Saturday, November 25, 2006

UM and Newspaper to tackle the P word

Anti-Plagiarism Guide. Brendan P's resignation amid a plagiarism row earlier this month has done a great deal to raise awareness on the P word. Universiti Malaya, for example, is working on an anti-plagiarism guide for university students and lecturers. A draft will be ready in three months and, among other things, will recommend computer software that can be used to detect plagiarism. According to the Prof in charge:
"Tertiary institutions have to implement strong measures to prevent plagiarism, as modern technology has been made easier for students to pass off others’ works as their own."
Modern technology has also made it easier for journalists to pass off others' works as their own and get off scot free. In Brendan P's case, he still writes for the newspaper after the NSTP's chief executive here
ruled that Brendan P's article was "original" and threatened to sue the BBC if it didn't retract its report.

[read The Star's article here on the UM's anti-plagiarism guide. the same article says StarEducation on Sunday will carry a full report on plagiarism]


  1. Anonymous4:11 am

    Bro Rocky

    You must appreciate Brendan P, the plagiarist because he had help to ignite the anti-plagiarism campaign inour university.

    That pariah is still around and writing in the NST. How unshameful and lack of self self-respect, this famous plagiarist.

    I do not think that he will ever leave the NST for there are too many goodies for him through Kalimulah. After all, UMNO conference was all over. No Melayu can whack him no more. The Plagiarist can go milking hte NST's confer until dry.

    Mark my words, Kalimullah will come out with some trick to keep the Plagiarist in the NST for remote control purposes.

    Any, Malaysians should start a boycot campaign agaisnt NST until Kalimulah and his boys like Brendan ,the plagiarist, are out of NST. Those who have stop readign and buying NST, please keep it up. You are part of the nation building whereby you are doign your duty to stop Kalimualah and Khariy to destroy the papers and the nation.

  2. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I thought Pla*****t Brendan had resigned from NST?

    In today's New Sunday Times, the followings are listed in Page 20:

    Group Ed-in-Chief: Hishamuddin Aun
    Group Editor: Brendan Pereira
    Dep Group Editor: Syed Nadzri Syed Harun
    Editor New Sunday Times: Joseph Sossai

    Wonder if I have missed something?

  3. Anonymous4:23 pm

    That plagiarist is leaving the NST next month, unless of course, Pak Lah on the advice of Kali & Khairy thinks he is indispensable & insists he stays on.

    After all, didnt the NST CEO Syed what's his name says Brendan P is the best Group Editor the paper has ever had.

    Makes me wanna puke just writing that down.

  4. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Brendan and Syed Feizal,
    The following inf taken from the StarEducation today, facts they lifted from The Owl at Purdue and ISS Writing Tutorial Services. The info are for students but since you guys are so freaking ignorant about the subject of P, please read and learn!!

    Playing it safe. Always provide attribution when using:

    - another person's ideas, opinions or theory, including those given in magazines, books, newspapers, songs, television programs, movies, websites, computer programmes, letters, advertisements, or other media
    - facts, statistics, graphs, drawings or info that are not common knowledge
    - quotations of someone's spoken or written words
    - paraphrases of someone's spoken or written words
    - info you get from interviewing or conversing with another person, whether face-to-face, over the phone, or in writing
    - info from electronic media, including images, audio and video

    You do not need to provide references for:

    - personal experiences, observations, insights, thoughts and conclusions about a subject
    - results obtained through your lab work or field experiments
    - your own artwork, digital photos, videos, audio recordings and so on
    - common knowledge such a folklore, common sense observations, myths, urban legends, and historical events (but no historical documents)
    - generally accepted facts