Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The People's Petition to the Agong

Sign this petition. Click here if you are already registered with Malaysia Today or send a mail to with the message "Signed" and your name.
RPK has listed 9 major reasons why the petition needs to be sent urgently to the Yang diPertuan Agong. They include the people's eroding confidence in the police force, the rise in crime rate, and corruption.
The shooting of two civilians at last weekend's political rally in Batu Buruk, Terengganu, the current Agong's state, is the last straw.


  1. Anonymous8:12 am

    Personally I feel that it is better if we have a strong Monarch to balance the power, like in Thailand and I think this is the basis for the current excitement with the idea. However not all monarchs are created equal some have a higher capacity for lucid, original and wise thoughts while others are better left unconsulted. The question now is this; What is the satisfactory long-term arrangement for this plan? How much power should the Agong and Sultans have in blocking Government moves? Must they act through Majlis Raja Raja or can the Agong act independently?

  2. Anonymous9:45 am

    Whatever happened to RPK's challenged to mike tyson?

  3. The wheel of justice
    It has to reign in the country
    Let there be no lies and corruptions
    Rearing its ugly heads

    Tell the truth
    It will let the souls free
    Yet in our Parliament
    The BN MPs monkeys on the trees
    “Catch me if you can”

    The ministers will faint ignorance
    Telling others they don’t know
    About contracts signed here and here
    “I wasn’t in the ministry then”

    Justice jumps beholding to someone else
    Doing the bidding out of sight
    Listen to the lawyers say
    Senior judges are left behind
    Because they don’t play balls
    On the artificial lawn

    Ah the Prime Minister
    You should stay home do your homework
    Go to the ground listen to the grouses
    There are plenty there
    Yet you never walk with them

    The wheel of justice
    The hallmark of its good governance
    Managing it poorly corruption breeds
    So the people should stay united
    Vote for a change
    Before it is too late

    p/s bro Rocky selamat berpuasa. Salam

  4. Anonymous12:26 pm

    ' If the upper trusses are crooked, the lower ones will also bend'. This Chinese saying applies most aptly to the BN government.

    Year in, year out we get sordid reports from the AG about mismanagement, corrupt pratices and blatant abuses of people's money in various government bodies. This trend has become the norm of the government. While the country bleeds and the people fume; the crooks, big and small alike, are laughing all the way to the banks.

    In Philippine, a president was sent into exile by the people for his excesses. Just recently yet another former president has to serve a life jail term for plunder. Ever wonder why such justices cannot be done in this country? You are right, the people's power is not strong enough. How can it be when the people themselves are hopelessly divided, thanks to the divide and rule shenanigans of the BN government.

    I salute RPK for his initiative. The journey to galvanize the people's power into a force akin to the one in Philippine may be long, at least it is a step in the right direction. He deserves our full support.

  5. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Anon 9.45am,

    At first, Mike Tyson's corner decided to throw in the towel. But Mike wouldn't have it and went to center-ring, half-blinded with ego and rage. RPK stood to meet the challenge and the very bias referee had to come in-between them.

    Although Mikey was floored twice, the match had to be abandoned and declared a draw - suuposedly the lighting was too poor. Mikey was then carried halfdead by his supporters who unabashedly claim he is the champion to boo-ing spectators.

    The nation now awaits Mikey's next move - Amir