Sunday, November 12, 2006


Not a one-term Prime Minister. From I-don't-know to I'm-in-control, the spin doctors in Dollah Badawi's office have come up with another gem here for the Prime Minister: "I'm here to stay".

The interview with Utusan Malaysia, published today, was obviously timed to coincide with the start of the week-long Umno General Assembly today. Click here to read Zaini Hassan's interview with the Umno President. If you're wondering how long Dollah Badawi wants to rule this country, you are not alone.

But we can all stop wondering about one thing: Dollah Badawi wants to stay and is not shy at all about admitting it. Expect Umno Youth, whose de facto leader is Dollah Badawi's own son-in-law, to support the President's wish.

update 11.30am, 13 nov. In the meantime, Bloomberg has issued a C+ for Dollah Badawi's first three years in office and even ventured to say that he might lose support if he fails to convince this week's assembly that he will deliver on his earlier promises. Read the not-so-rosy article here.


  1. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Now we all should really worry. If AAB gets his wishes, this country will have no chance at all. Wake up everybody!!!

    Tun, we need you now even more. Please get well quickly.

  2. Anonymous12:59 am

    This is what you get when a leader relies heavily on his half past six advisors. So one tends to wonder who rules the nation, the PM or his advisors. Hmmm...

  3. Anonymous1:46 am

    My Bro Rocky

    God bless this country when I read about the "Do Not Know PM" turned to "Here To Stay PM". AAB is shameless as he had to remain in power at all cost to protect Kalimulah, Khairy and Kamaludin and to promote Khairy, the de facto PM to PM.

    It was quite obvious that ABB had to postpone UMNO party elections in order remain in power by default. So that ABB can ensure that Kalimulah and Kamaludin both can bleed the country's wealth further,and Khairy can abuse his power and also gain wealth through corrupt practices. This is democracy and transparency of ABB. What a shameless politican!!!

    If ABB has his way, he will outlaw General Elections so that he can remian in power without having to face teh poeple.

    I hope that the UMNO delegates will tell ABB, Kalimulah, Khairy and Kamaludin in no uncertain term that the nation has had enough of all of their non-sense.

    Well, the good news is Tun is in good health. Tun take your rest and come back as soon as possible to save this nation from the rouges. Long live Tun!!!

  4. Anonymous2:09 am

    Haven't enough damage done already ???

    I can't imagine what will happen if AAB stay for another term.

  5. Anonymous3:22 am

    Oh, great! Time to pack up my bags and head to Singapore, or wherever else that gives me a decent job.

  6. Anonymous3:42 am

    Help us...Big Foot.
    Help us...Alien.
    Save us...TUN.

    Spare us the agony. Have mercy.
    Please eat your medicine Tun & get well soon. Very-very soon.

    Just concerntrate in One Item...
    Bow Dow Wee.

  7. Anonymous6:07 am

    One thing about these apple polishers and ball carriers, they are fast and as shameless as the PM. Muhyiddin has said it - not fair to give AAM one or two terms. So he would like AAB to be his PM for three terms! Let's see what Hishammuddin, Rafidah, Nazri and Kedah MB have to say. And you, Najib? Three terms for AAB ok?

  8. Anonymous8:17 am

    Actually, he can't leave. Otherwise both his son and son-in-law would lose their business and even go to jail. Do anyone really believe that they are NOT corrupted? Plenty of people want their business and want them out of the way.

  9. Anonymous9:21 am


    IMHO AAB is making more people lives miserable than making them happy, He is damaging this country more than helping it. This is my perception and anyone can rebute this nonetheless I will never vote for BN while he is in power. Taking one step back so we can take three step forward is progress.

  10. Anonymous10:36 am


    Malaysia Boleh!!!

  11. Anonymous11:53 am

    dear rocky,

    "I AM HERE TO STAY"... hahaha.. please tell that dumb, dumberer, dumberest YDP PM AAB that tho he wants to stay but make sure he knows that the PEOPLE WHO SHOULD HAVE THE FINAL SAY WHO SHOULD LEAD THIS NATION. he can stay here in Malaysia as he wish, but i am pretty sure that he will leave for down under after he got slapped he deserved by the next General Election..

  12. Anonymous12:45 pm

    "I am not involved", "Enough", "It's my Idea", "I am in Control" & "I am in comammad" PM is now saying "I am here to stay."

    We'll see Pak lah, we'll see if you can (stay on) after the next GE.

    InsyaAllah, you might have to go.

    That is my prayer.

  13. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    "From I-don't-know to I'm-in-control, to "I'm here to stay".

    Sounds like a half-past-six growing into a potential authoritarian.

    Time for change at the top !

  14. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    "From I-don't-know to I'm-in-control to I'm-here-to-stay "

    Does it sounds like a half-past-six turning into an authoritarian ?

    May be it's time for change at the top before it is too late.

  15. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Rocky Esq.,

    C plus is fine if we're a banana or a coffee republic somewhere north of the equaror.

    It is also fine if we're an IMF-World Bank bank-rolled third world republic.

    It's fine if we're an American-funded regimes like Israel, Afghanistan dan Iraq.

    But it's CERTAINLY NOT OK when we were once an Asian Tiger and the most progressive Muslim nation in the world.

    It's NOT OK when within 3 years we are reduced from an A-grade emerging economy to a C+ struggling economy.

    We must initiate change. These falling ratings are not good for our international image and will affect our chances of attracting FDI. Something must give......

    Either the grade is improved or the C-grader will have to be expelled from school.

  16. Anonymous3:05 pm

    am i mistaken or does utusan traditionally publish an interview with the PM just before the assembly? i think this dates back to a long time ago. it's the only paper to get an exclusive. so while everything else may smell of fish sauce, the timing at least does not.

    and guys, do you mean that kalimullah is a ROUGE or a ROGUE? the latter is a crook. the former is blusher. both applicable since he brings the blush of shame to our cheeks.

  17. Quote: "Katanya, beliau sanggup digeletek dan beliau sanggup dibaling batu. Tetapi, beliau tidak mahu dikacau dan beliau juga tidak mahu diganggu".

    Tak nak Lah, cek tak nak geletek Lah. Geletek buat apa Lah?! Awatnya, lama dah ka tak kena geletek? Kahwin Lah!

    Cek nak geletek tak berapa nak reti. Nak balin batu tak berani. Yg cek reti hanyalah:


  18. AAB plans to stay on as PM through the backdoor of UMNO.

    Take UMNO out of the BN equation i.e. donot vote for any UMNO candidates in the next GE and you will effectively have the means to directly intervene in AAB's misconceived notion that the job is his to keep, irrespective of what voters think.

    If malays are concerned for their well-being and expect only UMNO to take care of their lot, think again.
    There are other options other than PAS, Keadilan, or any of the BA parties.

    Get pro-active if you(malays) wish to change and you will do yourself and all other Malaysians a big favour. Don't let your UMNO wakil rakyat sleep on their job. That's already being done by our no:1 government servant.

  19. Anonymous5:25 pm

    "im not a one term PM"....memang lah bukan one term PM, hang sebenarnya wasn't even suppose to be PM LAH.

  20. Anonymous6:44 pm

    13/11: Umno man attacked by trio
    Category: General Posted by: Raja Petra
    The Star

    ALOR STAR: A Kubang Pasu Umno division Youth committee member was attacked in front of his house in Suasana Damai Bandar Darulaman here.

    Ismail Taib, 40, was one of the five Kubang Pasu Umno members who recently lodged a complaint with the Umno disciplinary board alleging money politics during the divisional election in September.

    Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had also alleged that the delegates were bribed not to vote for him.

    Three men attacked Ismail, who is a contractor, upon his return from a family outing at about 6.50pm on Saturday.

    He was allegedly beaten up in front of his wife and three young children.

    Kubang Pasu deputy OCPD Deputy Supt Ibrahim Mohamad Yussof confirmed the incident.

    “We are still investigating the case. The victim did not note the registration number of the car driven by the attackers.

    “The victim had just arrived home when the three men attacked him,” he said.

    Malaysia Today's report on Saturday night:

    Kubang Pasu delegate assaulted

    One of the five Kubang Pasu delegates who lodged a complaint with the Umno headquarters and signed Affidavits alleging that they had been instructed and paid money to not vote for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was assaulted some time tonight. (Read the Affidavits HERE and view the video statement HERE).

    It is not clear which of the five was assaulted but early reports say that some men had come to his house to assault him. It is also not clear who and how many men assaulted him.

    According to the phone report that Malaysia Today received a short while ago, it is believed that the men are linked to or under the instructions of Johari Bahrum, the Kubang Pasu division chief who is also the Deputy Internal Security Minister. How Johari’s name became linked to this incident is not clear yet though and we hope to get more information soon on whether he is really behind or involved in the assault in any way.

    The assault victim will be making a police report and it is hoped Malaysia Today would be able to obtain a copy to establish more details of the incident. We will update you as more information becomes available.

    Arjuna wrote:
    Another Bolehland goof up...!
    13/11 11:11:02
    Don Corleone wrote:
    Hahaha...if you can't beat them in the civilised sense, just beat them senseless. Too bad the police won't bend over backwards to find the culprits. Instructions from "above" lah.
    13/11 11:14:38
    stocktube wrote:
    hey, i'm not surprise ... considering some reporters were being warned of being beaten after their camera was crashed by klang councillor who didn't want to resign but his house plan was approved within the speed faster than superman ... the reporters were on their way to interview this thug before the incident happen ...

    you can't read this news in thestar or malay paper ... only in chinese newspaper ...

    so the weightage of the case of kubang pasu is heavier, no wonder he was assault ... he should celebrate (kenduri) as he still has his life ... else his body might be blown up with dynamite or C4 ... he should just shut-up and become yes-man to umno ...

    cheers ...
    13/11 11:23:20
    simplyecstasy wrote:
    Get rid of UMNO in the next general election. We dont want thugs to run this country. THey can start running their underworld businesses through these kinds of acts but they should not be allowed to mess this country. They are not civilised. We dont want uncivilised individuals to control a civilised population. They can do this in Africa if they wish to but not here....ever.
    13/11 11:32:48
    antiracists wrote:
    The UMNO samseng me-layu has done it again. With their samseng attitude, it's not difficult to digest all these beatings are done by which organization. Nazri the dog has constantly show his samseng prowess in Parliament, as well as Hisap-poodin and Najis in media massa waving the keris like samsengs.
    13/11 12:11:52
    minuses wrote:
    The quicker the ROS de-registers UMNO the better it`ll be for the country. There is reason enuf in the Supreme Council`s actions in blatantly abusing its own constitution.
    Then AAB can form a new party and be PM forever.
    13/11 12:20:17
    perfectstorm wrote:
    That is why unmo is so keen to rope in mat rempits into their ranks.
    13/11 12:53:29
    NewsObserver wrote:
    UMNO has become a gangster or mafia party. Luckly no one gets killed this time. The next will be execution style operation.
    13/11 13:19:03
    Malaysiana wrote:
    If this happens in India, the minister involved would step-down or resign out of Shame. BUT here, sad to say our ministers are SHAMELESS. Their pariah and samseng attitude is going to be the downfall of Melayu race, as the world is already laughing at us now.
    13/11 13:47:28
    SuperStar232006 wrote:
    WOW....WOW ........WOW

    Great ..keep it up UMNOsialPutra !

    i sincerely hope these bloddy BABIPutras will enter HELL asap for assaulting Ismail taib (in front of his wife and THREE YOUNG children !)

    what kind of HUMAN will assault another person in front of family members??

    This is wat we call as BABI CULTURE (PURELY) !!!

    im 100% sure our great POLIS diraja MSIA will not TAKE ANY ACTION to these BABIputras!!!

    welcome to WORLD CLASS MSIA !!!
    13/11 13:59:56
    iamOK wrote:
    semua ok.

    i am ok.

    janganlah marah2.

    umno ok.


    bush and sadam dah ko.
    13/11 14:15:23
    smeagroo wrote:
    i wonder when the next c4 will surface again?
    13/11 14:48:51
    Sagaladoola wrote:
    This is the reason people are afraid to become whistleblower for corruption.

    They beat you up!

    There is no one to protect whistleblowers, and, what did Najib say?
    Rasuah wang politik can only be dealt within UMNO? How do you deal with it Najib? I mean, Look here...
    13/11 14:53:39
    arion2000 wrote:
    Well it proves 1 thing, UMNO has to go. They are systematically shutting people up for telling the truth. Isnt it time they face the real justice? The wrath of the people they cheated? The wrath of rakyat Malaysia?
    13/11 15:07:47
    astina wrote:
    UTK in town again?? Well they are really geared for "Special" task Force arent they?
    Wonder why they stopped short of a C4 ..maybe then would could have our own local CSI ..end of the dna action..all ok!!
    13/11 15:08:37
    taban3 wrote:
    Pemuda UMNO
    Wanita UMNO
    Putra UMNO
    Putri UMNO
    Mat Rempit UMNO
    Pembunuh UMNO????????
    13/11 15:09:09
    Don Corleone wrote:
    Wondering aloud....has this ever happened in Mahathir's time ?
    13/11 16:27:05
    Fist of Asia wrote:
    State-organised gangsterism.

    13/11 17:50:15
    half half wrote:
    No wonder all the Malayu travelling overseas denied themselves that they are Melayu!

    They even strike off the 'bin' from their names!

    But in Bolehland, they want to be Melayu, enjoying all the benefits of NEP ala goyang kaki / durian runtoh tampa buat kerja!
    13/11 18:00:21
    antitipu wrote:
    Ooo...that Ismail Taib ke? the contractor? Once a BN candidate? we know him! Jgn biar samseng-samseng tu terlepas! Dedahkan nama mereka, biar semua orang tahu sape talibarut Joe!
    13/11 18:08:56

  21. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah. Look here, there isn't a single K here, so there is not even a single remote chance that a K could be the PM.

  22. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Err... u don't count the 'K' in 'Tunku' ah?

  23. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah. Look here, there isn't a single K here, so there is not even a single remote chance that a K could be the PM.

    Got the tunKu

  24. Anonymous12:34 am

    C+ from Bloomberg? He must be a teacher's pet. I wouldn't give him a pass. I'd give him an F. An F off.

  25. Anonymous1:47 am

    "It's hard to be nice, jangan memuji saya pulak nanti."

    Mr. Shy/Berita Perdana/TV3/13.11.2006.

  26. Anonymous11:42 am

    Salam to all,

    Pak Lah said: "I'm here to stay".

    For how long?
    If he took notice of Shahidan's suggestion few months ago, he if he agrees to that, mampuih kita! Shahidan said the position of MB and PM should be ' sampai akhir hayat".


    Ayub Tulakang

  27. Anonymous2:00 pm

    What is there to be shy of? Dah jadi biadab, nothing left - no dignity, maruah nor human values - especially when your son in law and brother Kamaludin have a hand in every business transaction that takes place.

    May I ask, the new palace that is to be built in 2007 - does Scomi or any other AAB family company have a stake??

    Do your checks - you will also find Ekowood involved (linked to Kali of NST)

    Mr Singh
    Kuala Nerang

  28. Anonymous6:00 pm

    cheh... all umno politicians are corrupts

  29. Anonymous6:01 pm

    to misquote Pareira when he misquoted Albom:

    "We miss when our Prime Minister spoke like a statesman. Yes, we miss Dr Mahathir."

  30. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Ya Allah! You are All-Powerful. Manusia merancang tetapi Engkau jualah yang Maha Menentukan. I ask from You, Ya Allah that you give us honest, capable leaders to lead us. I ask from You, Ya Allah agar Engkau tunjukkan kepada semua rakyat SIAPA sebenarnya AAB, KJ, Kali. If they are good for the nation, make their position stronger and guide them, Ya Allah. If they have malice in their hearts and not true to the people, we ask that You remove them Ya Allah. Amin

  31. melayu_sedar said...

    If they have malice in their hearts and not true to the people, we ask that You remove them Ya Allah. Amin


    Amin, Amin, Amin, Yaa Robbal'alamin.

  32. Anonymous12:03 am

    Mr Singh

    You are absolutely right that Kalimulah, the crook, has been given interest in Ekowood. So if Ekowood got a share of the contract for the RMK 9 and the new Istana was not surprising at all.

    Afterall, Kalimullah doesn't has much time because hr knew his protector, the over stay PM, would not last very long. So Kalimulah, Khairy and Kamaluydin had to go all out to whack the country wealth before the Over Stay PM is thrown out of office.

    I amcertain that Ekowood will get a chunk of the contract for the new Istana nad other govenment project. When Ekowood is OK Kalimulah adn Khairy will be more than OK!!

    So UMNO delegates please wake up and defend your coluntry from the crooks like Kalimullah, Khairy, Kamaludin, and not forgetting the Over stay PM.

    Bodowi please balik ke Kepala Batas tanam sayor!!!