Saturday, August 29, 2009

Holy cow, is this the Selangor we knew?

Updates, close to midnight:
Latest posting by A Voice, here, a MUST READ.
Excerpts: "... Pengerusi kumpulan penduduk ini adalah Mahyuddin Manap, kini ahli PKR Wangsa Maju. Naib Pengerusi, Ibrahim Sabri adalah penyokong Anwar Ibrahim ...

"Orang yang membaca doa di masa perarakan pun adalah ahli PAS yang dipercayai dipanggil orang sebagai Amin."
Bru says: There are pictures everywhere, so the cops have their work cut out nicely for them.

Original posting:

From the underworld and beer issues to non-Muslims-only consert to cow-head/Hindu temple protest. Reading the comment by Old Fart [ "so much hate, so much anger"] under my previous posting, I was struck by the odd significance of the Hindu temple vis-a-vis the state of politics in Selangor before and after Pakatan Rakyat came into power.

You'd probably remember, too, how Khir Toyo's pop ratings plunged over the issue temple demolition as the general election drew near last year. When KT's Barisan Nasional lost Selangor to Khalid Ibrahim's PR, we thought better times were ahead.
But no. The Hindu temple has returned to haunt the state government. This time it's not about the destruction of a temple but the construction of one!

The cow-head incident in Shah Alam yesterday happened during a protest staged by Muslim-Malay residents of Section 23. They were not happy with the Selangor exco's decision to relocate a temple to their area. The picture above tells the story [and read here about the significance of the cow in Hinduism].

The standard script: PR supporters blame BN/Umno or/and PM Najib Razak. I wonder there's going to be a "mysterious letter", with JAIS insignia, to say that the cow-head was the work of some pro-government religious officials. [Eg. Hindu Temple Protest by Racist Malays in Shah Alam]

p.s. Khalid has issued a statement to condemn the cow-head provocation, but that's not going to solve anything. As he was part of Xavier's committee to discuss and approve the relocation of the temple, Khalid had a lot of time to convince the residents of S23 of why the temple should be relocated to their area and why they should not be so "religious intolerant" in the first place.

Why didn't/couldn't he?


  1. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Nak tanya sikit kat sini pasai High Chapparal/Kpg Buah Pala..

    Mereka bela lembu sana banyak2 itu untuk susu saja ker atau jual lembu untuk disembelih dagingnya juga for public consumption?

    Rocky mintak tolong check sikit, I am very curious!


  2. Wow.

    From the actions of those ugly demonstrators in Shah Alam and the comments posted on this blog and everywhere else on the Net, I can only conclude that there is so much hatred between Malaysians now.

    A lot of finger pointing and numerous venomous postings blaming political parties and religious zealots for the actions of a crazy few.

    I do not have a religion and I may not be a learned man of religion but I am confident that nowhere is it stated in the Holy Scriptures of Hinduism or the Holy Book of Islam that followers of each religion are to insult the followers of other religions.

    I am sure that nowhere is it stated in the teachings of Hinduism or Islam that followers of each must prevent other places of worship from being built.

    If I am wrong about the above 2 paragraphs, I am right about having no religion then.

    Each side of the divide is so sure that they can do no wrong and the 'enemy' can never be right!

    Is everyone of you watching television in black and white or colour?

    Which is the good Cat? The Pakatan Cat or the Barisan Cat?

    The good Cat is the Cat that catches the Rat.

    Would a true Muslim in any way support the actions of those demonstrators? I don't think so.

    Would a true Hindu in any way support the venom posted to condemn the actions of those demonstrators and Islam? I don't think so.

    Look at toddlers. Children want to be friends and play with all toddlers they meet and see.

    Adults seem want to fight and spread hate at every moment they get.

    Be rational and in this case, don't grow up!

    We are Malaysians.

    Look at Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Tibet. Learn.

    I wish only good for all Malaysians

    Merry Merdeka Malaysia.

  3. Anonymous2:17 am

    "This is an instruction to believers, but if Anti Hindraf has a problem with that, then he should perhaps go back to the Qur'an and seek instruction."

    Hey Aru, what are you trying to tell Anti Whatever, huh? Do you think that you're more Muslim than him? Come on, please give my toes a break.

    Can you keep your religion to yourself and we keep ours? Don't try to act like a know all person, here! We don't need your sermons 'cos you sound neurotically need to be sermoned yourself ....IMBECILE!!

    PS .....Another tomfool, bro Anti, just like the other crétin, what's his name? Let's keep a diary of imbéciles, shall we? ...

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  4. Semerah Padi5:35 am


    If the Quran is for all of humanity, then what makes you think that only YOU as a Muslim is allowed to understand it? Tuhan tak kurniakan akal kepada bukan Muslim untuk memahami Quran ke?

    Jangan merepek lah Nzain.

    Quran is for all, everyone yang pikir baik-baik dan dengan minda yang luas boleh baca dan fahami nilai nilai dan ilmu yg dipesan Quran.

    Don't talk as if non-Muslims have no right or have no smartness to quote the Quran. The Quran must be treated with respect, and quoted correctly. People who are non Muslims have done this properly.

    Don't la chauvinisma sangat Nzain.

  5. Anonymous9:49 am

    "Don't talk as if non-Muslims have no right or have no smartness to quote the Quran."


    What is the purpose to quote if they do not believe everything inside al-Quran?? Yes u are right, that just proved that they are smart and similar mind like you are purely dumb. Never heard the jews or the infidels publicly recite verses from Al-Quran in Rasulullah time, had you?

    "The Quran must be treated with respect, and quoted correctly. "

    Have they done it so far?
    Do they respect the right of muslim to practice their own religion as stipulated in Quran..?
    F b#$shit u tell me!
    Sound more like selective half-baked to suit their flavour..its your own religion on the toast lah you moron! Buta ka or memang bodoh?

    "People who are non Muslims have done this properly."

    Yeah, right.. you can consult LGE and Nga & Ngeh.. the pious brotherhood of fuckatan..

    So..what else can we expect from the penganut mazhab nik ajis..seeing is believing, right..? now we already found one in Rockybru...

    If they insulted islam, it is becoz they do not understand islam..? From the way i see, they must be good to come to a stage to recite verses of al-Quran preaching it to a muslim, who say they do not undestand ?..Right nik ajis? Example of good "ulama" endorsing everything coming from those infidels friend of him in the name of politics..or is he just an ular dalam semak? and the last is for sure!

    So, why are you turban lollipop clan jump like wild monkeys when the danish make fun of the Prophet and the atrocious provocation incite by the zionist to the holy al-Aqsa mosque?

    Kuman seberang laut nampak..gajah depan mata tak nampak?? Semerah daging babi?
    Sungguh bodoh!

    by the magnitude of the non-muslim going on mendling with islamic affairs.. it is just a matter of time before they come up with a 'satanic verses II' that shall be endorsed by their very own nikky ajis in the name of his holy fuckatan! ..according to nikky ajis..tuhan can he..the tuhanguru..

    p/s: bro john.. only here you can shoved your stilleto boot inside of those cretin asses..don't expect the same in the holy pretender fuckatan cyberzomdom like PP & MT..only in the real freedom of speech..Rocky rocks!

    and to Aru..dey tambhi.. u preach to much to me about my own religion like you understand it better than your own.. mind to answer what i had tossed to you about yours in the first place? yup..that verses extracted from your very own holy people seem to run away from it evrytime i tossed the same question..why?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  6. Anonymous9:57 am


    Masalahnya bukan gambar lembu atau cara lembu digunakan sekian lama..

    Masalahnya yang lembu itu dibunuh dan KEPALAnya diletakan ditempat protes oleh kerana akan adanya kuil di sec 23

    Masalahnya juga tentang kepalalembu itu di pijak kaki orang serta diludah atas.

    Perangai inilah yang dikatakan menjijik serta tidak hormati bukan saja orang Hindu tEtapi rakyat baik dunia. JEBAT MULIA.

  7. Anonymous10:34 am

    Dei Semerah Padi,

    Depa ada mengaji, fasih bahasa arab, tau bab tafsirkah etc?

    Quit talking from where the sun never shines and where night is a paradise for crawlies and a valve for dispensing nauseating odours. You have no inkling that these idiots are doing it for fun and to bait others and if you are awed and enamoured by them ( as another verse states) why not get them to be your spiritual mentor/tok guru to lead u thru sheol/purgatory/karma whatever, stupid fella, go and redden yourself a shade darker so you look like a roasted lobster from hell.

    Perwira, bulls eye, man.Nzain, spot on, bruder. John, yeah the idiot is another tomfool of a cretin who does not even understand the imputation of his own scripture but has the gumption to preach others about theirs. Must be the effect of staring at gargoyles, day in day out, moon up moon down, sun up sun down..blahx3

    Bro anti, pointless to engage that idiot as i have mentioned in my comment in the merdeka thread.

    Salam Ramadhan to you lot

  8. Anonymous12:00 pm


    Most peoples see life itself as a journey through space and time.

    For every journey, there is a starting point and there is also an end to it (destination).

    In order to reach the stipulated destination, a path/guide is required.

    Without that, a journey would end at any point but most likely fall short of the final destination.

    Unless someone have total control over his/her destiny, a path/guide is deemed second to none.


  9. Keropok Lekor.3:10 pm

    Kepada anti-hindraf & ultra chungkies DAN perwira:

    Apa yang dikatakan olih Semerah Padi di atas itu betul dan munasabah.

    Aku nak tanya satu:

    Orang Muslim cap UMNO yang memperalatkan Quran untuk memporakperandakan negara demi kuasa dan demi membolot harta rakyat itu yang paling keji di sisi Allah. Mungkin ada orang bukan Muslim yang salah persepsi terhadap Islam. Ini mungkin kerana angkara ekstremis macam di UMNO yang mempergunakan agama Islam. Tapi ramai orang bukan Muslim tahu menghargai Islam dan agama-agama lain kerana keindahan dan nilai yang disampaikan.

    Jangan cakap orang bukan Muslim semuanya nak memutarbelitkan Islam dan Quran untuk matlamat peribadi. Ini salah dan satu pembohongan.

    Tapi apakan daya, ekstremis nasionalis macam kau anti-hindraf/chungkie dan perwira tidak boleh menerima hakikat ini. Ini sah.

    Kenapa tak sebut saja UMNO dan sifatnya yang mahu memperhambakan Islam untuk matlamat terus berkuasa?

    Bertaubatlah kau.

  10. Anonymous4:46 pm


    Apa masalahnya kalau ada individu pijak kepala lembu? Tulah? Kotor? Biadab?

    Kenapa tak melawat kampung nelayan seperti di Kuala Sepetang, Tanjung Dawai, Langkawi dsbnya bagi melihat sendiri bagaimana tauke-tauke udang kering, ikan bilis dan ikan masin dijemur dan di awet agar tidak ada satu lalat yang hinggap?

    Apakah tidak meloyakan kalau udang, ikan bilis dan ikan masin dipijak-pijak oleh para pekerja yang bekerja dengan tauke-tauke itu tadi?

    Kenapa tang ini si Ah Chong, Si Ramu, Si Malau, si Ali, si Ajis, Si Hadi dan si DAI tidak berasa jijik, tersinggung atau dipersendakan seolah-olah anda tidak peka tergadap semua itu?


  11. Nzain5:01 pm


    The Quran IS for all humanity,not just for Muslims but it must be read in a responsible manner. It is revered by Muslims as the Most Holiest Book of all. It is not to be taken lightly nor used rashly in any manner in order to suit one's agenda. Therefore to have a non muslim spouting verses he knows nothing about is extremely vile and disrespectful to me.
    Aru is entitled to his own opinions but when the Quran is used incorrectly as reference, then he MUST expect some backlash to come out of it. But I sincerely hope by reading it he and other non muslims will received some sort of hidayah from Allah.

    Personally I don't give two hoots about your opinion of me. I still stand by what I said. I live and breath by the Quran and I will not just stand by and allow others to mock Islam.
    Yang merepek tu kamu.
    Jangan sampai kita nak pertahankan yang lain, maruah ugama kita gadaikan. Lembu sampai nak rak dinangiskan, Quran kita pulak dipersendakan orang. Apa ni?

  12. Anonymous5:31 pm

    The solution is simple...relocate the kuil to hindus majority area la. Just like pig farm, why buat dalam Malay majority area? Siapa nak makan kena la tanggung bau busuk dia skali. Why others have to suffer? Kuil malam2 bising ganggu orang nak tidur. So pls, move the kuil to Klang ka, or mana-mana yg ramai hindu. Baru logik akal!

  13. Anonymous5:31 pm

    If other races cannot build their place of worship in a Muslim majority area, then why do they build a surau in my housing area which is a non-Muslim majority area. It was build on a playground for the children and all the houses surrounding the surau belongs to non-Muslim ! Can you answer me!!

  14. I would like to point out the obvious here in case it has escaped the attention of some posting at this blog.

    I read of so many who readily defend their religion and race while debating this 'Cow Head' issue.

    And in defending their respective race and religion, I find that many of you end up insulting the race and religion of others.

    [My original post at Rocky's Bru on this issue was on September 1 2009 at 11:03pm]

    I do not have a religion but if I was looking for one;

    I will not choose Islam and neither will I choose Hinduism after reading all the poisonous posts full of hate by the so called 'Defenders' of the respective religions.

    You're giving your religion a bad name.

    What I decide to do every day will decide whether I am a good man or not. Nothing else and certainly not the label of a Hindu or a Muslim.

    Which race is superior? Malay or Indian?

    Go ahead and argue till the cows come home but the fact is both Indian and Malay blood is red. So is the blood of a Chinese.

    Do Malays have 3 hands or Indians have 3 eyes?

    There are 1 Billion Hindus who say that they are right.

    Similarly, there are 1 Billion Muslims who claim the right to enter Paradise.

    What about the 1 Billion Christians?

    I want to eat Thosai for breakfast and Nasi Lemak for lunch. Char Koay Teow for dinner sounds good too.

    Malaysia is for Malaysians. Not for people full of hate.

    I became a Malaysian after years of living here.

    That's right, I am formerly a Pendatang Asing Dengan Izin [PADI]

    I love Malaysia. I appreciate Malaysia.

  15. Anonymous11:21 pm

    " people seem to run away from it evrytime i tossed the same question..why?"

    Bro anti, they are actually like 'chicken little', you clap one hand they run, you clap two hands they 'pengsan'. They have no guts. They can only make lots of noise boom boom chengg....yanadey yanadey yanadey....that is all, no big deal..When you really ask them to debate with you, they hide behind their momma's skirt. Real pondanish just like what bro Warrior said...Maybe you have to pull them by their ears.....

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  16. Anonymous2:09 am

    Anon 9.57
    You want to talk about spitting on a cow head? What is spitting to these people eh?

    Rata jalan penuh dengan air sireh kemerahan bekas ludah.. Yang tak makan sirih pun apa kurangnya.

    Merata tempat depa huaaak tuuiiiih… depan mata hidung orang lagi!

    Sesama manusia pun tak pandai tunjuk respect, duk tak pasai pasai yang ini nak hebohkan, songeh2 gedik nak cari pasai..

    You think cow head symbol khusus untuk Hindu sahaja ker… Are you not familiar with kena cucuk hidung macam lembu? otak lembu?

    That’s the message these seksyen 23 residents were trying to voice out to those building a KUIL in their area where MAJORITY are Muslims.

    Did these people hang or threw the cow head in any Hindu homes or KUIL?

    Apa Radziah, Xavier, Khalid x2 penganut agama Hindu ker?

    Awak yang perasan lebih2.


  17. Anonymous2:54 am


    Small and short commotion is a common phenomenon and it occurs in every part of of the world! People only make themselves hypocrites by dreaming about a perfect world unless they grown up on the Red Planet.

    By right every human being got his own dream but not all would get the American dream! Anyway, you should feel very lucky as your dream of becoming a Malaysian has come true.

    The question is, if the peoples here are full of hate as per your observation on certain issue, how could you manage to get the PADI status changed to the current status (PR?) in the first place?


  18. Anonymous11:42 am

    Wow.. another penganut ajaran sesat bernama keropok Lekor on the loose..

    Berhujah mcm budak bodoh tak pergi sekolah..siap bold2 lg tulisan mcm bagus sgt soalannya..

    aku nak tanya beberapa soalan kat melayu pariah mengaku muslim terhebat ni..

    Part I:
    Orang muslim? siapa tu..korang saje ke islam? Peralat al-Quran? Bila masa pentadbiran negara ni guna al-Quran? Cuba cerita sikit fungsi & kaedah guna al-Quran untuk membolot harta secara haram?
    Yang ambil hujah2 al-Quran mcm tuhan mencarut tu utk politik hanya tuhanguru korang je..buta ke bodoh?

    Part 2:
    Korang ni geng sebutuh lah dgn org mcm Haris Ibrahim & Malik Imtiaz tu ye? Juara kebebasan mutlak.. take beer! golongan yg bersetuju dgn Ayah Pin & Artikel 11 utk org islam murtad..apa pendirian korang sebenar tentang maruah Islam?..

    Part 3:
    Sebelum ada PAS...tok nenek korang sokong parti apa? Parti cap kepala babi ke cap kepala lembu?

    Jadi sebab sebilangan org pemimpin perangai buruk korang nak lump sum untuk semua 2juta ahli UMNO? Ingat semua ahli UMNO bersetuju dgn kepimpinan mereka? dlm PAS pun 2 x 5 juga..

    Part 4:
    Majoriti puak korang tu dah boleh survive ke kalo meritokrasi dlm ekonomi yang dikuasai puak pendatang hasil acuan british? Nanti bila dah jadi kerja tetap korang guling atas jalan baru nak mula menyesal. Jgnmimpi lah diaorg nak ambil org bodoh mcm korang jd bisnes partner..dia sayang harta, bangsa, bahasa & tulisan dia lebih dari nyawa anjing kurap mcm ko tu..

    Hah.. aku ingat soalan dlm Part 1 pun ko takleh jawab..
    ko pegi lah bertaubat sendiri..
    ko ingat semua org mcm aku ahli UMNO ke? UMNO bukan bapak aku yg punya pun..lainlah mcm ko PAS & Islam korang & puak2 kafir yang punya..tau buat..tau bat.. take beer not takbir..tak layak takbir kalau perangai korang mcm syaitan memecah belah sesama muslim..sebab korang bodoh lah org bukan islam nampak islam tu lemah & boleh naik kepala..cermin lah diri.

    Kesimpulannya, ko ni memang bodoh tahap kepala lembu..lagi sekali ko berhujah terus jadi kepala babi..

    Ko pergi dakwah kat puak2 kafir tu kalo ko rasa dah boleh jadi contoh hebat utk diaorg ikut..

    wei bodoh..mulut diaorg cakap saja baik, dlm hati ko tu tetap melayu juga & kelas pariah bodoh lagi..sebab tu diaorg paaaaling sayang org2 mcm ko dan amat benci org2 mcm aku..sebab kami pandai dari diaorg..hehehehe..

    Aku rasa baik ko pergi terjun bangunan plaza masalam skrg utk buktikan kepala ko pecah hancur atau tidak bila jatuh dari tingkat 14..kami nak lihat demo pencacai pariah mcm korang..itu lebih baik dari guling atas jalan atau cuba bukti korang lebih islam dari org lain dan nik ajis ada jual tiket ke syurga..dulu pandai sungguh cakap org iblis & syaitan..skrg tgk siapa jadi bapak syaitan?

    Aku nak nasihat.. jangan jadi babibuta.. jangan makan babi, ikut perangai babi & ikut telunjuk kaki pemakan babi..itu saja.. simple utk ada maruah sbg melayu muslim.

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  19. Anonymous12:57 pm

    The giveaway of dalang behind the demo is the police. Just watching and not arresting the demos. If PKR, PAS, DAP held even candle sit in, also kena angkut, tp kalau UMNO/BN buat demo, tak berani pegang.
    You know it but still spinning the issue.
    Dino Meru

  20. Saudara Semerah Padi 5:35 AM

    Nampaknya kita telah menggunakan nick yang sama.

    Sebelum ini, diruang ini juga (blog entry "Holy Cow"), saya telah memberi komen menyentuh soal Khalid Samad menyalahkan BN dalam isu "Holy cow" ini (sila rujuk komen-komen terdahulu). Nick adalah seperti biasanya saya guna, iaitu "Semerah Padi".

    Nampaknya kali ini, saudara telahpun menggunakan nick yang sama juga. Saya memuatkan komen ini kerana nampaknya komen saudara adalah tidak sealiran dengan pendirian saya.

    Saya ingin juga memohon maaf kepada Saudara NZain dan lain-lain yang memberi komen balas terhadap "Semerah Padi 5:35 AM" di atas kekeliruan yang timbul.

    Walaubagaimanapun, saya telah mengubahsuai nick saya sepertimana yang tertera kini di komen ini.

    Terima kasih.


    Semerah Padi

  21. skilgannon10663:20 pm


    The fact of the matter is that China and India do not rely solely on exports and imports to rev up their GDP growth. They are also looking at increasing the domestic consumption component of their GDP, given their vast domestic markets and rapidly increasing middle class.

    The other fact is that China and India can choose to go their own way without doing business with Malaysia - they have enough suitors with the likes of Japan, the US, the EU, Australia and the rest of Asean.

    For a trade-dependent Malaysia, there is no alternative but to engage with the rest of the world. Which, for example, means learning Mandarin and English, or even Hindi, French, German and Japanese.

    You can march in the streets and scream your collective heads off, but the hard facts of global economics cannot be denied.

    As the PM and the NEAC has realised. Not so politicians who pander to race and religion, regardless of fault line warnings.

    And you can put all of the above in your knickers and move them around until you experience sensory overload!


  22. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Keropok Lekor,

    Tidak salah kalau Mukmin itu bodoh tetapi jangan membiarkan diri sendiri di perbodohkan oleh parti dan oleh rakan dalam pakatan yang ada kepentingan dan agenda tersendiri.

    Sebagai pengundi atas pagar, saya melihat perselisihan pendapat antara Pas dan mana-mana parti tidak akan tamat waima setelah dunia kiamat. Dan lagi satu, kenapa memberikan kritikn kepada lawan politik seolah-olah dunia nak kiamat keesokannya!

    Bukankah tidak salah berbeza pendapat tetapi dalam beradu pendapat, kenapa mukmin suka menjadi perserta dan menjadi juri dalam masa yang sama? Apa ini?

    Lebih buruk kalau ada yang meletakkan hukum terhadap manusia lain dengan hukuman yang sepatutnya hanya Tuhan yang boleh tentukan bentuk dan nilainya.

    Apapun sikap sebilangan mukmin yang menggunakan agama untuk menakut-nakutkan lain-lain mukmin, untuk tujuan supaya diri sendiri dilihat lebih bijak dan digeruni (kononnya) bukanlah isu baru. Ia telah bermula sejak lama dulu.


  23. Anonymous6:20 pm

    To AntiHindraf and Nzain,

    Thank you for your comments.

    What I find astounding about you both is the level of personal abuse that you people are so quick to hurl.

    Any reader of the Koran knows that it contains many things, words to unbelievers and words to believers. You Nzain are so keen to display your extensive knowledge that you ignore the message before you: that the Koran expressly forbids attacks on 'gods' of other religions, and the reason is given there in the verse itself. Other arguments you may have must be examined in the light of this injunction.

    The hysterical remarks of AntiHindraf are not worth bothering about. If you cannot make a calm, reasoned argument for your case it is best for you to leave the stage.

    Please respect the rules of debate. Hurling personal abuse against me is pointless as you do not know me just as I do not know you both. But let's keep debate at a respectable level. I think if you both listen carefully you will find that we have a lot of common ground.

    Besides, it is worth your examining the Koran, Chapter of the Bee, verse 125:

    ادْعُ إِلِى سَبِيلِ رَبِّكَ بِالْحِكْمَةِ وَالْمَوْعِظَةِ الْحَسَنَةِ وَجَادِلْهُم بِالَّتِي هِيَ أَحْسَنُ إِنَّ رَبَّكَ هُوَ أَعْلَمُ بِمَن ضَلَّ عَن سَبِيلِهِ وَهُوَ أَعْلَمُ بِالْمُهْتَدِينَ

    "CALL THOU (all mankind] unto thy Sustainer's path with wisdom and goodly exhortation, and argue with them in the most kindly manner- [149] for, behold, thy Sustainer knows best as to who strays from His path, and best knows He as to who are the right-guided."

    - Aru

  24. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Anon say,

    "If other races cannot build their place of worship in a Muslim majority area, then why do they build a surau in my housing area which is a non-Muslim majority area. It was build on a playground for the children and all the houses surrounding the surau belongs to non-Muslim ! Can you answer me!!"


    If the presence of a surau near you is somehow made you touchy about it, Internet is not the correct place to solve the matter. It is more wiseful on your part to take it to the local community association so that a heart-to-heart open discussion could be made!! Or else bring it to the attention of the Pas/PR rep in your area for further action. As far as your attitude in this matter is concerned, it only goes to prove one thing bro: silence doesn't necessarily imply the degree of tolerance that you have towards others.

    Pious Chinglot

  25. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Skillgannon 1066,

    So proud to be Chinese AND sentiasa bersyukur to be in the land rightfully theirs WHERE they belong yet remain grateful , humble and faithful to God;



  26. Anonymous10:52 pm


    What make you sick at heart if China have business ties with Malaysia?

    It is sickening to know that a Malaysian like you don't feel happy with what is going on between this nation and the China in the context of bilateral economic cooperation!

    As a matter of fact, the good rapport between China and Malaysia got nothing to do with race and religion. It is based purely on merit and mutual benefits.

    Come on, man, don't make yourself consumed by jealousy just because you are too involved in partisan politics.


  27. Aru

    Where in my comments did I hurl abuses at you? Wow, you're so sensitive at being criticised but have no qualms at all regarding our sensitivities. Double standards.
    If you are really that keen to use the Quran as your defence, I suggest you read up the Surah Al- Tawbah first. You're a clever fella right.
    Read the whole surah and not just parts that suit your purposes.

    Nevertheless, I still stand by what I said. The Quran is to be read and studied in a revered manner and not be used for the purposes of one's own personal or selfish agenda. If you find my "extensive knowledge" of the Quran unbearable that's too bad. Sorry mate, I don't give a damn at all.

  28. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Dey Aru tambhi..

    Hysterical remarks u say? that's all your best shot? sound dumb & pathetic enuff..hehehe..

    Cannot deal with the message & its factual content..its hurts your bullbrain alot, eh? the best resort is to shoot the messenger..easy..

    Still trying to divert from answering my big question..why?

    This is the 3rd "why", the next "why" will automatically confirm that you are just bodoh macam lembu kena cucuk hidung..and behold for the world to view you as a laughing stock..such a pathetic soul.

    Hey tambhi, why not just convert to muslim since u love so much to quote verse from the Quran..if your task were to preach me or any muslim with brain like us about hinduism, you definitely fail big time from the beginning..

    you cannot even explain the fundamental of your own religion belief which is contrary between your own written scripture and your religous practice..what make you feel that u understand Islam more than a muslim like me when you yourself fail with your own religion?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  29. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Cow erd,
    Cow tail da jadi sup ekor la beb. Aku lebeh nak tau siapa dapat filet-mignon.

  30. Anonymous10:50 pm

    filet mignon tu khalid dan rodzih yang merasa. korang dapat telan air telur aja.

  31. By Anon 10:33
    someone have to put a pig's or a dog's head in the masjid. then you people see what will happen. dare U

    Di Melaka dan di Univ Malaya, kejadian ini telahpun berlaku. Kami Muslim masih boleh toleran. Sepatutnya, kita bersyukur dpt hidup aman damai selama ini. Jgn rosakkan demi hawa nafsu.

  32. Well Aaron, Malaysia make a mistake for PR-ing you since you have no faith or religion for our first principle of Rukun Negara is "Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan" which means "Believing in God". No Atheist is allowed here. Sorry.


  33. Anonymous12:05 am

    To the Muslims who loves to sing the ‘toleransi song’, WOULD you be singing the same ‘toleransi song’ should the govt decides to relocate the said temple or any other worshipping place for that matter to your residential area or WOULD YOU BE SINGING A DIFFERENT TUNE ALTOGETHER???

    Maaf Zahir Batin. Semoga kita mendapat hidayah & perlindungan dari ALLAH YANG MAHA ESA. INSYAALLAH. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.