Friday, January 26, 2007

Malaysia orders luxury jet for PM?

Flying Cobra. The luxury yacht isn't even ready, and now this.
The Q319 CJ (Corporate Jet) was believed ordered back in 2005 and is being refurbished for VIP configuration at

Switzerland’s premier aircraft maintenance facility, the Basel-based Jet Aviation.

The cost? About US$50 million only.
The Cobra Sultan was said to cost US$8 million and it won't even be able to fly! So this jet must be a wise buy.

Pro-Umno website KMU has the story earlier and RPK's Malaysia Today put up a caption story, to be updated after the Friday prayers. Which is a cue for all of us to pray for the future of this country.


  1. Elvis may have left the room.
    Rocky is still in ... rockon, bro!

  2. Anonymous10:50 am

    wah nice jet...hmm i wonder would the owners be RESPONSIBLE enough to stand up to any accusations on this purchase..since they have been preaching that we whould be RESPONSIBLE in doing everything....WISHFUL THINKING?

  3. Anonymous10:52 am

    I'm begining to suspect that the Cobra King is really clueless when it comes to public sentiments regarding his dismayal performance. When the paymasters are worrying about where their next meal will come from, he happily goes and spend another few million on a luxury aircraft, FOR WHAT?! If we are expected to downgrade our lifestyle, we expect the leadership of this country to do the same....aren't they all on our payroll?

  4. Anonymous10:55 am

    What another f@cking nonsense!

    Disasters are poorly managed. People are losing jobs. Living costs are rising out of proportion. Ridiculous OSA-ed agreements to 'loot' the people. And, these hyenas still doing all sort of nonsenses. Indeed, we need to pray very very hard.

  5. Rocky!

    Seriously speaking in order to save the country I, and two other very wise old persons have been given permission to perform a very ancient art of redressing serious problem. This art has been called black magic with the wont of a proper name, but an art nevertheless, but will be without serious consequences. I will be drained of my energy and if I survive we can still have beer at anywhere. In exactly 8 days from today, which happens to be Friday, 26th, Malaysians will receive a welcomed respite, we will be breating a sigh of relief and that I can guarantee. In the olden days this art could only be used if more than 350 people beING affected by bad things, but I believe under the present circumstance more than 10 millions will be, so the art is allowed to be used. So here to me who is crazy enough to do it! So IN EIGHT DAYS!!!


  6. Anonymous11:45 am

    we all know him well enough. he asked us to change our lifestyle when prices of petrol, toll, water etc go up. so, we do as good citizens of the country.

    well, he is also changing. new planes etc. for him to use. need to change and boost his image.

    well, what more can we say. we give him the biggest mandate, didnt we. it wont change until the next elecion. and then it is up to us if we want a change. thats democracy.

    i cry for you m'sia.

  7. Anonymous11:49 am

    This was bought 7 years ago with another Global Express lah bodoh. Nak spin pun pls ;ah have updated facts. You are really stupid lah rocks.

  8. Anonymous11:51 am

    There is already a Falcon Jet,a B737 bussiness jet,aren't they sufficient?Or does he feel outclassed by TDM's Global Express?
    Could it be another present from Datuk TF?

  9. Go, Pasquale, go.

    Do your stuff, man.

    In eight days, I'll buy you the beers. And it must be consumed in one sitting.

    So, tell us. What exactly are we getting?

    The yacht and the plane are already taken.

  10. Anonymous12:34 pm



    I would have tought the PM would be imaginative enough to have a motorized yatch like HMS Brittania just to show that we are not that poor a country.

    "A line of prepared horses, ready for war"

    Is it an aircraft for official use is more of the qustion and who?
    Please.Are you punch drunk, Rocky?

  11. Anonymous12:35 pm

    That's Islam Hadhari for the nation! Now the Sleeping Beauty should change his punch line from "WORK WITH ME" TO "FLY WITH ME IF YOU HAVE A PLANE."

    The country is having economic crisis and we hear of the Sleeping Beauty buying RM30 million yatch and now buying a plane.

    Well, I need he need a plane to sleep so htat no one can take his picture or disturb him!!

    I am disgusted buy this idiot. Please go to sleep and let Khairy run the country offficialy on his behalf!!!

    God bless Malaysia!!

  12. Anonymous12:56 pm

    anon 11.49am...

    jangan cakap orang bodoh kalau kita pun tak cerdik...this is a brand new A319 ACJ...what you are referring to is the BBJ (boeing Business Jet) that was taken over from MAS (formerly Mastar 9M-BBJ now re-registered to the military (RMAF M53-01) time, watch your words, watch your facts...this site talks about facts...not fiction..GET IT?

  13. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Rocky Bro,

    I got this sms from a retired senior ranking Special Branch Officer "Tq it's like Nero sings while Rome burns. Sedih".

    The Prime Minister and Government time and again tells us the rakyat to be thrift spenders and conveniently, they themselves subscribe to orpulance!

    Getting a brand new ACJ 319 wherelse there exists a BBJ, Global Express and Falconjet 900B in TUDM stabbles is really orpulant.

    Even if the new ACJ 319 will be wetleased, its still Govt paying at cost plus, wherelse they could easily transfer the BBJ back to PMB and re-register as "9M", if the RMAF markings is the major problem scaving thru international routes.

    How can the God fearing PM suddenly be so corpulant and obtuse????

  14. Anonymous1:01 pm

    And to think the opposition has boycotted the Bt Talam byelections! With such "bullets", it promises to be a lively affair! Long live Malaysia

  15. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Here's my comments on KMU:

    As a Malaysian CEO, Pak Lah has not, cannot and will not deliver.

    He (and his family) is also a HUGE LIABILITY to UMNO and BN.
    In less than 3 years, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has successfully managed to tarnish and make a joke of our country's reputable image by his wishy-washy decisions, highly uninformed as well as unintelligent statements both to Malaysians and the world.

    This is my ultimate conclusion.

    I have given Abdullah the benefits of the doubts when Tun Dr Mahathir told us he is the possible choice, eventhough I have some reservations. I had put my reservations aside having seen Mahathir's proven track records. I have observed, got very disappointed and now absolutely FURIOUS with this PM's mis-stewardship and blatant abuse of his position and office in the last 3 years.

    As the RAKYAT, the real shareholders and stakeholders of Malayia, I don't think any of us want to approve this sort of UNWARRANTED PURCHASES. I was shocked at the amount of RM going down the drain when he RENOVATED the Perdana residence costing over RM20. I don't think that is warranted at all. It came from the rakyat's pocket and hard-earned money.

    Then gallavanting around the world at taxpayers money and receiving high-end "gift" as reported in foreign newspaper, when he has not yet proven his worth as a PM instead keep giving us the rakyat more and more headaches in term of rising costs (fuel and toll hikes PLUS all other cost of living hikes due to the fuel hikes!). When the rakyat suffered a natural disaster recently, the PM was happily playing golf and opening his family-owned Nasi Kandar restaurant in Australia. Where is his PRIORITIES? Who pays his salary? His family or us the MALAYSIAN RAKYAT & TAXPAYERS?

    His family interferes with the nation's decision-makings, as well as attend govt meetings, and he without any shame to us the UMNO members, duly put his son-in-law at UMNO Pemuda and his daughter Nori at Putri UMNO high office. He also sees fit without embarassment in putting his name and family names on national interests. Now we found out there is a perjanjian Koizumi-Abdullah, a dewan Sri Endon, etc.

    This is VERY EMBARASSING, HIGHLY UNAPPROPRIATE and NOT the way a PM should be carrying about his business.

    No former Malaysian PM have done such thing. It is a gentleman's and unwritten understanding one does not put one's one's family and priorities over the nation. It is ABSOLUTELY EMBARASSING to be putting one's own name and label on a national interest.

    We CANNOT AFFORD such person to run Malaysia AT A BLATANT HIGH COST with NO DELIVERABLES, instead giving us headaches after headaches. Shouldn't the Govt under the PM take care of u? but now we see and experiencing we have to baby-sit the PM and the Govt. Everyday we are reminded to TAKE CARE of the Govt. This not to include the embarassment of the tarnishing of our image by the PM. What sort of PM will dragged his family "my son-in-law PERIUK NASI was damage" at a foreign press conference?? and what a HUGE PERIUK NASI that is! Or the picture of him caressing a Michelle Yeoh's shoulder at the recent Monsoon Cup when he was promoting himself as an Islamic figure. What sort of JOKE is the PM making and dragging this country into?

    As a hardworking taxpayer [who is seeing my hard-earned money and purchasing power eroded and abused day-by-day in the last 3 years], a BN-voter and an UMNO member, I now DEMAND TO SEE the itemized list for ALL this particular PM is costing us in the 3 years we trusted him with this office. [For the record, I voted for BN not becoz of the candidate. I voted and trusted my vote as well as all my family, friends and neighborhood votes for the stirling PREVIOUS TRACK RECORD given by Tun Dr. Mahathir in running the country under UMNO and BN. But NOW it is important and crucial for us to consider the candidate and his immediate famly].

    The rakyat can only afford to be make a fool once. UMNO and BN must remove this koyak and absolutely non-performing candidate if they want and win our trust again.

    Can someone tabled the ITEMIZED COSTINGS please.

    /A fed-up voter & tired taxpayer

  16. Anonymous1:10 pm

    He's got cars, he's got a boat, now he's got a jet. What's missing? A rocket?

    Maybe we should put him in the Russian rocket and send him up there with his Astro pal. Then he will be the FIRST PM in empty space.

    Send him to the moon so that he can take on PAS there.

    What's this country coming to? Will everything be classified under the Official Secrets Act?

    Will this new plane encourage him to fly more often? How much is the maintainence cost? Does the plane have a health club?

    Anybody has calculated how many miles the old gaffer has accumulated over the past 1 year?

  17. Anonymous1:14 pm

    This is what people call 'luxury self indulgence'. The luxury yacht, the luxury aircraft, the luxury palace in putrajaya, the luxury nasi kandaq restaurant, the luxury merger of companies,etc..
    All these luxurious need to be displayed and informed, that the purpose of having it all.
    Then once more rocky shows the highest responsibility attitude by reporting, promoting and informing every detail of it. Good job Bro.

  18. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Prices gone up but the people's income hasn't gone up and they are protesting.

    Meanwhile, the group of people who has the heart (ada hati) to lead us are becoming richer. They build mansions and now a LUXURIOUS jet.

    As a citizen of this country, I think I have the right to question about the plane. What's it for? For who? May I know?

  19. Don't cry for me, Malaysia. Those hit by the recent flood, save your tears to dry out your lives; others hit by rising costs of living, save your tears for karaoke sessions at home! And ya, save your tears and dough by reading blogs!

  20. Anonymous1:49 pm

    hurrah! you're back in the game :)

  21. Anonymous1:53 pm

    In God We Trust.

    World oil price has gone down. Do we hear about reduction in the cost of petrol ? Sorry ,What ? He's studying the situation ? Oh I see.Where ? On board ...what ? But isn't that a yatch ? No? A Plane as in 'aeroplane'? Guess we can never get enough of this shockers?

    What could US50 million do for the flood victims and the state of Johore !!( not counting the cost of the yacht as well )

    Oh never mind. Let us all pray for Divine power to save us.

  22. Anonymous2:27 pm

    this song must be familiar to you...

    "Dreams about the days to come,
    When I don't have to leave alone,
    About the times that I won't have to say...

    Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane,
    I don't know when I'll be back again..
    Oh, babe, I hate to go.."

    Hate or dislike, it looks like that PM is leaving on THAT jet plane...

    mrs. smith

  23. I have to change my life style to support PM's life style. Nice!

  24. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Thanks Pasquale! We have waited too long for a hero like yourself.

    Can't wait to wake up on Friday, 26th.

  25. Anonymous2:38 pm

    what else is new?

  26. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Where's the evidence besides some rumour from RPK & a post in an umno forum?

    Lets not be hypocrites by stooping to the mainstream media's level of journalistic competence.

  27. Ozzy for president!!

  28. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Anonymous 11:49 is misinformed.

    If you type in the rego of the plane (seen in photo):- D-AIDR

    You will see that the plane was built in 2006 and delivered in Dec 2006.

  29. Anonymous3:56 pm

    He needs the quiet new jet to sleep more soundly on his trips abroad-lah....jet-lag and all..pity the guy..dah tua, lembik, kena kerja keras lagi untuk keluarga dan anak menantu...ZZZZZZ

  30. Anonymous3:58 pm

    anonymous 11:49 am,

    before ask someone to check the fact... you first do the same. Check on this

  31. Let me guess, it would be called AIR FORCE 69. Kat AIR FORCE 1 already taken.

  32. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Matching undelivered performance with a high maintenace jet. Is this the last straw?

  33. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Dear Tun
    With hindsight, this must be one of your unmitigated disasters. Why oh why did you choose him over ...? Didn't you see he ain't a saint then, and would cost us untold damages.

  34. Anonymous5:43 pm


    That fella... Kepala Otak Punyea Olang!

    There goes our taxpayers monies gone down the drain.... worst got some malays too dumb enough to agree and support both Donkey for the top job - PM & DPM.

    Indeed, Malaysia Bodohland.

    Kepala Otak betul... As usual, Idiots get their heart attack and die last (after much killing the poor and innocent one).

    Dont worry, that he will get his chance... one is already gone, next will follow - a little bit a matter of time.


  35. Anonymous7:05 pm

    When a powerful old man falls in love with a younger woman, this is what happening. He is trying to impress his soon to be Malaysia's 1st lady. Overheard this at the durian feast at his Istana recently... and this woman is only a clerk supposedly from Terengganu.
    What a crazy old man he is.
    I wonder who this unlucky woman is.

  36. Anonymous9:30 pm

    saw the picture of the jet before. nicely frame. thought it was ananda's been told so.

  37. Anonymous9:34 pm

    We really are a stupid lot! Shag probably has not read Raja Petra's article, anyway. And he will eat his words come May or June this year when the plane is delivered. EVERYBODY in Pak Lah's circle knows about this, it's no secret. And the plane will cost EASILY USD 60m, rather than 50m.
    Also, this plane was ordered early 2005, not some 7 years ago. Pak Lah and the SIL have to enjoy now, just in case the younger one fails to ascend the throne.
    Rocky, all the best and rock-on!

  38. Anonymous9:40 pm

    And he asked the bloggers to be responsible?!

  39. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Whoa, Rocky is back, stronger and fitter. Congratulations !!!

    Pak Lah is playing dumb because the Rakyat are dumb and helpless !!!!

  40. Now I know why the toll were increased.....

  41. Anonymous11:05 pm

    cilakak punya itu olanggggg mau culik lakyat punya uwangggg.

  42. Teja said...

    Well said Teja! I 2nd that!
    I also posted your comments on my blog OK so pls don't sue me! hehehehe

  43. Anonymous1:41 am

    They should give those money for the homeless and unlucky flood victims instead of buying some piece of crap..ok not crap but you know what i mean.

    "Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ke tanah jua". Masalahnya tupai ni bukan pandai sgt pun melompat, siap sambil tidur pulak tu, apsal tak jatuh² lagi??

  44. Anonymous8:32 am

    In God WE Trust

    to tak lah!
    Yes my friend. The tupai will fall ! But man ! these tupais are guranteed of a very very very comfortable life already.

    There are many loaded tupais running around. So perhaps there'll be another family of such tupais for Malaysia.

    Oh Malaysia, my Malaysia !!

  45. Since we are trailing the plane, check out the 'Follow the money' trail at "Walk With Us" blogsite.

  46. Anonymous3:33 pm

    when British PM flies overseas, he uses British Airways...Why do we need such costly plane...Shame on you ABB.

  47. Hi Rocky,
    As an airplane enthusiast, I must say the A319 executive jet is a beautiful aeroplane. There was a documentary on this subject on Astro National Geographic last night, a behind-the-scenes look at a Boeing 737 Business Jet being designed and then fitted for a customer.

    The interior would be uniquely customised, unlike conventional airliners.
    Expensive leather seating, high-tech meeting rooms, sophisticated communications equipment for the Top Guy in stay in control, luxurious master bedroom, with its own attached shower.
    Everything of the very highest quality - all that inside a lovely aeroplane.

    Beautiful, beautiful...until you remember this plane is being paid from Income tax contributed by you and I from our daily sweat and toil.

  48. Anonymous4:13 pm

    specially to shag who wrote, "Where's the evidence besides some rumour from RPK & a post in an umno forum?"

    so, are you stupid or what?

    what is evidence?

    evidence ... the facts, signs or objects that make you believe that something is true.

    question: what do you see in the photos above? (credit to the original poster.)

    answer: it's a plane... it's a plane!

    question: what are we talking about?

    answer: it's a plane... it's a plane!

    so, now you know you are stupid.

    however, had you asked, "Could the livery have been Photoshopped?" (note:if you know what the software Adobe Photoshop can do with photos, then you should know what I mean by "photoshopped.")

    at the very least and to be fair... there is still an iota of reasonable doubt... and no one could call you stupid and still get away with it.

    but then again... stupid is what stupids do!

  49. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Work with me, not for me, says Mr Wonderful. Wow it's so wonderful. Wunderbar.

  50. Anonymous5:49 pm

    In God We Trust.

    I'm kinda wondering how does the S'pore PM travel ?
    --Or for that matter the Asian US Marshall from down under..
    ---or Japan's, France's, Canada's, Germany's or other developed country.

    would really love to know. Anyone with info ?

  51. Errr.. errr...
    I heard someone said Malaysia got no money for the crooked bridge and Putrajaya and cant bear the fuel n toll subsidy.
    Ahhh those stories must be made by irresponsible bloggers!!! Our government is damn rich.

    Keep rocking uncle Rocky!

  52. For hasilox,

    Need your help to post the precautionary PC/EMAIL stuff on 'Walk With Us' blogsite under "Follow the money" article. Rocky have closed the relevant comment section here so I'm unable to C&P your two posts.

    Btw folks, WWU is turning up the heat with their latest article on...Go there, OK.

    Thanks, Rocky.

  53. Anonymous6:35 pm


    Work with me but don't even dream of flying with me or sailing with me.

    That jet is mine, mine, mine!

    That yacht is mine, mine, mine!!!

    But ours to pay...

  54. Anonymous6:59 pm

    to Rocky...

    please don't forget to credit the original poster for the photo of said aircraft because if you click the link given to you earlier, you'd realize that it's copyrighted... surely, you don't need another one, do you?

    don't need to post this or anything that you deem "improper"... won't hold it against you... live and learn!

  55. Anonymous10:03 pm

    It's sickening!

    Malaysia is so unfortunate to be administered by these dickheads. Small nimble Singapore is moving so far ahead of us.

    Malaysia with its vast resources is running like a handicapped.

    It's so sickening...

  56. Rocky,

    This is the latest International Support for your case and Jeff Ooi. Click the link below.

    Hope that you and Jeff will be strong. Bloggers of the world unite!!!!

  57. Anonymous12:04 am

    and when i'm rich,
    i'll meet Bob Hope,
    we'll shoot some golf,
    and shoot some dope..

  58. Anonymous12:26 am

    Why was the NST not publishing about the Mr I do No Know and his new jet plane? May be Kalimullah did not knwo about this so he cannot tell hte NST to publish this news.

    Rocky I hope it was not defamatory to publish Kalimullah's naem. I think that I better not mention Klaimullah name otherwise he will also sue me. Now let talk about Mr I Do Not Know.

    So far Mr I Do Not know, Khairy and the Tingkat Empat boys did not respond to the jet plane story? I suppose they all pretend not to knwo in the hope that the Rakyat will ofrget it after two days.

    How about the Opposition Leader, Mr Lim Kit Siang? I am sure that Kit Siang also didn't know about the jet plane scandal. Since Kit SIang did not know about the RM30 million yatch scandal, I don't suppose he will know about this jet plane scandal.

    May be Kit Siang will bring up some small issue in order to help the Mr I Do Not Know to divert this lattest scandal on hte jet plane.

    Let watch what Kit Siang is going to do on this jet plane scandal!! Most probably nothing much!! Because Kit Siang also didn't know about this!

  59. Anonymous12:33 am

    Dear Rocky

    I wont be surprise. Nothing surprise me anymore from this government who tells you to do something and they behaving in the opposite manner.

    By the way, as a digression, rocky please take up this issue. I have just recd a form from my daughter's school. i have to fill in all the details including how much i earn and that has to be certified. In the first place, what has the Ministry of Education gotta do with my private matters. Why should i tell that to the Keris waving minister how much i earn? anyway, i am unemployed now coz i just lost my job!

    well, i am happy on one thing. just met up with some friends. One ( btw malaysian) just came back from singapore for a holiday. She has agreed to donate to the fund to be set up for you and jeff. The other has informed me that since the day of the suit, he has stopped buying NSTP. way to go.

    good luck rocky. i am with you and jeff ok. see you on tues.

  60. Anonymous12:39 am

    "Work with me"! Mr Blur said "But I worked for myself, my family, most of all, my son-in-law and his confidente friend in ECM Libra.

    This is the concept of "Work With Me" Ok! So please understand Mr Blur is being consistent with his "Work With Me Policy."

    Bloody disgusting with the bloody attitude and mentality of this Mr Blur/Asleep! I do not know how much more money he is going to waste on behalf of this country?????

    I think Mr Blur should call for a quick elections so that we cna decide whether we want to work with him or "work without him!!" Just cannot wait fo rhte General Elections.

  61. Anonymous6:20 am

    we must give comfort to our great leader.
    So that he can serve us better.
    He is the Prime Minister with power.
    We gave him the biggest mandate ever.
    So if today we are not any happier,
    We must curse ourself and not the great leader.
    We put him up there.
    With the hope he would care.
    He promised to be fair.
    Alas it was all hot air.
    So, who do we blame?
    If our leader is weak and lame.
    A solution we must all find.
    For now, let's kick our own behind.
    For our choice has been lousy.
    'cause we believed in Islam Hadhari.
    We are a bunch of losers.
    Because we think we're clever.
    We gave the great leader the biggest mandate ever.
    Who gets to enjoy the fruit of our labor?
    The son-in-law and those apple polishers.
    We are, the pathetic losers!

  62. Anonymous6:47 am

    May God save Malaysia !

  63. Anonymous10:30 am

    Alamak, this new addition is too small. Cannot "lawan" Air Force 1. With the boosting of the PM's new international image, we must get a plane nearer Air Force 1 standard to match the user's image. This one already purchased, no problem. SIL and The Man's adopted son and defacto MB of Trengganu can use it when they go jet setting to drum up more activities for Monsoon Cup. Mesti mahu ada style when you want to invite the likes of Zhang Ziyi, Angelina Jolie,
    Aishawarya Rai and Amitakh Bachan.

  64. Remember the day when we got home with the first pay cheque?

    We had so many things in mind!!.. One of the many things would be a small bic or a second-hand car but never a JET. When our pay is the cumulative sum of everybody else, then a JET isnt a bad dream after all.

  65. Remember the day when we got home with the first pay cheque?

    We had so many things in mind!!.. One of the many things would be a small bic or a second-hand car but never a JET. When our pay is the cumulative sum of everybody else, then a JET isnt a bad dream after all.

  66. Anonymous1:44 pm

    I am surprised there are still people who are trying to give Pak Lah some benefit of the doubt. This plane was ordered by Pak Lah and his administration for the use of Pak Lah (not any other Malaysian official - they can use BBJ or GE). Please check Raja Petra's posting and go to the website: and go under registration list until D-AIDR. The photo comes with this caption:
    Photo by: Ralph Kunadt / (Date: 14.12.2006)
    Airline: Malaysia government [D-AIDR]
    Type: Airbus A319-100
    Airport: Switzerland Basel (BSL)
    Comment: Der Airbus Corporate Jet für die Regierug Malaysias ist in Basel zum Innenausbau eingetroffen. / The Airbus Corporate Jet of the Malaysian government is seen here on its arrival to Basel where the aircraft will receive its VIP interieur.
    Stupid folks are we...

  67. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Gerubuk, i understand your anger. but i will bet my last cent that the people will still vote for BN in the next election. Why? because the people don't have the guts to translate their anger into votes. So, Gerubuk, stop talking rot.

  68. Anonymous5:36 pm

    The basic but often neglected by most users is their computer. If our computer is infected by virus or spyware, no method can help. It will be like having thieves inside our house. This is also very critical if we do sensitive stuffs like Internet Banking.

    So, lets start practicing safe computing habit. Start by cleaning up our computer by doing a spyware and virus scan. Then, install a firewall and antivirus. Anti-spyware is good to have, but sufficient to scan on routine basis.

    If we don't get these basics right, all other methods only give us false sense of security.

    Maybe, we can work out an easy to follow guideline besides these basics for bloggers later.

  69. Dengan hormat,

    Saya membaca berita soal gugatan hukum terhadap Anda di Malaysia. Saya kira itu gugatan yang tidak populer dari perusahaan media besar milik Umno. Saya senang Anda dan Jeff sepakat melawannya. Kalian memilih jalan sempit dan berliku. Ini bukan pilihan mudah. Mungkin kalian akan kalah namun upaya ini penting untuk masa depan Malaysia yang lebih baik. Selamat berjuang!

  70. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Maybe, we can work out an easy to follow guideline besides these basics for bloggers later.

    That is what we have been wanting to talk to you about hasilox. You have yet to get in touch with Sheih (kickdefella). We need as many people such as you in our 'defence team'. Should you decide to, there will be some vetting through to do coz "they" even tried faking Susan Loone's email address and sent Sheih a very very suspecious file attachment.

    Thank you, God Bless.

  71. Anonymous12:59 am

    UMNO & BN must take Pak Lah out from its candidacy.

    This is the only way to save Malaysia of further harm from this very blur and extremely INCOMPETENT PM.

    UMNO and BN must grow up and do the ONLY right thing to do now.

    Pak Lah (as well as his family) has proven himself to be a HUGE liability to the ruling coalition.

  72. BEDOL must remember to add some 'Bling' on that BolehForce1 plane cam kat Soul Plane movie baru ade kick(sorry Sheih)

    Kat Klang tayar shops ade banyak Bling-Bling wheels for the plane, boleh dapat diskaun and trade-in old wheels!


  73. Anonymous7:59 am

    The jet was bought in the early days after Pak Lah was made PM.So somebody made a lot $ by brokering the deal with the vendors.

    I wonder who...

  74. Thanks, hasilox.


    On AAB, perhaps if he doesn't have an acute case of priapism, he won't need all these 'expensive' toys to begin with.

    All form and no substance.

  75. we can talk, tok tokkok all we want, and then in the next general election, vote the same party/front again..
    And then we talk some more..

    p/s: maybe we should be like Thai??

  76. yeah, unexistence is right... all we do is just talk. really... that's all we do.

  77. Hasilox,

    Firewall called again.

    'Security/Defense team'. Wow! Sounds ominously like some 'black ops' outfit. You're wanted!

    Seriously, apart from what you mentioned about PC basics, there is still the issue of e-mail 'infiltration' and/or 'interception'. If so, I believe there is still a way to overcome such cases. A hidden message without a proper password to decode will remain 'unseen'. Obviously, the password needs to be sent separately to the intended recipient. A minimum eight digit alphanumeric password should be used.

    Standard encryption software is readily available but military-grade stuff may not be legal(?).

    You might want to do PC basics for 'regular' bloggers and higher end stuff for Rocky, Sheih and others.

  78. Anonymous7:06 am

    True true...betul lah
    In GOD we trust, all other pay CASH!!!

  79. Anonymous9:33 am

    SUCH A A$$H0LE!!! use our money to buy luxury plane. he spent too much now... he thinks that he's using his daddy money????

    what the hell he's thinking anyway? f**king bodowi!

  80. Anonymous11:38 am

    Rock on brother! Expose more of their nonsensical crap paid out of taxpayers' hard earned money! we are with you all the way!

  81. Rocky! and all Morons who do not understand!

    I said eight days from Friday 26th, so wait for Feb 2nd!


  82. Anonymous2:26 am

    While campaigning for the 1994 (or was it 1995) general election, when party ideological lines were more well defined, Dr. Syed Husin Ali said of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim joining UMNO, seemingly to reform it from within, that "...the problem with climbing into the shit pot is that you inevitably get dirty."

    It was after 1998 that political lines started getting blurred. Datuk Seri Anwar suddenly went from bad guy to good guy, Partai Rakyat Malaysia merged with Keadilan to become PKR.

    DAP, PAS and even Parti Sosialis Malaysia sudednly supported Anwar, and now politics in Malaysia has reached a rather fuzzy definition, a clear;y defined lines of demarcation converged and blurred.

    While Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was deputy PM, some said he would be a lame duck prime minister, weak, ineffectual, indecisive, though a nice person and less controvertial than Dr. Mahathir, especially in the eyes of the western world.

    I once wrote somewhere that Malaysia would flounder with no clear direction and eventually degenrate after Abdullah Badawi became prime minister.

    After he finally did, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, especially with his outward shows of dealing with corruption in the civil service, etc.

    However, several years later, it seems the many earlier pessimistic predictions, including my own are coming to and have come to pass.

    While the "dogs of war" -- a.k.a. the mainstream media have been unleased and given the press "freedom" to attack Tun Mahathir; the democratic rights of the people to protest higher fuel prices, higher tolls, higher water charges and so on are denied with arrests and even the police baton.

    While it is no crime to buy a business jet for government use, after alll the president of the United States has luxury widebody airliners, such extravagant public spending when the country and people are in hardship is a gross extravagance on the government's part.

    That brings to mind Dr. Syed Husin Ali's words, ".. when you climb into the shit pot, you inevitably get dirty."

    Unfortunately, many rural voters and urban poor will continue voting for the shit pot and are not among the English-literate privileged few the with Internet access to be able to read blogs like this one.

    Brings to mind the populist policies of Thaksin Shinawatra and his Thai Rak Thai party. How they purchased the loyalty of the rural folk and urban working class and lower income groups, with a few crumbs thrown their way.

    Thus the Shitpot Coalition gets voted in time and time again, however much the English-educated, satellite TV-watching, Internet surfing urban yuppietariate may complain and whine.

    Change can only come when the rural folk and urban poor realise that there is nothing left in the present shitpot-run system for them.

    Also they must be convinced of a viable alternative, which can viably offer them a better deal.

    However, having a viable alternative is an even bigger question, when alternative parties themselves are picking on single or trivial issues, without offering a viable all-round solution to economic, social, political, educational, healthcare, housing, developmental and other issues of concern to most people.

  83. Anonymous3:05 pm

    PMB is 100-percent-owned company of Finance Ministry and if PMB already has bought the aircraft, why is the government then leasing it from them?

    The plane is still government owned in the end. And why did PMB buy it in the first place?

    Isn’t this all the same, only merely a pushing of paperwork around? It’s akin to saying that ‘No, the car is not mine but I am leasing it from my wife’.

  84. Anonymous11:26 am

    I agree with nstman...the masses will still vote for bn because many just do not have the guts to transform their anger into real action.

    a change from within umno...? i do not see that happening either if all HIS henchmen are kaki kipas. He could be buying the entire Antartica for all I care and all his henchmen will hail the purchase as something beneficial to malaysia.

    beneficial to malaysia or to a certain malaysian...?

  85. Dear Sir,

    So now who have a change to take a fly with this jet???

    Our new PM & Her Wife?