Sunday, November 05, 2006


Singapore-Johor Economic Region. Pasquale saw it coming from way back then. The SJER, he wrote here:
"... is not our "mega" project it will be Singapore's, it is now official that this project will become an official de facto extension of Singapore."
This morning, GoBlog, another poster, said he alarmed to learn how much the SJER seems to be tailored to Singapore. Why should the SJER use Changi and Keppel instead of Port of Tanjung Pelepas and Senai Airport? If Brendan P could piece together one last "original" piece tomorrow, he would undoubtedly hail this venture. [Click here and here to read why this is Singapore's Johor Economic Region].

Syed Hamid puts Johor Sultan in "right context". This Johorean minister is certainly not a "yes" man when it comes to his own Sultan. Here, he saw it fit to interpret what the Sultan meant when he called for the dismantling of the Causeway yesterday.
The Singaporeans must have checked with him. Syed Hamid's counterpart in Singapore said here that what the Sultan said did not represent the Malaysian Government's position.

What is the Malaysian Government's position on the Sultan's call for the Causeway to be replaced by a bridge?


  1. Anonymous3:19 pm

    The concept of Ali Baba has been so firmly embedded in the society. It's okay if
    we get 20% and they get 80%.


  2. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Looking at all the jazz about SJER or WPI or whatever..PakBla is using OUR money to develop something to benefit Spore.
    With hindsight, we can now understand the Jambatan Bengkok debacle and the LKY apology kowtowing. (Bush meeting too, maybe?)

    Is it also tue that Parkway is the first to get a contract in the SJER scheme of things?

    No wonder Gahani and Saeyd Hamid are insistence that SJER will not compete with Spore and it actually complete our rich southern neighbour.

    Woe be our children's future, RoCk.

    How I wish GE is tommorrow, so we can all boot this guy out of our lives.

  3. There's a popular local movie in Singapore called Singapore Dreaming. It's perhaps quite apt to describe the latest Malaysian initiative as Johor Dreaming. :-)

  4. Anonymous6:38 pm in all Msian projects, the devil is in the details.

    Or as LKY is fond of saying, other countries can replicate Spore's infrastructure and hardware, but it's the "software" and the people that keep Spore ahead of the competition.

    Examples? KLIA vs Changi. Msia's Bio-Valley vs Spore's Biopolis.

    As long as officialdom in Msia is parochial and nationalist in their thinking, the country will continue to lose out to Spore in terms of FDI and as a place for foreign talent to park themselves.

    Already, Johor UMNO are making noises about "jobs for the boys". Do you think that potential foreign investors in the SJER (or the Iskandar Region) will be amused by a directive to give away 30% of their equity so as to comply with the NEP?

    No, unless thinking changes, the SJER is poised to become the biggest white elephant of them all.

    Olek Skilgannon

  5. Anonymous7:27 pm

    This Syed Hamid Albar makes one ashamed to be Malaysian! He is a traitor to our nation! Lee Kwan Yew called this traitor's father a "Malay ultra"....and I am certain that Syed Hamid's father must be turning in his grave right now.
    What's wrong with these 'sons of Johoreans' I wonder, as the other who springs to mind is Hishamuddin Hussein Onn, who is surely an ugly blot on his father's and grandfather's legacies.
    May their ancestors curse these spineless traitors to the nation; the same as we 'anak Malaysia tulin' do.

  6. Anonymous7:29 pm

    It appears that most of us who visit your blogsite are concerned about current issues and the increasingly worrisome developments in our country. I do not think it is incorrect to also say that most of us support Dr. M’s almost solo efforts to bring back some semblance of pride and nationhood. Not that we have lost it – us common citizens, that is. But it definitely looks like those arrogant politicians in power (from UMNO and other Barisan parties) kow-tow to the $$$$$$ and not to values and nationhood.

    It is sad – distressingly so – that we have only ONE MALAYSIAN (Dr.M) who is standing alone against this sickening $$$$$$-oiled machinery that is greedily sucking the very marrow of our nation. Is there any way that we can show Dr. M that we are solidly behind him? I am sure there are many people who love, respect and admire Dr. M not only for his great achievements, but for what he is doing now. Aside from bloggers like you, Raja Petra, Musa Bakri, etc., there are commoners like us who need to show Dr.M our support, so he knows that he is not alone. How do we do that?

    If there is a mass rally to show support for Dr, M, I will be surely there…., but I (and by extension others who support what he is doing) need to know where, when and how we can show him that we are with him, and simultaneously show the ruling scumbags and their ilk that Malaysia is not for them to plunder.

    Thank you.

  7. Anonymous8:01 pm

    When Shengzheng SEZ was first kicked-start way back in the early 80s, Chinese paramount leader Teng XP made sure that the whole plan & concept suited / accomodated the needs of Hongkongers (who really looked down at the mainlanders then due to the latter's backwardness in all aspects), just to kick start the whole thing.
    And 20 years on, it's the mainlanders' turn now to look down at the once proud Hongkongers, as the mainlanders are doing better than the islanders in terms of growth. The islanders' economic well being is also tied to Shengzheng's, though the reversal may not be true.
    In the case of SJER, I think AAB is doing the right thing, at least as far as SJER's conceptual aspect (accomodating Singapores' needs) is concerned. The whole Shengzheng-Hongkong episode may be replayed here. But having said that, i am not too sure about his strength, in terms of ability and political will, in the execution phase.

  8. Anonymous8:35 pm

    (Rocky's note: Go-Blog sent this via sms and inspired this posting)

    rocky, hope u r up bernama. it seems that sjer project in johore will use changi and s'pore port as a hub, instead of ptp and senai access zone to sporeans/foreigners? ican't believe it the first time i read it. might as well open up the whole country for all...change our capital to singapore and rename our malaysia as singapore? did i read this right? i can't believe it, i woke up today as singaporean...

  9. Anonymous9:25 pm

    "I think what is most important is that we must always learn from the lessons of the past and make sure whatever development we are going to undertake will bring benefit to our well-being, for the good of our people"- Syed Hamid Albar-

    Dah la si Sultan tu dah kata..datuk moyang aku dulu..tak berapa cerdik..kena tipu dengan orang putih...(korang pun apa kurangnyer..masih tak cerdik lagi ler nampaknya)

    "Apa nak jadi...apa nak jadi, Dr M akan menyanyi lagi.

    "Apa nak jadi..apa nak jadi..pak lah akan menyepi lagi.

    And hence who can disagree with the Tun that the current administration is a half past six government? The current administration seems to get “better and better” day by day by providing us with its sell Malaysia policy.

    There is just something seriously wrong with the AAB administration at this moment. I dare say that no matter whether we loved or loath the Tun when he was at the realm, deep down inside we were proud being Malaysians, we were proud to see the developments and implementations that took place around us. He made us feel proud to be part of this nation that we call home.

    Sadly today under AAB, more and more citizens are simply baffled at what is happening around them. Never in my entire life have I felt ashamed at what the government of the day has planned for the nation. Never in my imagination have I felt so ashamed to be a Malaysian.

  10. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Bagi saya, Sayed Haamid adalah insan munafik, manusia lidah bercabang, lalang yang ikut tiupan angin, makluk tanpa tulang belakang.

    Zaman Mahathir dia gila-gila sokong Jambatan Bengkok.

    Zaman Pak Lah Hadhari dia gila-gila kutuk Jambatan Bengkok.

    Siapa pun tak kata titah Sultan Johor mahu Tambak Johor diroboh pendirian kerajaan.

    Sultan kata dia mahu kapal lalu di Selat Teberau dan air yang kotor jadi bersih. Itu jugalah alasan Mahathir.

    Berguling dalam kubur Almarhum Syed Jaafar Albar aka Singa Umno melihat sifat munafik dan penakut anaknya. Bapa borek anak tidak semestinya rintik.

  11. Rocky!

    Did the script said the Sultan of Johore went against the "mat salleh" or he just said foreigners! If he said foreigners he probably meant Singaporean Chinese! So can you please clarify, because the news that I received are so convoluted and confusing!

    Your blog titles "I woke up this morning a Singaporean" has always been my nightmare catchphrase that I will tell the Morons (read Malays) if they are not so careful one day. I said the same happened to the Malays in Singapore while they were "ber-kugiran" (means make merry as they are now, like with AF, Mawi, and Siti and all)and waking up one morning to be controlled by the PAP (read Chinese). The Chinese in Singapore lost no time to physically cleansing ethinically the Singaporean Malays in the sixties, while some "escaped" to Malaysia. Today, the physically "cleansing" part is not necessary as we just allow Singapore to come in as they truly know the Malays are indeed morons that can be easily cheated and manipulated as the Malays by nature are indeed all those of gthe above(I am totally convinced of this now more than ever).
    For the Moronic Malay leaders such as Syed Hamid, you seriously do not care whether yous descendants will piss on your grave or not, for in the Malay concept, unlike the Chinese, there is no such thing as the concept of continuity in existence for the future generations, AS YOU GUYS LIVE AS YOU LIKE NOW! Having said that, the proof is in the pudding, as indeed the MALAYS DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY MAHATHIR IS STIRRING UP THE S#%T! For surely he cannot be the only one to see whats coming and where we are heading for?!!
    Kasihan Melayu ni Ye, dah lah mereka ni bodoh tetapi sombong pula! Kalau mengaku bodoh tu setidak tidak nya mereka mahu belajar, tetapi dah lah bodoh tak hendak pula mengaku dan sombong pula!

    Sa saorang yang berani harus nya menganjuri suatu tunjuk perasaan menyokong Dr Mahathir sabelum negeri ni betul betul tergadai!

  12. Rocky! I found this in Aishehman blogspot, a must and interesting read for all of us Morons:


    November 05, 2006
    Big City Nights
    One more thing.

    I have a problem with the so-called Free Access Zones to be set up in Johor:

    Foreigners can live in designated Free Access Zones to travel to work in Singapore without having to go through Immigration and Customs checks.
    ... “The FAZ is based on the concept of providing a ‘seamless’ work and living environment between Johor and Singapore,” it [the plan] said.

    ... Activities in the FAZ will be allowed to operate round-the-clock.

    ... “Barriers will be set up to demarcate the FAZ while surveillance systems will be installed in all public areas as a security feature. The barriers will be designed to look as natural as possible, such as in the form of waterways and roadways,” the plan elaborated. [The Star]

    To attract foreigners to live in the FAZs, the areas have to provide a living environment at par with what Singapore has to offer, if not better.

    I'm not saying it's beyond our capabilities, but it sounds like we're building a super-safe, super-clean, big-city playground for foreigners to frolick in.

    Will Malaysians be able to enter the FAZs without going through Immigration and Customs? Will Malaysians be able to live in the FAZs? Will it be some semi-exclusive enclave Malaysians -- for all intents and purposes -- can only gawk at from the relative squalour of their existence?

    How insulting that would be.

  13. Bro, tengok dak Buletin Utama TV3 Ahad 6/12/06, Najib and others debik Malay Mail sbb bawa cerita seks melampau?

    Saya pun nak baca juga rencana-rencana seks yang informatif dan klinikal, tapi bukan ilustrasi gatai merenyam mcm dalam Malay Mail.

    Saya beli jugak edisi pertama Malay Mail Sabtu Ahad yang dijenama semula dulu, tapi bila anak-anak saya sindir-sindir saya sambil tergelak-gelak, tobat lahum tak beli dah lepas tu!

    Dak tak dak modal lagi ka nak bagi laku surat habaq?! Agaknya beginilah "I woke up this morning a Singaporean?!"

  14. Anonymous12:32 am


    I was shocked to note that Sultan of Johor seemed to speak the same ligo as Tun M. I thought taht SUltan of Johor was very critical of Tun when he said the pensioner should keep quiet. This publication must be the job of the Tingkat Empat hald past six spin doctor.

    My warining to the Tingkat Empat was beware, Brendan the chief had reduced himself to be a pariah!!! It will not be too long that Tingkat Empat boys will share the same fate as that of Brendan, the plagriarist and pariah.

    Since NST has been used by Khairy boys to their propaganda mchinery to spin and published lies, we shoould start a campaign to stop buying the NST as long as Kalimulah is still running the NST and the Tingkat Empat boys are still controlling the nst.

    Tun M spoke with 27 million Malaysians behind him. Please do not expect Likm Kit Siang and his son to speak for Malaysians becasue it involves ABB, Khairy, Kamaludin and of course, Kalimulah, who has been given publicities to Lim Kit SIang and his son.

    So let forget about the opposityion and support TUn to put thign right.

  15. Anonymous7:50 am

    You want to know the irony of this? If this is really a Singapore' Johor Economic Region, the single best investment to make is not done in the plan - Rail service between Singapore and Johor. Essentially if SMRT is linked to city centre and transport hub in Johor, you could achieve the same goal without the heavy investment and Singapore would do it all for them if they let them.. Instead they spent all these billions that may not work and when the success is only partial, they will end up doing the MRT link anyway...

  16. Anonymous8:04 am

    Gemuruhnya sorakan selepas pelancanran sjer..

    Semalam kita menang sorak..

    Esok kampung pun tergadai..

  17. Okay, that's it. I'm getting a Singapore PR.

  18. Anonymous12:23 pm


    The PM was reported by Bernama as saying he wasnt surprised by Tuanku's statement that the causeway should be "dirobohkan."

    Adakah ini satu jawapan dari PM untuk menutup malu beliau kerana terperangkap dikhalak ramai?

    And if PaK Lah isnt surprised by the Sultan of Johore's statement dont you think it means that the PM is aware - all along - that Tuanku agrees with and supports TDM regarding the construction of the new bridge?

    So, we can conclude that the statement which quoted the Sultan asking TDM to retire and behave like a pensioner was definitely spinned by the mainstream media.

  19. SJER = Singapore's Johore Extension region

    they didn't get sand but got land ... sic

    Undur ...Lah

  20. SJER = Singapore's Johore Extension region

    they didn't get sand but got land ... sic

    Undur ...Lah

  21. Anonymous2:08 pm


    I understand the logic to use Singapore facilities because admittedly it is more capable and well establish. International companies will be less reluctant to use Changi then Senai. I have been to both and practically there is no contest between them. Now that aside, I am sure the government knows about this; are they such a (borrowing a term from Pasuale) moron to actually continue this development? Don't they have a better plan to maximise the benefits to Malaysian. I doubt Johor is even the best state for such a massive development. I have never seen any justification why Johor was chosen for such development. Sigh then again we are talking bout the government here.

  22. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Did Singapore ask for the extension or are we the one giving it to them? Damn, it is our beloved Malaysian government.

  23. Anonymous1:04 am

    Anonymous *TypicalProgrammer* said... "Don't they have a better plan to maximise the benefits to Malaysian. I doubt Johor is even the best state for such a massive development. I have never seen any justification why Johor was chosen for such development."

    Ini mungkin kerana Johor sebenarnya dipilih untuk AAB dan kumpulan Mat-Rempitnya oleh Proksi-Hegemon di seberang Tebrau.


  24. Anonymous10:22 am

    Wake up folks !! ask any Sporean if he wants to invest, work and live in Johor? the answer is BIG NO. Why? read this, last night news showed a spore woman was robbed while she was trapped in the long and notorious traffic jam in JB, none was helping her and the robber just ran away without a trace. The poor lady lost SGD2000+.( does this make you happy? you the anti-spore losers).

    Still sleeping there? Think again, this SJER is nothing but a another massive white elephant that will benifit only a few, not me, not you but those selected few from UMNO+gang. It will end up like many big projects that are now deserted with few pale and hoarding found in Johor, a place full of morons and UMNO supporters. And those projects were initiated by who? Your Tun M.

    Wake up !! especially the Malays, years after years, generation after generation, this Umno fools you in the name of bangsa and agama. In the end of the days, who are the losers and the real dupeys? the Malay morons.

    Just wake up and stop critising the foreigners (read singaporeans). It WAS your Sultan betrayed you and 'SOLD' this land to Mat Sallehs and in the modern days, it is UMNO treats you like the retards, not Spore.

    Just wake up and stop this blaming game, will ya?

  25. Anonymous11:24 am

    I'm a singaporean and i was led to this blog while looking on the internet for places to live in the sjer, so i disagree with the above post. The poster above pls do not generalize the whole lot of Singaporeans. Let's not harp that foreigners are the only people benefiting from the SJER, you malaysians benefit as well.