Thursday, May 17, 2007

NSTP not going private

Rumours. The NSTP's Chief Executive Officer said at the company's AGM today that there were no plans to take the company private. A shareholder had said he heard rumours to that effect. The CEO said, "I heard it too".
Screenshots had the story yesterday, quoting a note from OSK Research to its clients, not rumours. I was told Business Times had the story, too, but it didn't see print.


  1. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Rocky, i have had enough of NST lies and doublespeak. enough is enough. Incompetence, idiocy, stupidy (by the way, it all began with the former head honchos). No wonder the paper is going nowhere except down south. they can rot for all i care. Right now nothing can save NST. Rocky, any way you can help to resurrect a fallen giant?

  2. Anonymous6:04 pm

    rocky, so u are a shareholder of nstp?

  3. Woudnt dismiss this as rumours so quickly.
    A lot of rumours in adn about the NST have turned out to be true.

  4. Anonymous9:33 pm

    The following is NOT a rumour:

    Malaysia is submitting to the Guiness Book of Record for producing the best and the most expensive durian in the world. A feast of 200 durian for two cost RM26,000, as reported in The Star on 17 May 2007. The second entry relates to the biggest consumption of durian in the shortest time by two persons alive.

  5. the NastyPee is trying to spring trap on 'Professional Bloggers'(5xMom? Menj? lolx)
    hey, AFAIK these are the only two 'celebrity bloggers' who making dosh.

    oklah, Kennysia oso but nvm we might be poor but we're big in ..err.. nvm!

  6. Anonymous10:07 am

    Todays headlines and the related story in the N*T dated 18th May 2007 is a JOKE!. Do they take us as fools?

    I call for a nationwide ban of the said newspaper as a sign of protest.


  7. Anonymous10:32 am

    Sorry, Rocky, there are so many critical issues facing the nation and the least bother is the survival or death of NST as a business entity. Its presence or absence don't make a bit difference to many Malaysians. I have boycotted NST and Star for ages.

  8. Anonymous11:17 am

    Dear Rocky,

    If the Iskandar Development Region in Johor is meant for Singapore Investors, then I think the amount of publicity and promotional effort and money going into it will be a waste. There isn’t any need to hype the attractiveness of Johor as an investment haven for Singaporean because traditionally Johor had been an immediate lure to Singapore investors. In the 60s and 70s any successful SME business in Singapore would have a branch in Johor Bahru without publicity and promotion. Then the on-and-off policy shifts that followed forced many Singaporean investors to sell their factories, law offices and accountancy firms cheaply to Malaysians while they packed and went back.

    One thing about Singaporean investors is that they never blame their own government for their misjudgment in their investment decision. Be it their condo in JB looted to the brick walls, or losses from their CPF investments in stocks and shares, or the failed ventures in ostrich farming, they took it in their stride as bad investment decisions.

    But now we are hearing that a special ministerial committee between Malaysia and Singapore will be formed to oversee the Iskandar Development Region (IDR). What this means is that should there be vagaries in Malaysian policies as what happened before, then the Singapore government would be involved for getting their people’s fingers burnt. It would mean that Singaporean would clamour for their government’s intervention. If the Malaysian side then talk like they did in the “bocor” issue, then the Singapore Government would be forced to act. With so many issues still outstanding between the two countries especially the life-giving waters, Singapore would be tempted to make the “Mersing Line” a reality. (There is a discerning sign that Malaysia would be willing to sell sand to Singapore to make it grow bigger and not to look north for expansion).

    Let’s forget the “big talk” and the spending of “big money” for Iskandar Development Region. Just be consistent with our policies and do more than just talk. Deeds speak louder the words.

    thank you.

    Simon Wee

  9. Anonymous11:49 am

    If some people have their way, NST will go private. And no one can say that this is impossible. As it is, NST is already 'private,' at least in terms of control and operations. If Kali have his way, he'll make the NST his own. Once private, he'll dispose of staff he doesn't like and maintain only the ball carriers. The CEO may be retained, but that's simply because he's the nephew of Kodomo Lion Syed hamid. And everyone knows that Syed Hamid and kali are buddies. In business, as in politics, nothing is impossible. With the NST share price low as it is, it required less money to de-list the NST, unlike Maxis where Ananda has to fork out 17b to take over.

    In any case, the NST has lost whatever edge it has against the other publications. The Star plays its own brand of politics too.

  10. Rumours in this town called KL, sir, have a habit of turning out to be true. But hey, don't waste your energy on the bleeding place Rocky; just revise your talqin recital. For sooner or later - and I have a nasty feeling that it would be sooner rather than later - it will breathe its last and the old boys and the old girls of the place will have to wave it their ultimate good bye. Cheers mate.

  11. Anonymous6:17 pm


    nothing about the NST would surprise me.