Thursday, November 01, 2007

"Stop harassing my sisters!" - "RM27m cop" tells ACA

updates from the papers:
Wong Chun Wai's Shattered Peace on the hill:
Datuk Ramli Yusoff is no ordinary cop. He is the Commercial Crimes Investigation Department (CCID) director and ranked in the top five of the police hierarchy. At one point, he was said to be in the running for the Inspector-General of Police post ....
CCID director to face charges over his assets (the Star, today)
and Citizen Nades' in-the-face Whistle Blowing Blown to Bits (the Sun, yesterday)
original posting
Bungalow, a Kia and a Kelisa. Just a day after his sensational press conference ["I am the officer being investigated by ACA," says CCID chief - Bernama, Oct 30], Ramli Yusuff had to issue another press statement last night claiming that the Anti-Corruption Agency had accosted his sisters in Pasir Mas, Kelantan, earlier in the morning.

The CCID director said the move by the three ACA officers from the Kota Bharu office was questionable ["CCID director questions ACA action against his sisters" - Bernama 31 Oct].

Ramli's decision to speak to the Press has incurred the wrath of the Cabinet but a statement to this effect made by Nazri Aziz, the de facto Law Minister, was retracted by Bernama after it had been sent out to subscribers. Blogger E-Woon managed to post a quote and did a link here.
The quotable quotes from Nazri: “We (the Cabinet) feel that Datuk Ramli should defend himself in court and not give a press conference."
By the way, the Bernama story on the ACA and the CCID's sisters provides some interesting details about the double-storey bungalow in which Ramli's sick 83-year old father lives with the sisters. The article throws in what cars were in the porch, etc.
A check by Bernama showed that everything was quiet at the white double-storey bungalow in Bunut Susu, Pasir Mas, where Ramli's father, Yusuff Ismail, stays. Two cars, a Kia and a Perodua Kelisa, were in the compound of the house.

When questioned, Yusuff said he only knew of the allegations against his son from today's media reports.

Yusuff, who was a policeman during the Japanese Occupation, said he has been staying at the bungalow with one of his daughters, whom he referred to as "Mah", following the death of his wife several years ago.


  1. Maybe the Ferrari and Aston were parked at KJ's?

  2. Eh, wait a minute...they ARE KJ's...silap...

  3. When lawlessness rules and the government is stone deaf, the people have no choice but to go public with their grievances.
    The entire administrative system is in disarray.
    It's for the same reason BERSIH is organizing the 100,000 gathering.
    It's the same reason 2000 lawyers marched in Putrajaya.
    Police being intimidated by Police!!!
    I reckon there is going to be a huge 'civil war' of sorts in the police force.
    Police are not softies - they will not take things lying down.

  4. Anonymous11:33 am

    Before every body got wrong idea, having a two storey bungalow in Kelantan is not like having a bungalow in KL. Mind you, almost every body have a bungalow in Kelantan as opposed to semi-dees or terrace because of a plot of kampung land is affordable and based on my knowledge, to build a normal 24 x 80 bungalow may not breach 200k bracket in Kelantan. I hope Bernama show a picture of the house to be fair to this guy.

    Pasir Mas Guy

  5. Anonymous12:37 pm

    what has the ACA in regards to the mansion in Klang? well, nothing coz he is politically untouchable?
    I am not condoning corruption but the actions of the ACA smacks of victimization and intimidation. Remember the cop who made a police report that his family members were kidnapped by the ACA to force him to change is statement.

  6. Anonymous12:38 pm

    ANd all this while Zakar-ria's mansion is still standing and that man is walking tall and proud and flaunt his riches.

  7. Anonymous12:52 pm

    wait...checked with bodowi,might be a plane there too.

  8. Rocky,

    We were talking at MRT on Tuesday which police departments are susceptible or are open to bribery.

    Someone listed them not necessarily in the right order, as:

    Commercial Crime

    So ironic that the Director of Commercial Crime had actually given a Press Conference on that very day with a denial that he hadnt that kind of money(RM24 million).

  9. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Is he the same person that testified against Rahim Noor when he was prosecuted for brutally whacked DSAI?

  10. Anonymous1:39 pm

    when the IGP was investigated by the ACA, I dont remember such similar extensive checks on his siblings and parents.
    goosh, what is the ACA now? To protect the corrupt and those with chequered history? How did the banishment of one man craeted such furore? Only the ACA, the IGP and the AG can answer. I dont expect any intelligent answer from the number 1 man in Malaysia who is still fiddling ( or thinking about his next holiday) while "Malasyia BUrns".

  11. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Ha ha ha. This tactic sound so familiar. It was commonly used among Chinese businessmen who are wicked and not able to compete with others. They resort to talking to the rival's elder, like father, grand father, or close friends, hopefully they have authority over you and make you listen to them. This is the most covert act. And it is only used by older generation of people.

    And it is openly practiced by our government! Make me think the ACA are a bunch of losers. They can't face the truth. They are incompetent and could not solve problem. They lack of confident themselves and always have to hide behind someone else.

    And that is my government.... sad.

  12. Finally the charge sheet
    It glares out in the open

    ACA opens the can
    The light will be seen soon
    In the court of law
    I hope no that the famous word

    Reports of others
    The long list done by the oppositions
    It lies buried under 6 feet underground
    It is so hard to see the light of day

    Slowly the canned of worms
    Gingerly crawling out to breathe the air
    The people will be arranging
    The burning candles to celebrate

    Oh sure people say
    BN will win
    Nobody can predict tomorrow
    The people will have to decide
    On the boxes

    Now I wait
    The court of law
    Deciding fate

    The arrogance of the power
    It is there because of the people
    Now ACA opens the can
    The people better decide
    Change the course of our nation progress
    Otherwise live like that for another 50 years

    The people decide
    The country’s journey
    In our hands
    On the boxes
    The fate we make ourselves

  13. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Let the truth prevail and the innocent exonerated!

    Can we blame CCID director Ramli Yusuf for coming clean with his press conference? Yes, he could have gone to court as the Cabinet has suggested but i think he's in greater disadvantage by going public because the floodgate is now fully opened. The public scrutiny's of his affairs has come out into the open and sharper focus. He can't hide any more.

    i hope Ramli Yusuf will get his share of justice. Damn him if he's guilty. Reinstate the man his dignity if he's not.

    i pray that those who have have been responsible in any way for him to come to this to give this man his fair due. And to our judges i plead for them to do the hourable right thing and let God be their witness.

    "Vengeance is mine and i shall repay." - God

  14. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Why is the ACA not ask Khairy and Kali to declare their assets????? Or at least on how they acquire their respective shares in ECM Libra?

    Afterall Khariy is unemployed according to the PM and Kali was a reporter cum small time businessman before Badawi became PM.

    Therefore, ACA should move in to ask these two great men/genius to declare their respectives assets.

    Of course, the ACA will not dare to do it.

  15. Anonymous5:39 pm

    M%$*herf@#ker.. while an average citizen like me and you had to pay for every single damn thing in Malaysia with the money we hardly earned by sweat & tears, and some more pay tax some more..further more burdoned by inflation rate and every damn thing on price hike..
    these bunch of b@#tards ministers and top rank goverment officers who rarely touch their monthly pay ..every damn things eligible for claim from eating, shiting, f8&king, fuel, car to the extend of wife make up also! F*%king greed.. some more accumulate tons of wealth using their power & position.. tak cukup2 lagi ka? Kalau betul, 27juta manusia normal makan pun tak abis sampai 7 keturunan..keturunan jin ke hapa nih melantak harta haram byk??

    F@#k them..tak halal every single sen of my hard earned money to pay for these kind of devil in office! If it is true..RM 27mil is hell a lot of money.. hey tell me how long would it take for you to get even 1 million.. dah mati pun tak tentu dpt tau kalau kerja mkn gaji..kalau tak perlu makan boleh la!

    F@&K them for failing to protect Malaysian citizen from animal who killed child like Nurin, f*&king mat rempit, snatch thief, road bullies and foreign samseng.. sibuk pau org jer...

    if we the average citizen took matters in our own hand they blamed you for trying be above the law... what the f*&k if the enforcer of the law were not around in the time you need them most.. what good would it bring to just sent the forensic team and telling that they will investigate to find the culprit..can it replaced the lost of loves ones... deep shit!

    Nowdays, as Malaysian you have to take care of yourself and your love one..hopeless, if u rely your fate in the hand of these clowning police..i'm carrying a 48inch katana in my car for protection of my family..I alone die family can have my insurance, kwsp, unit trust and everything i earned hard for them..think of the future generation always!

  16. IF someone were to accuse me of having Rgt 27mil stashed away and I am completely innocent, I would

    1. Ask accusers to find it; and I would be DELIGHTED to even have a fraction of any sum they can find

    2. gimme a day to show you all my tax returns and examine my lifestyle - IF anything more than my hard earned salary can be found - PLEASE TAKE IT!

    ANYTHING is easy to justify IF it is the truth.

    So why need an army of top gun lawyers to prove his innocence?

    He just has to prove:
    His pay

    Other sources of income eg double income family maybe wife is mega rich?


    Lottery (hahaha..muslim cannot judi lah!)

    So is he guilty from this simple examination of his income?

  17. Anonymous7:21 pm

    the ACA fellas are going overboard. even the lawyer acting on behalf of the CCID chief was roughed up and incarcerated for one night on the pretext that he did not respond to ACA's request for declaration of assets. shithole, is the lawyer under investigation for corruption? if not, what the shit was the ACA doing by that request to the lawyers. a threat and a trap to go after him for representing the CCID chief.
    such kind of intimidaton is unbecoming of an organisation that is supposed to weed out corruption. such behaviour is leaf taken out from third world corrupted nation. do you trust those shitholes in ACA now?

  18. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Isn't it obvious that the idiotic ACA is being used by some UMNO goons?(correction used by UmnoPutra/UmnoRajah)

  19. Anonymous10:04 pm

    I am told that there was an official report lodged with ACA against the associaton Tun Eusoffe Chin (remeber famous CH went on a holiday with VK Lingam in New Zealand), VK Lingam, Court of Appeal Judges - YA Datuk Low Hop Bing and YA Datuk Mokhtar Sidin.

    Why ACA did not ask the above personalities to declare their assets?

    ACA please be fair ok?

  20. Anonymous11:53 pm

    fyi info,this cop's present wife is his third,and she is a judge too....hehehe,how's that for a bollywood movie heh?

  21. Dia orang ni nak buktikan apa sebenarnya?

    Saya rakyat biasa sangat berharap pendakwaan ini bukan untuk buktikan siapa lebih hebat dan kuat.

    Juga saya harap ia bukan sebab-sebab balas dendam.

    Juga saya harap ia bukan petanda kepada power struggle yang tidak akan tamat sampai bila-bila.

    Saya teringat insiden Dato Jo disiasat suatu masa dulu. Kemudian Ketua Polis Negara pula disiasat. Tetapi kedua-duanya disahkan bersih.

    Kini giliran Dato Ramli pula. Mereka perlu menunggu pada saat-saat beliau akan bersara. Seolah mereka ingin nafikan farewell yang sesuai untuk three star general.

    Kita diberi peluang melihat macam-macam hal kebelakangan ini. Tadi terbaca dalam akhbar, KJ menyebut tentang "protection" sebagai menantu PM. Beberapa hari yang lalu, Dato Ramli menyebut tentang dia tidak dapat protection sewajarnya dari polis.

    Saya rakyat biasa, melihat ini sebagai percakaran dalam sebuah keluarga. Ianya tanda kepada kemusnahan kepada sebuah keluarga kecil.

  22. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Ha ha ha. This tactic sound so familiar, ACA SHOULD DRAG Khairy and Kali to declare their assets TOO, fair?

    Tadi terbaca dalam akhbar, KJ menyebut tentang "protection" sebagai menantu PM. Beberapa hari yang lalu, Dato Ramli menyebut tentang dia tidak dapat protection sewajarnya dari polis.
    kalau gitu i pun nak protection tapi banyak sangat corruption!

  23. Anonymous10:02 pm



  24. Anonymous11:43 pm

    'It's for the same reason BERSIH is organizing the 100,000 gathering.
    It's the same reason 2000 lawyers marched in Putrajaya.
    Police being intimidated by Police!!!'
    -salute man!i use to be in the milatary,proud of it,taking care of my country.NOW who is taking care of me! POLICE??
    oohhh if i only knew,i would've kept my belgium 9mm as a 'token of appreciation'