Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Terengganu is a police state

update, Sept 12
The PM said in Singapore last night the riot in Batu Buruk was a political ploy by the Opposition after not being able to bring development to Terengganu. [Read Bernama report here].
What can I say?
Happy Ramadhan, Terengganu people.

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New height of police violence
. Malaysiakini quotes Anwar Ibrahim as saying, here, that the use of live ammo to disperse a crowd at a public rally in Batu Buruk, Terengganu, is the new height of police harassment. The Associated Press, in a report splashed in newspapers around the world, described the incident as Malaysia's worst political violence.

New low for media freedom. If you rely on Bernama, our national news agency, you'd be wondering what Anwar and the AP are blabbering about. There is nothing on the incident on its lunchtime news schedule (below, click on image to enlarge).


  1. Our mainstream media? They're just like praising agencies. You'll never get the true story from there.

  2. UMNO, Police, bandits, thieves and secret society members are all wearing the same uniform.
    With support from the servile media harmless kampung folks are made to look like terrorists and these thieves and bandits angels!
    When they shoot at their own kind, then we can be said to be living in very dangerous times.

  3. Ah! Bernama. I can say that the editorial department has yet to receive 'instructions' from its popular chairman Anuar Zaini, now NCER adviser to the 'sleepy' PM, on the subject matter. Bernama is clearly deviating from its charter due to the constant 'instructions' by the chairman. Remember the Langkawi (LID) news item, and the Perak Royal Wedding.

  4. I came to notice that there are some details deliberately withheld by the mainstream media over fears of backlash.

    A very important fact indicated here is, from Haris, that the one who was shot on the chest died in the hospital. Sadly this was not reported in the mainstream media.

  5. Anonymous3:21 pm

    a few issues.

    1. why did the Opp hold the ceramah after the police permit was withdrawn? this itself is grounds for police to act.
    2. pkr supporters are known for their proclivity for aggression and are easily aggravated. why do such incidents only occur when pkr is involved? pas and dap seem fairly capable of holding peaceful demonstrations.
    3. reports indicate that an over-enthusiastic group pounced on the SB officer, a highly probable scenario given the opposition's, esp pkr's, paranoia about being oppressed when they are only being monitored.
    4. the officers shot four shots into the air while lying on the road to save himself.
    i wish PKR would stop giving the Opp such a bad name.

  6. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Bernama should be renamed as "Apanama"

  7. Anonymous4:50 pm

    apanama? apa berita? whatever the name, its a knwon fact it is an appratus for state propaganda. nothing more nothing less. wanna listen to their spin?

  8. Anonymous5:14 pm

    It's a no-brainer. Umno is behind it, and its collaborators are the Star, New Shit Times, Berita Harian and all the shit.

  9. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Mr Smith, why only include Umno, what about the MCA and MIC, are they not bandits, are they holier than Umno?
    There is avery strong streak of anti-Malay in your comment.

    Rocky, surely you don't believe that our police uses live bullets as crowd dispersant. They have copied the jews and bought aenough rubber bullets for that purpose.
    The police, in this case, (undercover or otherwise, taunting the crowd or egging them on towards violence though he may or may not be) was firing his service firearm and service firearms are loaded with live bullets, they are used in self defense or to shoot dangerous criminals.
    Remember the reformasi incident in kampung bharu when the policeman there had to discharge his firearm? bet those were live bullets as well. Only difference is that it did not hit anyone.

    I am not saying that it is right for the copper to fire his gun towards teh crowd but if you threaten his safety he will react and it so happened that this time he fired towards the crowd, intentionally or not we do not, as yet, know

  10. Anonymous5:31 pm

    This is a PKR event so you have to expect violence lah bro, PKR like that one.
    Even the communist -splinter DAP is more peaceful than them and even radically dressed PAS members are more docile than Anwar-lovin PKR-ians....

  11. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Mainstream media lies?

  12. Anonymous6:19 pm

    I'm not PKR or PAS. But common sense please. If there are no police,there are no riot.
    By the way where they get best 'shot'bakar bendera.It's like CIA or mossad style than blame others with the help of western media.

    I think UMNO are desperate to buat taik at this function because their Monsoon Cup and Pulau Duyong 'activities' can be start again next year.

  13. Anonymous10:34 pm


    PKR. DAP or PAS organised..

    the police have no reason to use live bullets.

    What if tmrw you have a garden party..and the police ask you to break up the party,,you refuse..instead of arresting you..he shoots you and tell the whole world you were resisting arrest?

  14. Anonymous11:56 pm


    at my garden party, should the police ask me to disperse the party for some valid reason, i will.
    and if it's in MY GARDEN or my pal's garden, that's PRIVATE PROPERTY, bro.
    so the police can only me to 'break up the party' for a couple of reasons like too much noise, suspicion of illegal activity (eg. my garden party is a front for a paid group orgy), etc.
    bro, civil society ler...u know, obey the law...next time i have garden party, i invite u ok :D

  15. ketua kerani said...
    Mr Smith, why only include Umno, what about the MCA and MIC, are they not bandits, are they holier than Umno?

    As RPK clearly pointed it out in his comments in The Corridors of Power - This country is ruined because of the Malays. The Chinese have no part in this.

  16. I think the government of the day must, at all cost, find the real reason for the people's unhappiness.
    AAB must take heed! For example, the people of Pulau Duyong alone will not vote for BN come this general elections, if the BN govt under AAB does not understand why these people will not vote for BN then there is seriously a very serious problem. Start listening or start buying more bullets, but I doubt the government can shot all the unhappy people all the time!
    The Malays there and in general believe their country has been sold to the highest bidder! The people also believe AAB is a despot and that his people is even worse than a despot! So either AAB must seriously listen to the people or AAB can shoot them more!

  17. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Umno, with its iron grip on the Malaysian polity, is the cause of all the ills plaguing the country. Its awesome political machinery, aided by Gestapo squads which intimidate the populace, has cast a big shadow on the country. The people must get rid of this banality of evil.

  18. Anonymous8:24 am

    Its good to know that RPK's words are God's word.... I willbe sure to believe every single utterance from now, should we compile them into a holy book?
    The giving of bribes is a Chinese culture, so is gambling, which gave rise to organised crime. Never mind I will try to appeal to the new Prophet for his wisdom

  19. "The giving of bribes is a Chinese culture" - ketuakerani

    The giving of bribes is subjected to another party of receiving it. If the police are honest enough to reject every bribe, nobody would dare to take the risk of giving bribe. You need 2 hands to clap.

    About the gambling, it depends on which type of gambling you were talking about. If you are referring to Genting, then this is not a valid reason for organised crime to sprout. Do we really see Las Vegas or Macau turned into an organised crime society? Nevertheless, i still support PAS's policy of closing Genting down.

    Or if you were referring to illegal bookies, then i will leave it to IGP Musa Hassan to answer. You will have to to ask this IGP, who is actually protecting illegal football bookies, 4D & horse-racing bookies.