Monday, May 07, 2007

Ah, Shar101!

Poster boy is a Blogger ... Local bloggers have waited quite a while for a time when Shar101 would start a blog of his own. I was there at the National Press Club in Jalan Tangsi when he finally did. See his debut posting here; I have never seen anyone got more comments for a non-post!
In his latest posting Class Registration, however, 101 holds back little in ticking off the Information Minister for still trying to register bloggers (this time by making them classify themselves as "pros" and "non-pros") when the PM has already said the Government will not do so [here].
Professional politician, amateur politician. Zam's proposal has reached faraway shores. ABC Radio Australia journalist Corrine Podger interviewed me on the phone this morning and asked me about the pro/non-pro idea. I said bloggers may agree to it if politicians , Zam included, agree to the same classification.
I was told the interview will be aired tomorrow morning on Connect Asia. If they can't get a feedback from Zam's ministry, you'll probably be listening to me on Wednesday. Go to, then follow the links to Connect Asia.

p.s. Please click here for a definition of Professional Politician.


  1. Whaddaya mean you were there at NPC?

    I was set up on the evening of 30th April '07.

    When I walked into the 'hallowed grounds' of NPC, the last bastion of the fourth estate that our country have for the moment, you were sitting at your favourite end of the 'long table' with your laptop, pounding furiously at the keys. I made myself comfortable with the usual 'first one of many to come for the night' before saying 'hello' to you. Then, all hell broke loose or so it seems, coz out of the blue, 'goodbye girl' FL2020 popped up together with Zorro without his spanish blade. Hemmed in from three sides, you practically twisted my arm to put my finger on the button to click the 'set up your blog' request showing on the wordpress site.

    Of course, Zorro made sure I couldn't seek solace from the golden brew by putting himself in between and puffing away at his ole trusty pipe, blowing stratospheric clouds of premium tobacco onto my face, perhaps, to lull me into total submission.

    Demure FL2020 just watched, seemingly oblivious to the predicament I was in, fluttering those thick, long eyelashes which only women of leisure seems to possess, occasionally, taking a sip from her glass with her deliciously pouty, red lips...............
    *Where am I going with this...*

    The rest was, as they say, blogging history.

    Bad politicians AND bad commentators, watch your step coz OBE gonna get ya.

    P.S. Blogging is hard work, man.

  2. I said bloggers may agree to it if politicians , Zam included, agree to the same classification.

    What an idea! Incredible! Or an incredible idea?

  3. Anonymous1:28 am


    You certainly have a wicked sense of humour Rocky. Professional Politician indeed.

    Today, I learnt sonething significant in class. My teacher said in order to spawn an original idea, one has to spew a lot of crap first.

    Zam seems to have been regularly spewing crap for years now. Can anyone tell me of a fine idea he's come up with yet?