Monday, December 17, 2007

Mencari Damai

Finding Naina. What has Rizal Marican Naina Marican, an Indian-Muslim from Penang and a close aide to the Prime Minister, got to do with Damai? A lot, it seems, or so says Malaysians Unplugged.

Click here and follow the trail, and discover why the real Silent Majority has not spoken.


  1. Anonymous11:58 am


    kalau depa betul betul nak cari damai, dekat saja...ada dalam hati. Bersihkan hati dengan banyak berzikir..maka damai lah ia.

    Itulah jadi bila politik dan agama diasingkan.

  2. Anonymous12:02 pm

    ha ha, no surprise.

    never mind, the show must go on though PM and his entourage is strip naked now. Next change, 31 hindraf members kneel before Badawi , in the presence of Samy, and kiss his feet for saving them from jail. Next morning, headlines in MSM.
    What a great SHOW!

  3. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Ini Damai kerja bebudak BTN yang dah tak ada kerja kerana Pak Lah tak lagi perlukan depa kerana dah ada jentera asing lebih power yang disediakan oleh CIA, ISD Singapura dan MI-6.

  4. Really Pak Lah ... Who does your spinning ? All Roads lead to Rome and Damai Dungus Dongeng leads to u ! TELL the Tingkat Empat boys to watch "WAG THE DOG" .They might learn something...

  5. Rocky:
    "Silent Majority has not spoken"

    Sounds like 'dead' to me.

    "Mencari Damai"

    like, Rest In Peace (RIP)?

  6. Anonymous2:02 pm

    got an issue bout this damai.. how all of them are "suppose" to link up..

  7. Anonymous2:08 pm

    this is one thing good about INTERNET. everything is just a click away.

    the power of boundless information is just immense.

    you see, a maple is already being nuded (ditelanjangkan) for the role behind Damai Malaysia.

    these days, other people can check those infos being fed by certain people, sooo precisely.

    too bad, somebody wanna play sheriff, but end up in the cell he built

    internet rocks!

  8. Anonymous2:55 pm

    This is the most nauseating read. I need to throw up. I thought the MCA was the most disgusting type of running dogs, but here comes along another worse species of pariahs with tails permanently tagged in between their hinds that barks wif wif

  9. Cerita mamak bernama Maidin
    Suka roti canai with kari ikan Sardin
    Tak kena mengena lah dengan Tengku Kudin
    I’m Melayu now guys , name's Zainuddin

    Name’s Merican and I aint a Pendatang
    Just that lately I’ve become a Pedukang
    Father’s from India , Mom’s from Rawang
    Biasa lah tu kawan, dah kahwin dia kena lah Kangkang

    Atas depa serabut , bawah depa semak
    Hey guys please , don’t call us mamak
    They forgot the time when their parents jimak
    Dulu makan parapu sekarang dah naik lemak

    With kain pelikat he came from India, my Papa
    Penang Malays said ,No Worries Mate ! Tarak apa apa
    Cycled round Chulia street with Nangka and Kelapa
    You’ll make it here son’ he said,Just don’t call me Appa!

    Story of Pathani Amma … Ansestors Mereka
    There is a Keramat there , don’t wear your selipa
    Nak tahu satu , you nak jadi Melayu sangat kenapa ?
    I rasa baiklah you Sedar diri ,sebelum Neraka !!!

  10. Any which way to become a Malay!! How much more pathatic can these Naina's get? Yet they are far more cloely associated to mother India than all those Hindraf supporters as most of these guys have wives out ther and the choice for a wife for their sons often comes from India. Still!

  11. Anonymous5:39 pm

    ...Biasa lah tu kawan, dah kahwin dia kena lah Kangkang... bahahahahaha

    is this the one:?

  12. Anonymous5:45 pm

    I got one thing to say . You can change your religion but you cannot change your race/ethnic group. opps wait a minute, you can in malaysia.

  13. .......mamax memang cekap,mana ada sikit ruang sana mesti dia 24hrs.....

  14. Anonymous6:44 pm

    After reading the article now I understand why UMNO is also known as United Mamaks national Organisation.

    Just imagine how much the mamaks have benefited from NEP...

  15. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Mamak foods are not cheap!! white rice, fried chicken, green vegetable + telur mata would cost close to RM10

  16. Anonymous10:51 pm

    I wish this group of Malaysians just stick to their original ethnic roots and be proud of it.

    Even the Muslims in China are Chinese first and then only Muslims.

    Imagine, if the other Indian origin ministers and deputies (like Zainuddin, Sharizat and MOF2) had cared for the Indians irrespective of religion - they would have been hero-worshipped!

    But when they forget/hide their origins, the real tulen Malays too are displaced somewhat or deprived of their opportunities!

    Another reason why NEP is failing?

  17. Anonymous11:08 pm

    It is indeed nauseating to read about the likes of slugs like Maidin. They remind me of nazi sympathesiers who will sell their mothers for a title or some elevated status.

    All I can say is that you have lost your sense of human dignity and ascribe to be licking the behinds of these so-called sons of the soil.

    As pointed out in the link, these people have a myopic and debauched view of history and ancestry. The Sri Vijaya Kingdom and the Chola Kindoms were thriving in Kedah (also called Kedaram in Sanskrit) and Johor. Do some research and you will find that the so -called Malays came from three different regions, firstly from China, called the Proto-Malays, some of the Orang asli belong to this ancestry.

    Secondly, you have the Malays from Java. Thirdly, the Malays are from these earlier Hindu/Buddhist kingdoms. It is interesting to note that in the mainstream official history telling, or should I say "lying" history only begins after the 13th Century when some of the Sultanate embraced Islam.

    Lie about your ancestry and you might as well lie about life. Let us expose these lying Maidins before they propagate their selective revisionist history as the Gospel truth.

  18. SuaraMalaysia ,, my friend ,, u have to be corrected here . it is Cambodia or Kampuchea ,, Whatever u may wanna call it . Not China . Thats where the Kulit Kuning Langsat , Bunga Kampuchia .. came about . AND Langkasuka .. the empire .And Kedaram is right ,, named by the cholan king , malayam . is land of the mountains . and bro ,,the malays and the asli's .. not the same breed my man . thats the gospel truth . area was once known as NUSANTARA . AND for all you guys who didnt know this and thot Prameswara was indian ,, thaattt !! he was hindu of Malay stock .A little knowledge is dangerous !

  19. Anonymous1:47 am

    Take a declaration to ask for the 395 NGO he declared to hold
    as well as 1.5million that float!

    Follow by sedition claim, or instigation with mis-presentation or fraud to act.....!

    Kick the monkey kick the boss!

  20. Read all about it!
    Read all about it!
    Reezal conncted to Hindraf?

    Read here in the blog Antic of Husin Lempoyang!
    Read Hubungan Reezal, Azeez and Khairy dengan Hindraf?!

  21. come ON everyone!

    What is it we are trying to say here?

    A Mamak is Malaysian but this fella pretending to be Bumi or Malay issit?

    So don't lah slam MAMAKS as a whole. Good & Bad in every race

    Let us NOT play the race card in our blogs.

    That is exactly what UMNO wants!

    An idiot is an idiot no matter what race he is

    A corrupt man is a corrupt man - whether materially or spiritually

    Let's just say nobody should be a Hypocrite and use Religion to pretend he is a Holy man when he is NOT!

    I am sure we don't care about his race...just about his tactics to gain $$$$$$!

    This is the problem of Malaysian. You are that race, I am this race.


    All blood is RED.

    Don't let anyone's blood flow because of our anger, frustration or greed!

    Peace & Love to all my brothers & sisters

  22. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Some comments here are plain bigoted.
    Rocky's post is merely to ask who is Damai Malysia to claim they speak on behalf of the "silent majority".
    Focus on that.
    Instead the discussions have descended to "naina" and "mamak" baiting.
    Go seek the Damai Malaysia trail by all means, but why flaw the man for his racial origins?
    Rocky, you have sympathy for A-G (in yr latest posting). And I have sympathy for you -- to have to play host to these racist commentators.

  23. Jediraj , i agree with you completely.

    4th Floor boys, someone should really take them to see "Wag The Dog".

    Robert De Niro is fantastic.

  24. Aduhai saudari bernama Teratai
    Nak cakap aje ,bukan nak intai
    Taka ada apa sini untok di Capai
    Seloka je sikit ,dah kena Tapai

    Teratai indah di tepi Kolam
    Jangan lah marah sebelum Malam
    Semua saudara ,I tahu you faham
    Gurau sahaja Mencari Ilham

  25. Anonymous12:44 am

    we all knew that Damai was a spin by Khairy and hte 4th floor boys.

    Asx long as that idiot PM is still there we will always have this problem s created by the 5th fllor boys.

    So lets get this idiot out of office as soon as possible and then prosecute Khairy and the 4th floor boys in order to save Malaysia. So lets work hard to get rid of that idiotic PM.

  26. Rocky!

    The second and third waves will in fact be the power of Mamak or Indian-Muslims running the country!
    The real silent majority (the Malaysa) is a bunch or morons and imbeciles, just worrying about living forever, taking cheap supplements from Australia and counting their monies and smelling the plastic covering of their gaudy furnitures!
    While that was happening the mamaks and the papaks are taking charge of government machinery. Just look at this Reezal, who cant even smile, and he is so drunk with the power that he has and he look down upon Malays with a total disdain. But then I cannot blame them for they were a subject of mockery and ridicule by the Malays aka Morons aka Imbeciles, in the olden days . My late good primary school friend Rauf(a mamak) once said at Batu Road School canteen, I still remember this: "We will rule one day." Rauf you should be happy to know that you are right! RIP my friend!
    PS. meanwhile you Morons will continue on smelling plastic coverings of your gaudy furniture and counting your monies sad to say you all will soon be at the bottom of the food chains! Me? Why should I care I am a Jew!

  27. pASQUALE ,, AKU tak payah sedih pada BAngsa Malaysia ku ,, u keep on moaning with ur bangsa melayu kemamakan ,,no mansrea man ..

  28. Anonymous1:42 am

    Mamak may may not be assimilated as a Malay but in a generation he becomes a true Malaysian. So let's not squabble among ourself as we will very soon accept him as one of us. But the others who are clinging to their race is our concern. These immigrants will refuse to assimilate or integrate and challenge whatever your plan, because they simply want more of everything - remember south-of-the-border kiasu?