Friday, August 03, 2007

Of traitors and foreign spies among us

Anwar, Khairy, and Bloggers (and Kalimullah?).
“Anwar is a puppet of the United States and the Jews, thus he must be hounded until there is no more place for him to run to."
I wrote in Pasquale's Magpie, who challenged Khairy Jamaluddin to prove his allegation that Anwar Ibrahim is a traitor and a puppet of the US and the Jews, that talk is cheap. The PM's only son-in-law is fast losing whatever credibility he has left after the "leg-up" from Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan at ECM-Libra and his racist remarks.

I have heard people, including bloggers and journalists, talk about Khairy working for some foreign government together with Kalimullah, who used to be an operative of the Singapore Straits Times, but I haven't read any posting on this. That's because these bloggers, being responsible citizen journos they are, don't make accusations without proof.

I am sure many blog readers have read about Kalimullah's purported failure to get clearance from the SB when he wanted to work for the late Ghafar Baba. But that does not make Kalimullah a traitor or a puppet of the Singapore government, does it?

p.s. I am still waiting for your Starbucks list, KJ.
And, btw, KJ is not short for Khinzir Jantan.
Read also Elizabeth Wong's No scrubs for Parliament [some bloggers are foreign spies, too?] and SK Thew's take here.


Anonymous said...

Bakal pm kita itu juga ada menyebut pemimpin Pas di Kelantan menggadai khazanah asli negara kerana beri lesen membalak di Lojing kepada syarikat warga Singapura.

hmmm... apa beza agaknya dengan WPI "ini idea saya" bapa mertua bakal pm ke-7 Malaysia

Mrs.Smith said...

That son-in-law speaks like the world belongs to him, in the Ijok by-election the one who does the most monkey's act is KJ.
His wife is growing fatter by the day and hope one day he will stand like a chimpanzee next to an Orang Utan.

Anonymous said...

'BN Youth, Sedia Gempur' The tagline Sound seditious to me!

Anonymous said...

saw what they r spinning?

Mx2 : bloggers paid 100K each by foreign interests.

sil : bloggers are spies for jews/usa.

pathetics morons, trying to take a cheap shot at the bloggers with all these hogwash.


sil to mca, mic, ppp & all those irrelevant parasites : toe the line or get a life!

terry said...

much had been talk about this prodigal son... I see him only as an ape!

because the only animal vocabulary that he knew is a monkey.. he must be an ape!

pretty sure!

Wattahack? said...

Well he will have no problem call with i-JEW....

nstman said...

Khairy is the pits. He will do anything to score political points. He stinks. He is a monkey. He is shit. He has gone beyond the limits of human decency.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what are KJ's real qualifications from foreign U's?

Anonymous said...

Not a fan on Anwar for what he did to Dr. M, but I guess only morons listen to this boy!

Hantu Gigi Jarang

Anonymous said...

Fuyoo! Khinzir Jantan! that supposed to be an insult? Guess it must be for the real 4-footed male pig wouldn't even go near him!

You're cruel, bro. But, gua caya lu! :) - Amir

jargonmadim said...

First there was

Glokal- watever tat means but u can go ask shudup-ur-face's cousin

Then we have

Go-blok - go block ur head?????

And Monkey - monkey around????

Now I want one as well

Saddo - Scrounging-Around-Dosser!

I thoought it was most appropriate 4 u know who?

Anonymous said...


Big time moron.

Derogatory statements coming from a tertiary educated - pithecantrophus erectus.


Pithecanthropus erectus is the missing link between apes and humans – according to Ernst Haeckel.


mob1900 said...

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives… nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change."
- Charles Darwin

"...and then there's Son-In-Law... sorry, no explanation on that odd one".
- Charles Darwin if he was alive today.

Anonymous said...

What do u expect from this cheesy guy call K-Jew.

Anonymous said...

Hence it is only the enlightened and wise general who will use the highest intelligence of the army for purposes of spying and thereby they achieve great results. Spies are the most important asset, because on them depends an army's ability to march.
Look into the matter of his alliances and cause them to be severed and dissolved. If an enemy has alliances, the problem is grave and the enemy's position strong; if he has no alliances, the problem is minor and the enemy's position weak.- Sun Tzu

Anonymous said...

Look at this OXbrain moron. Not even a MP, speaks like he is the BIG BOSS. Just imagine when he becomes one. A lot people will have no place to run.

In the coming election we must vote out such moron.

Pak lah last election I voted for BN becos I believe it will be better.

Now you can kiss my vote goodbye and I will vote any opposition parties except BN and thanks to you MORON OXbrain SIL.

caravanserai said...

What drama on the political scene!
Keris welding in his hands
Shouting slogans as if other races
Have no part in the nation

Calling us goblok
Knowing not what we write
Into the space of the unknown
We bring light into darkest corners
They don’t want it to happen
Let there be no light!
They want the bloggers
Grazing on the open field

What morons we have found
Running the nation
Taking out her wealth
Allowing connected few
The majority sit out in open palms
Eyes open wide
Looking for handouts

Then we have Curry
Boiling hot in a hurry
Spooking magic like Harry
Yet knowing not what he says

Is Malaysia ready to rock and roll?
Beating drums, firing rockets
Dancing on the streets
Stomping its ground
Let there be consciousness
In every part of our lives

The nation must not be plundered
By the few suffer the majority
Let there be more Tun Dr Ismail
Amongst the races to prosper this nation

Now we are goblok
Hiding in space aiming our arrows
The minister got worried
Looking at Curry
“What to do now?”

Anonymous said...

next time pls dont mention kali's name. he is an angel la... fuiyooo.. last time in Keroh, the father was a great hero and this kali was the ass. doing want u know?

Wattahack? said...

mob: "...and then there's Son-In-Law... sorry, no explanation on that odd one". - Charles Darwin if he was alive today.

there is lar its called a MAGGOT!

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Anwar.

How can any one accuse somebody without any proof?

What Anwar doing amounts to treason and if the moron SIL have enough proof just charged him in court and no need to hound him like spineless leech.

Hansac said...

BL (Babi Lelaki) berani kalau ada orang belakang dia.

Meh one-to-one tengok.

Noah's Ark said...


KJ may not be khinzir jantan. But what about kera jantan? Bloggers may not be the monkeys after all. Mr KJ does not like competition.

Mr. Smith said...

FYI, please be informed that the mrs smith above is in no way related to me.
Khairy is the most obnoxious, rude, uncourth and uncivilized UMNO man under 30, I had ever seen. I wonder why he has to stoop so low to climb the UMNO hierarchy.
It would be best to ignore this scum like the moon would a dog that barks at it.

Wattahack? said...

noah's ark - one kera jantan for you as requested

Anonymous said...

I thought Kj graduated from some top univ in UK..but he seems to have learnt nothing ....still imature and politically DUMB

Berita dari gunung said...

Minta kaitkan juga kisah Anwar diurus segera ke German untuk berubat sakit belakang sebaik keluar dari Sungai Buloh suatu masa dulu. Spy helping spy??

Cerita spies dan espionage ni menarik sebenarnya. The world is a big market place, then there will alot of salesman. A Spy is just a salesman, with basic salary and commissions. Siapa spy dalam negara kita ini??


5th Generations Malaysian said...

Used to be very enthusiastic about our country's future, until all hell broke loose in the last few years. Personally, I gets very disillution when we see Big Mouth & K. Jantan screaming, shouting and waving their 'small arms" during the GE. I always have best friends of all races and suddenly makes me stop and wonder what are my best friends' political opinions?!! What they think of me? We they turn me in when in need? Are we really strangers?

Sad indeed, these politicians have again created suspicions among Malaysian. They are dismantling the trust and hope that the previous administration have created. They started playing the 'racial cards', wanted to be be champions among their race?

KJ maybe a fortunate boy with good family background, education, SIL to PM and etc. However, sympathises him more than envy........why? Poor boy with twisted mind and tortured soul!For creating disharmony amound us guys on the street! Boy 'o' boy, please politics to the adults.

A Voice said...

Khairy calling Anwar traitor?

Dua kali lima but read here for a thorough analysis of Anwar and Foundation for the Future.

Both are just acting a play. Khairy for MI6, Kali for Singapore (Times) and Anwar American. Try get hold of Yahya Ismail's Apa Agenda Anwar Ibrahim dengan Khairy Jamaluddin?” (2006).

For me, I don't and will never ever trust both. Unfortunately my trust standard is a wee bit too high.

One strike and you are out!!!

Attila said...

Wonder when the B'nai Birith, Simon Wiesenthal Centre, AIPAC etc will start hantam-ing the menantu for his recent "anti-Semitic" comments? Look what happened to Tun over the "Jewish conspiracy" comment.

Or maybe, the SiL(ly) is "gagging" to be whacked by foreigners to pander to the Malay masses, ahead of the polls. Nothing like a good Jew bash to warm up a crowd.

Or maybe, these Jewish groups have a different view of him because of the father-in-law's warm ties with the US. Not so for our fighter-cockish Tun.

We live in curious times.