and personal touch (and repeatedly for that) is a crime and not jounalism. I think we should differentiate between personal touch and an honest input which Baradan doesn't show as far Anwar is concerned. I don't think Anwar needs pussyfooting from Baradan, everyone knows he has been torched alive by the media (which you were part of it) and he has never slowed down for any crippled, hate drive mind, why would you think Anwar fears criticism when he has been burnt alive yet he ramains standing tall and refusing to surrender. If Din who got the private message was incensed, I'm sure he has a reason and all of us read what Baradan writes and wrote and on one can deny that he is personal as far Anwar is concerned. If you want to be personal, you have can your website/blog and rant and rave there but to use another platform to spread your hatred is a product of low class mentality and a biased media. I'm not saying there is a fair media in Malaysia, everyone knows what's going on, but retain your dignity by being honest with yourself and readers. It is like how you have turned your blog into an abode of hatred against PM Abdullah Badawi. Can we say you are objective or that you are driven by honesty? To criticise is ok, but provide solutions and also look at all angles and personalities. You can vent hatred and anger on someone repeatedly and pretend that you have a moral duty to preach to others. That's being a dork who doesn't know that he doesn't know. So, I think Baradan is simply Rockybru in relation to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Hatred is not journalism sir. Can we say you are fair to the PM? Or do you handle the PM and the DPM in the same light and negative reporting? Now ask that question to Baradan in relation to Anwar.

  6. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Apologies to what? What has DSAI got with apologising to one Baradan Kappusamy? A reader sent a private comment to Din Merican and he wrongly published it in DSAI's blog which he runs alongside other memebers. Bcoz DSAI doesn't run or moderate his website as a person. So why should he apologise? On what? For what? About what?, don't start preaching morality when it comes to certain people and close your eyes when it comes to others. That's how nefarious minds operate. No wonder hypocrites will live at the bottom of the fire. And you said Baradan is not anti/pro-Anwar but has "small dissent." Then you should know what "dissent" means and stands for. Unless of course you have the notion that you are so smart that you alone gets it. Huh!

  7. These people dont seem to understand the meaning of freedom of expression,plz lar people learn how to agree to disagree.You fellas are so apt at criticizing the mainstream media for its one sided reports,here you cant take the critical views of others.As long as those critics dont encroach on sensitive issues like religion and race,what is wrong?Open up your minds lar.

  8. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Baradan is biased ( blatantly so)- so let's not pretend otherwise.
    However, his column is his and where he is free to write his opinions.

    Therefore, he should also be open to criticism and differences in opinions.
    He shouldn't fall into pieces just because others don't subscribe to his ideas and criticize him for it.
    If he can't take the brickbats that come with the bouquets, then journalism is the wrong career move for him. (children's books, perhaps?)

    As for Din, he is also entitled to his opinions. He probably didn’t realize how fragile Baradan is.

    To Baradan, get a grip of yourself - if you believe in it, just write it.
    If u can't take the heat, get out of the fire.

  9. Anonymous2:55 pm

    To know the sheer hypocricy of Baradan, you need to read what he writes in the BN local newspapers and the in the Indian run IPS, then you will know what a whore means. When writing in that Indian run outlet, he tones down and calls Anwar "iconic" "icon" bla...bla...blaa but when he gets a phone call from one BN media outlet, whichever it is bcoz he is not employed by one (A whore?), then you only need to know his topic will Anwar bashing. I don't think Anwar gives too hoots about it or even reads, after all, all the BN media is simply an Anwar bashing fora, but he deserves the tagline: whore simply bcoz of his conduct.

    In your case, you will always attack the bloggers who support Anwar and who may have a grind to axe with Anwar bashers in the BN media. You remember when Zorro said he wouldn't read what that NST idiot concocted? You went to the market to look for who will hit back at Zorro. When Malay intellectual Dr Bakri Musa laughed at the ingenuity of Syed Nazri, you published it alongside UMNO-Mahathir faction rabid dogs searing into the Star editor concerning his post on Mahathir. But you had the temerity to state that you were not "fortunate" to read Syed Nazri's article in which he stated Anwar would be defeated which was a way of saying Dr Bakri's observation against an anti-Anwar whore shouldn't be seen that way. Today, you lash at Din Merican bcoz he doesn't entertain your bosses and say he shouldn't become a Minister bcoz he lashes at whores who have a personal issues with Anwar. You are not far from Baradan my dear. You are being personal and dishonest here. One wonders if you have any shame in trying to take a higher ground when it comes to certain people and personalities. I like that (deleted).

  10. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Salam Raya Bro

    Anwar akan jadi lebih keras dari Mahathir terhadap musuh2 beliau dan orang2 Anwar akan jadi lebih gelojoh dari crony2 umno.Tunggu dan lihatlah!

    Setelah berjaya menghapuskan 'politik perkauman (umno)' DAP akan mula untuk menghapuskan politik keagamaan (pas) pula.Tunggu dan lihatlah!

  11. Dear Rocky, what is new?

    Any negative comment even a constructive one about ANWAR IBRAHIM makes you a WHORE!

    Any negative comment even a constructive one about RAJA PETRA KAMARUDDIN makes you UNCIVILISED and A BASTARD!

    Any negative comment even a constructive one about CHINESE, INDIAN OR NOW, HINDRAF makes you a RACIST!

    Any negative comment even a destructing one about MALAY, UMNO makes you the MOST DEMOCRATIC and A HERO!

    Such is the current situation.

    No wonder the BN even with all its numerous moronic mistakes, survived all the elections.

    The opposition and its followers again failed to talk sense and winning through reasonable and acceptable thinking to their fellow majority Malaysian.

    Even at BN’s lowest and most embarrassing point since Abdullah Badawi became the PM, the opposition failed to rattle them.

    The opposition's best performance thus far was based on PROTEST VOTES. That is the honest truth. Let us not get carried away.

    Even 'Saint Anwar' and all 'his believers' are now praying hard that Badawi will fight on and further ruin the coalition.

    Without Badawi, they don't stand a chance. They have nothing!!

    The problem has always been that we have such a weak and visionless opposition.

    Without being disrespectful; if you were to put Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Hadi Awang and Karpal Singh running a Rukun Tetangga branch, the branch will end up having 3 separate AGM every year.

    Anwar will continue with his rhetoric and jump into any conflicts as he survives on it; he looks intelligent when making baseless claims (that how RPK survive too).

    Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh will be angry even to the trees for reasons only known to them. Everyone else is stupid.

    While the Ulamak Tuan Guru Hadi will continue talking about an Islamic Country. As if he knows what he was talking about.

    While we hope our friends in BN help bring positive changes to the coalition, the opposition voters and followers should also look seriously at its line of leaders.

    Their obvious incapability has left the majority with no choice but to support BN all this while.

    In fact, for 51 years we have been wasting Public Funds paying salaries to the so called Opposition Leaders who have failed year in and year out.

    We were also damn lucky to have Mahathir for 23 years.

    Its time for the likes of Anwar, Azmin Ali, Tian Chua, Teresa Kok, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Hadi Awang, Karpal Singh and their ardent followers to WALK THE TALK.

    If they have any clue to do so

  12. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I've got a childish comment. I don't like the sound of Baradan because he reminds me of Brenden the Pliagarist.

    OK, OK, I think I need the psychiatrist.

    But it's true.

  13. Anonymous5:46 pm

    He Proved U Wrong! Its 10 minutes now.....

    Hishammuddin gets more time at Unesco meet

    PARIS: Two Unesco executive board members from Asean -- Thailand and Philippines -- will give up a minute each of their speaking time to Malaysia to voice the region’s issues and concerns when the body’s board members meet here beginning Monday.

    The mandate will be shouldered by Malaysia’s Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, who now has 10 minutes of speaking time at the meeting.

    “Malaysia is honoured and obliged to carry this mandate for both countries,” said Kenneth J. Luis, Malaysia’s permanent delegate to Unesco, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.

    Traditionally, the 58 board members will be given eight minutes each to deliver their speeches at the meeting.

    The board meets twice a year to examine the work programme for the organisation and corresponding budget estimates. Unesco has 193 members. Luis told Bernama that the move to “surrender” the speaking time was a first among Unesco’s board members from Asean.

    It has been a practice among the European Union (EU) members, he added.

    He said the development was a recognition to Malaysia, particularly Hishammuddin, as they believed that the minister, who is Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation (Seameo) president, would be able to make a positive impact at the meeting.

    “He understands the region well particularly in the education area. They have faith in him to deliver the regional message effectively,” he said.

    Luis said that of the 10 minutes, Hishammuddin was expected to spend about three minutes on regional issue and the remaining minutes on Malaysia’s achievements and recommendations for Unesco. Hishammuddin, he said, would likely to highlight, among others, the Southeast Asian countries’ mission to achieve the Education for All (EFA) goals by 2015.

    Luis said Hishammuddin’s presence at the meeting would allow Malaysia’s voice to be heard, and thus enable the country to play an effective role in the world body.

    “Apart from mentioning what Malaysia is doing at Unesco, we must also give critical assessments on what Unesco is doing.

    “It (Unesco) has many documents, reports ... somebody has to go through these and point out whether things are going (down) the right path,” he said. -- Bernama

  14. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Lets be honest here read his postings and you know what rubbish comes out of them.Actually you cannot blame the journalist as it is the system of the govt we have.All we Malaysians do is to pretend everything is all right in bolehland.

  15. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Baradan not the only fler who got the bad treatment by this marican blog. Remember The tunku fler who later joined the dap. He got lashed too... for his less than flattering views of dsai/pkr.
    Of late, i find this trend in msia: everybody's going "im fervent believer in free speech, democracy, yada yada." Wait till someone enters their blog with a comment that doesn't quite fit in with their views. U better run for your life.
    The more i read and see of the politics in this country, the more cynical i become. All sides same same lor.

    FED UP

  16. Salam Bro,

    I think you've missed the target on this one. You really dislike Din Merican so much huh? To the stage of contemplating that the guy NOT be made Info Minister, assuming the following :

    1. that DSAI becomes PM.
    2. that Din Merican be made a Senator.
    3. that Din Merican appointed as Information Minister.

    That's sure a lot of assumptions, bro. And you compare him to Zam based on a footnote to a letter that contains a qualifier `if there is truth'. I've seen Zam say worse things!

    So Baradan felt so sad that something not so nice about him appeared on a blog? Come on la... grow up!

  17. bro,

    organise a great debate for the candidates of Tim President UMNO
    one in full bahasa malaysia and one in full english . this is a very critical position as this position will lead to Putrajaya no 2. the debate will not only cover politic but economic ,social,international relation,etc.

  18. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Well, have YOU ever apologised for anything your commenters or you wrote about those against whom you have a personal vendetta?


    Why that snide comment at the end of your post, then?


    Brenda Ramaramasamy

  19. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Dont hate the person hate his actions if you are unhappy of his product and that will keep you away from being personal.

  20. Anonymous7:55 pm

    I agree with you about Din. When I spoke to him about the Islamic state issue and PAS, I got a shelling from him. "Don't talk about Islamic state. It is a non-issue. You spoilt my morning......" he berated me.

    It was a gross over reaction. I just wanted to propose some ways to not let the Islamic state issue unravel Pakatan Rakyat.

    If I am a politician, I would not want Din to be my aide, he would lose votes for me.

    Rational Malaysian

  21. I am a neutral blogger. But I had voted for XXX too. (you know, I know)

    Sometimes we are just too damn hard to accept the truth and fact that our "beloved" one done so awful and non-conscience but coincidentally induce others to commit criminal "Xilling (wracking) by third hand" !!

  22. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Agree to disagree. period. dh9753

  23. Anonymous10:04 pm

    I fully agree with you, Brenda.

    Rocky's a gone case these days.

  24. Anonymous12:51 am

    Din Merican was a respectable civil servant and corporate man but foolish in his career moves.

    He though he is macho man for not kow towing to organisational politics. On the same note, the manner he handles other organisation in the business world was arrogant.

    But thats another life, he left SIme and it seems he appeared in the world of academics and intellegiensia. His exchanges with M Bakri Musa made him known in blogosphere. He began blogging just around the time he joined PKR.

    Thats went he began to just turn stupid. Politics a was perhaps a way to fill a void in his life but unfortunately he stopped being rationale. He began to bne more an dmore a spin master and sensationalist to this natural Tamilian movie actor who happen to have a Muslim convert bottle picker grandfather, Anwar Ibrahim.

    Apart from his powerful command of English, Din Merican's own blog has lost the honesty and inciteful perspective of his past exchanges and article in Bakri Musa's.

    He does not have anymore than balance perspective of issues. As any politician when on the defense, he is living in a state of denial. He can't explain and come to term with Anwar's string of association with questionable foreign organisations.

    Instead of brightening politics with his intellect, he set it aside and become another pea brained in the world of politics.

  25. Anonymous1:04 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Just wondering, why do you highlight the news of the temple has been demolished and yet not the news of Hindraf staged their show during Hari Raya Rumah Terbuka? Is it because the temple news can bring up your popularity and image as liberal malay? Or to be known the anti-BN blogger so that you become more famous.. afterall the trend is now.. gotta be anti-bn blogger to get more hits. Sad..sad.

    Be frank, I am hurt by what Hindarf did and more hurt that non of your type of bloggers bother to let our feeling heard by non malay. I wonder what has come to all of us? Uglier as days gone by.. Partly because of the existence of immoral Bloggers. Appreciate the Lil peace that still have..

    from Hate Indian, Chinese and Malay racist.

  26. Anonymous1:49 am

    Baradan's article was written to be published in The Star. Having read his articles from time to time, I felt this was just seizing the opportunity to feed something to readers to be appreciated as a thinker, this time by The Star. At this moment, I would be surprised if he would be courageous to put up an article that might directly hurt the feelings of a person in power like Najib.

  27. Anonymous2:18 am

    as always, Anwarista should look no further than themselves to see the real suppressor of the human right of speech. these anwaristas condemn BN for their one-sided mainstream media. but look at them, always ready to overreact once something goes against them in blogosphere. Anwaristas are the real munafiqs. cakap tak serupa bikin. ceh.

    anti anwarista

  28. Anonymous2:22 am

    oh by the way, your shameless bashing of rocky is way too much. Can't a guy be a neutral nowadays without being accused as anti-anwar and a racist? gawd, grow up anwaristas. please research more on that person u worship. I bet u guys are too afraid to find that he's no saint after all. if anything, he is far far from being one.

    say NO to anwaristas

  29. Anonymous5:50 am

    Rocky, you and I know who Baradan is. He is a paid whore of the Barisan Nasional. So please shed all your pretence about him. Simple as that. No doublespeak pse.

  30. Opinion writers and bloggers are under no compulsion to be unbiased. Quite the opposite, hence the word "opinion", which is obviously different from "news".

    Attacking a columnist personally on this basis is identical to calling a reporter who writes a hard news story, e.g. "Lorry accident kills 5", a stooge of the government.

  31. Anonymous9:44 am

    Sorry to ask ... but the the hell is Din Marican ?

  32. Anonymous11:21 am

    I have a question, Rocky.

    Just how many of these commenters who lash out at Baradan actually read the article that purportedly is "Anwar-hating" and stuff?

    And to commenter Surind, isn't it rather precipitous for you to dismiss Baradan as an "arsonist" and a "disgrace to the Indian community." I think so, and it is not something you should do to a reporter who has been writing these stuff while you were barely out of your diapers.

    This disgrace to the Indian community comment is something I have seen all too often when some Indian is controversial. Come on, it's beyond passe already.

    You don't agree with the guy, say he's wrong, or that you disagree, not this vituperative tirade.

    And this is some of what Surind wrote...
    "Can we say you are objective or that you are driven by honesty? To criticise is ok, but provide solutions and also look at all angles and personalities. You can vent hatred and anger on someone repeatedly and pretend that you have a moral duty to preach to others. That's being a dork who doesn't know that he doesn't know."

    The above statement can very well apply to you, Surind.

    And Rashid, that "low class" comment itself is tasteless. Since when is Anwar supposed to be beyond criticism?

    For the benefit of everyone here, here's the article that drew that irate letter to Din Merican.

    now tell me, what has he written that many Malaysians already haven't been thinking about since Sept 16?

  33. Gua komen pakai Blackberry.

  34. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Anwar is GOD.

  35. Bahasa terlalu keras ? Tang mana keras tu Din ooii ? I tahu lah boss you suka keras ,so jikalau terlalu keras "whats the maasalah" ?And to you guys hiding behind an Anonymous who called Baradan a UMNO whore and so on and think you can write better ... please do write so the rest of us can read!If everybody gets personal with writers ... the list will never end.Rock , aku nak tanya satu aje pada depa ni ... Dah DUA Deadline Datang Dan Pergi ... Hampa Tunggu Apa Lagi ?

  36. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Rocky's you're getting more and more idiotic lah these days!

    Come on lah.. go join UMNO lah, kalo suka sangat kat mereka YANG SUDAH BERKUASA!

    Hang ni kepala UMNO lah, ingat aku tak tahu!??

  37. Anonymous6:25 pm

    hahaha....comimg from you? Started reading your blog after your altercation with I wonder what you are.

  38. Anonymous11:36 am

    catched the original post on anwar's blog here

    Julie Kimanis

  39. Anonymous11:40 am

    Having read the article by K. Baradan, I do not find anything "keras" on the bahasa used. There are a lot of questions but no answers. And Galadriel is right that this have been on most people's minds since Sept 16. Heck, I was in India then and I called back to ask if anything happened.

    We have a long way to go to fully understand freedom of speech or freedom of expression. It appears that if we do not like what someone writes of us or our idol, we attack the person as opposed to attacking what is written.

    Anyone who is a politician exposes himself or herself to criticism, sometimes to even ridicule, part of being a public figure. Sarah Palin is one such person ever since she was nominated to be Mccain's running mate. When the criticism goes overboard, there are people who would defend her and would tell the propogater so. One such person is Sandra Bernhard who was de-invited to a Boston shelter event for making a slur against Sarah.

    DSAI did expose himself to criticism on the MP hopping issue. He can come out and defend what he did but he will have to leave it to the public to judge his response. I believe the debate on that will continue for some time.


  40. He is my friend I do not find his write up to be that offensive or "kasar".
    Anyway when you write about Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim many issues that he has brought up are beyond good manners.
    Keep it up Baradan whom I have known for more than 20 years!

  41. anonymous 1.04am,

    What that hindraf did at the open house that hurt you so much?Were you at the open house to witness it?Whats wrong if hindraf go there wth a raya card and a gift and to see the sleepy head of ours eye to eye?100s of letters and request to meet the PM fell on deaf ears.Then why he claims he is the PM for all?
    You fellas have no guts to meet even a small group with genuine grievances,then what democracy is this?
    How about the infamous statement by najib`I will bathe this kris wth chinese blood'?How about the direspect shown by UMNO when they held their AGM on a deepavali day?How about KJ's statement reprimanding the Indian newsvendors for not working as they wanted to celebrate their big day,Deepavali?How about KJ and his thugs went and screamed near the US embassy during the visit of a top US lawmaker?How about the so called defenders of islam who sabotaged a forum on conversion in a thuggery fashion?How about rampant demolitions of temples?How about the outburst of the ITM students for a mere proposal of 10%seat allocation for non-malays?How about racist bigots like Ahmad Ismail and the likes who behaved in the most uncivilized manner by tearing the pic of Koh Tsu Koon,a coalition member that too and even called citizens of the country as `penumpang'?
    You feel hurt by hindraf's present izzit?So the non-malays are not humans?Hindraf is more civilized lar,they even notified the PM's office that they will be attending the open house and were invited.After the mainstream media spin the news,they felt that their noble and sincere intention to wish the PM is pointless,hence they cancelled their visit to the PM's open house in Penang.If they are trouble makers,they could have gone there too with a bigger number.
    Think out of the box lar?Dont be so narrow minded.Remember if the govt had been fair to the minorities in malaysia,organization like hindraf would not have been born in the 1st place.Even after 38 years of the existence of NEP the malays still feel they are backward,what do you expect from those poverty stricken indians who had been displaced from the estates and neglected by the govt and made the new urban underclass,living in squatters?Remember this, one of the yardsticks in measuring the development of a nation,is actually the well being and the increase in the population of her minorities.But in Malaysia the minorities are perceived as a threat and being oppressed and suppressed under institutionalized racism.Remember this too,most nations which practise affirmative action policies,do so for its minority population,but here in our country its the other way around?You still feel hurt or feel ashamed?BTW no one is encroaching on the rights of the majority,rest assured and sleep well.We will continue to pay our taxes and you can enjoy it the way you want.

  42. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Then again Rocky, having read what Din Merican did to Kijangmas's original posting on “Unraveling the RPK Mystique”, it's expected coming from him.

    Pretty obvious that Din Merican is suffering from serious inferiority complex, or the need to be recognized especially among those “small but influential group include fellow bloggers Dr. Azly Rahman, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, Dr. Bakri Musa, Harris Ibrahim, as well as writers Karim Raslan, Wan Hamidi Hamid and politicians, Zaid Ibrahim and Tunku Aziz Ibrahim”, hence the need for him to insert his name (and Farish Noor) when he reposted Kijangmas’ article over at his own blog.

    Not being mentioned in the same line with those ‘influential’ people must be very painful for him, especially when he considers himself as Anwar’s biggest apologist.

    Din, just stick to spinning music ok? You being ‘influential’?


  43. Anonymous10:34 pm

    anwar supporters are dicks. not all, no, but to the certain few who bothered to lash out over the baradan k article and share the same sentimients, they're definitely dicks.

    dicks can get aroused and erect themsselves even without the need for direct stimulation.

    you wont stop a dick from erecting because it's more of a motor reaction than anything else.

    in fact dicks are so busy worshipping the pussy they sometimes to forget that the brain is supposed to be the boss.

    looking at the responses in here, you can't help but smell the stench of crotch. what is it about articles that have the word anwar in them that makes the dicks so agitated.

    fact is anwar didn't deliver. as much as any dick can spurt, he didn't deliver, and that's a done deal. all that about 'symbolism' is bullshit and if you bought it, you're definitely too far deep in dickery than you think.

    nothing personal here but why blow your loads at rocky.

    oldstock for example is a prime example of an intellectual dick. learn to read, bro, rocky was commenting on Din's action, and in no way hating the man.

    i don't always agree with rocky but at least he's got the balls of objectivity to let you dicks blow your wads here.

    hey i like the din. he's a fiery guy, but rocky's right about the information minister position.

    if the din doesn't have the balls to be objective about things, then he's got to be a dick cos he's definitely not a penis.



  44. There has been much talk of the heroism of the Hindraf 5 and people especially from the indian community pratically worships them as the liberators. But those who have put on the thinking cap, will realise that Hindraf has made a fool of everyone especially the poor. One has only to read the memorandum to the Queen and also the 18 points demand as well as the allegations of genocide and ethnic cleasing to realise how we have been taken for a ride by the H5 supremos.

    All of my indian friends from childhood days are very much better off from our father's and grandfather's time. They have a good jobs and their standard of living have improved from their childhood days. The only ones who are affected were those ignored by the indian community itself. There are the indian in the estates who were exploited by Indians managing the estates. Then there are the poor indians whose families are torn apart by the drunken head of the house and the surrounding which is not conducive.There are many more examples which i can quote that actually brought the downfall of indian community.
    Let us ask ourselves sincerely, is not Hindraf a tinderbox?? Their views are extremely extremist and their actions are very erratic and irresponsible. If the government were to free the H5, then it would be simply granting them victory to do more damages to the country and very particulary to the indian society.
    The goverment did the right thing in arresting the H5 and therefore prevented the country from being engulfed in a damaging situation.

    The DPM has apologised on behalf of the PM to the indian community, Hishamuddin has apologised for waving the keris but when are the leaders of Hindraf going to apologise for tarnishing the image of the country.

    Why till to-date, there is not even one opposition party leaders who is brave enough to question the Hindraf leaders?

    What are they fighting for ?? Is their struggle really for the poor poor indians? How will their 18 points demand improve the lot of poor indians? What is their defintions of poor indians? How are they going to change the mindset of the indians if they keep blaming the govt for the problems faced by indians?
    What is their vision and mission?
    Have they forgotten that there are many more poor malays than indians as well as poor chinese too in this country??

    Maybe perhaps if Hindraf is ready to apologise for their actions and ready to work with other parties e.g MIC, PPP, etc etc for the betterment of the indian community, then we can confidently call for their release from the ISA detention.

    At the end of day, we should see and know the elements that is trying to destroy the peace and unity of this country and pro-actively reject the so-called elements that can destroy 50 years of nation building in a single day.

    All i ask is that the society be informed of the true nature of Hindraf. Just as we criticise the government for their failings and shortcomings, let us also be fair to all sides and fairly investigate the claims of Hindraf in the so-called documents and memorandum it issued in december 2007. Let us not be freed from the chains of the ruling elitist only to be held hostage by the so-called "struggles" of Hindraf.


  45. true malaysian,

    You seem to be very apt at asking questions,like how hindraf going to help the poor Indians.Why dont you come up with a solution?What have you done for the society that you raise so many questions as to the sincerity of others?
    Just because some of your Indian friends living std is better than their fore fathers,you find it fit to generalize every Indian.This itself speaks volume of your ignorance and arrogance.I say if the govt had been fair, the Indians generally could have done better.I am talking more on behalf of those hundreds of poor bright Indian students who had been deprived of tertiary education just because of their color and poverty.
    What nation building you are ranting about?The UMNO putras had destroyed the very social fabric of our nation lar,by never failing to harp on racial sentiments.
    Do you know Malaysia is the only country in the world today to have affirmative action policies for majorities?That's because the existence of selfish people like you who dont bother about those who need real assistance
    I wont be surprised if you are an Indian.As you grow you will see the truth.For now enjoy the nation building,while the world laugh at people like you.