Friday, March 20, 2015

Why are the non-Muslims more upset about Hudud than the Muslims themselves?

Overheard at the office just now: "DAP shouldn't be so upset with PAS. At least they waited until Karpal had gone before they implemented Hudud."

The late Karpal to arwah Nik Aziz on hudud:
 "Over my dead body!"

I am Muslim and I'm cool about Hudud. Well, almost .... I cannot understand why the Christians and other non-Muslims in Malaysia should be upset with Hudud. These laws don't affect them or their children, unless they do two things: 1. convert to Islam and 2. Reside in Kelantan. 

PAS' Hudud doesn't even affect Muslims like me because I live in Puchong, Selangor and I have no plans to migrate to Kelantan. 

As for the Kelantanese Muslims, they must be feeling happy and blessed because their State has implemented Hudud. Except for "liberals like Zaid Ibrahim". But as the blogger Big Dog points out in Crossing the Liberium, the Hudud Enactment was passed unanimously by the democratically-elected Kelantan State Assembly; even Zaid's ex-PKR mates voted for Hudud. 

It is obvious liberals do not respect the principles of democracy, like how they falsely represent themselves to champion the vox populi.They conveniently use their ‘for principles of democracy’ when it serves their intent and purpose. However, when democratically elected Kelantan State Assembly representatives unanimously voted for the Hudud Enactment Bill, they throw below the belt potshots.
How can the liberals be taken seriously when they behave like uneducated, under-loved, poorly brought up and intolerable spoilt-social-misfits, whenever their aspirations are crossed. Worse still, by the wish of the majority.
This is traits of nothing but political anarchists.

Seasoned journalist Nuraina A. Samad feels strongly about Hudud. Unlike the liberals, though, she says she believes in the beauty of Allah's laws. What she doesn't have is faith in the people who have been so eager to adopt those laws.
So, to me how wonderful IF we can enforce the Shariah to a T as God demands it ... (but)  I have little confidence in those empowered to enforce the Shariah, having seen how our moral guardians have shown themselves to be.
Read her entry Let's Talk Hudud.

The most childish and therefore bitter response towards Hudud, I think, must be Hannah Yeoh, the one that blogger Helen Ang calls "Evengelista":

Terima kasih PAS Kelantan. Keranamu timeline dah berubah daripada 1MDB dan Akta Hasutan kepada hudud. Menepati kehendak UMNO.


  1. Anonymous7:48 pm

    A common denominator that will unite Muslims, pas, pasma, umno; whatever party it is, hudud unites the malays..
    For DAP, this is the beginning of to the end of any effort to divide malay muslims..


  2. Anonymous7:51 pm

    PAS cannot enforce the criminal law as criminal is under Federal Law. So what is the point of hudud. to show how stupid the muslim are or to get more votes?
    Even UMNO has become stupid more than ever..err..UMNO has always been stupid. now it is up to Zairil of DAP to support all the way, as a fellow muslim..

  3. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Subahshini Rajasingham. Indira Gandhi. Banggarma Subramaniam. Teoh Cheng Cheng. Chang Ah Mee. Shamala Sathiyaseelan. Nik Raina Nik Abdul Aziz. Revathi Massosai.

  4. Anonymous9:27 pm

    First, let's put aside the argument whether Hudud in Kelantan is enforceable w/out amendments at the Federal level and if Federal Government is going to do so.

    What I want to know is what problem/improvement Hudud is supposed to solve/bring?

    Will Kelantan no longer be the poorest state in Malaysia & poorer than Indonesia.

    Will hudud solve the drug addiction issue among the malays there?

    Will hudud solve or at least reduce rate of HIV infection in the state?

    Will rape victims such as in the case of the gang rape 1-2 years ago be given justice?

    As a Muslim, I am concerned, very concerned.

    1. Anonymous8:54 pm

      The fact that you yourself cannot answer shows how low is your islamic belief.

      shame in you...

  5. Anonymous6:59 am

    Ala. Ada gak Muslim yang upset.
    Mana yang ada kesempatan pasti mau lari.
    Human nature ma. Especially bila ada unsur ketidakadilan, fitnah, kemiskinan, rasuah. Orang lebih pentingkan kesejahteraan hidup di dunia ni.
    Kan ada yang migrate ke negara yang dibenci yang dilabel sebagai kafir.

  6. No matter how much we're spoon-fed with tons of information, we don't bother to read & most of the times we like to jump to conclusions.

    We can't implement hudud if it DOES NOT apply to all Muslims.
    QS4:135 O you who believe! Stand firmly for justice, as witnesses to God, even if against yourselves, or your parents, or your relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, God takes care of both. So do not follow your desires, lest you swerve. If you deviate, or turn away-then God is Aware of what you do.

    Another fact - there's not even one death penalty (capital punishment) mentioned in the Holy Quran for fornication/adultery/same-sex intercourse, apostasy and so forth. Except Qisas when you take another life, you'll be executed if found guilty. But again, if the victim's family forgives you, you must pay an amount of compensation. If the victim is the breadwinner of the family, you'll have to financially support them until they can be independent.

    ZINA: Fornication/Adultery/Same-sex intercourse - Take note the 4 witnesses should be devoted pious Muslim men like Imam, Mufti. Not everybody can simply be witnesses. So it's a very difficult task since Imam and Mufti don't have the time to sneak into people's private lives. In this modern age, it can be proven with DNA test. Zina leads to serious consequences especially when the future/plight of the illegitimate children is concerned.

    No punishment is mentioned on gambling and drinking alcohol except Allah swt said it's FORBIDDEN (haram). They still can be helped by counselling only if they want to change their lives. On amputation, it involves serious offense. During Saidina Umar Al Khattab's reign, he set up Baitulmal to help the poor so that they can help themselves and be independent. But if you're already rich and still stealing, should you be helped?

    Take note, many considerations have to be taken into account before the amputation can be carried out. Bribery, fund embezzlement is classified as theft in this context.

    We all have to be clear on the LAWS set in the Holy Quran. Laws in the hadith should be reconciled with the Holy Quran because the latter is the WORD OF GOD whereas hadith authenticity is questionable and not free from errors. By right, we should abide Allah swt laws and not man-made laws. Please get the right information instead of labeling HUDUD LAWS as barbaric.

  7. charleskiwi8:05 am

    Again as I have said that before, all the running dogs at MCA and also all the other ass kissing junior partners of BN. Are just trying to gain some political mileage for themselves.
    In fact, right now, hudud is just what this country needs more than anything else. All the rules and laws the country have are unable to discourage or help to diminishing. Just the opposite it is getting worse by the days, from millions in the past it is now involving billions in all the scandals.
    Especially with the revelation, almost daily, of the scandals and corruptions that are taking place in Putrajaya. The hudud will for sure help to deter some of them from being corrupted or not so blatant about being corrupted. Nothing will ever help stop the corrupted ones from doing what they are. They are innate to it and nothing can ever impede them for doing what they truly are.
    Just like trying to prevent snakes from biting, right now these schmucks at Umno are so blatant about corruptions because they know the people enforcing the laws are unable to stop them from being corrupted.
    These very corrupted ones will no doubt try to support the implementation of hudud just to show they are not corrupted and thus have no fear of hudud. They must think they are immune to hudud or have ways to impede hudud from being enforced on them. Just like MACC from taking actions against them !

  8. Anonymous10:40 am

    I am a Muslim and I am not cool about hudud as it is PAS hudud not Allah law. Allah the almighty don't need your help to dispense Allah punishment so why you go blindly support a law created by a bunch of half past 6 politician. If tun m was around, it would be so easy for him to put shame on PAS hudud proposal. Because umno leadership it so lame it has to praise hudud proposal coming from it's opposition. Why don't umno give up it power and handed to PAS since PAS gave the ultimate solution to Muslim Malaysia. UMNO so lame to praise PAS hudud. What we have already meet ALLAH command why bother with some man made jibberish.

  9. SiV125112:51 pm

    This is, too, are lining up to take potshots against Hannah Yeoh.

    Like blogger Helen Ang. But Ms Helen has an agenda of sorts which seems to be virulently anti-Christian (especially Christians who belong to the evangelical churches).

    Be that as it may. Ms Helen is protected by her right of freedom of expression.

    Why isn't that same right extended to Ms Yeoh?

    Are supporters of hudud treated with kid gloves, while those who question hudud are subjected to racial epithets, vile abuse and physical harm? And that it is ok to do all of this in the name of a religion?

    Where exactly do you stand on this, Bru?

    You have been straddling the fence long enough as it is?

    Are you going to stand by idly while the "clash of civilizations" starts to play out in Malaysia?

    Who will be the losers? Malaysians themselves.

  10. Why? Bcoz they have many Gods... he..he.. which god, we never knew but they still claim on Allah be their God ! The funny side, yet they're really worried about hudud that have nothing to do with them ! So Puchong man, I respect ur stance.

    Damn! Bottoms up ! Thats what they are !

  11. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Apa masalah non-muslim ni??? Hudud ni tak melibatkan depa pun. Kalau depa buat salah, depa akan dihukum dibawah undang2 negara sedia ada. Hudud ni hanya akan berkuatkuasa di Kelantan keatas orang Islam yang dah aqil baligh. Yang non-muslin dok meroyang macam kucing mati anak ni apasal?????

  12. Anonymous11:14 pm

    is there something wrong with your site? when I open your blog and its links, I get directed to a "" site. Is it malware? It isn't just my pc or phone. i used iPad also, found same thing.

  13. Anonymous11:57 pm

    The reason these people are jumpin 'n hoppin about is that Islam is coming further into the public sphere where it truly belongs. These "nons" and libbys' have been working so hard to push Islam into the private and personal space far away from their world. The reason being that Islam challenges them at every level - their way of life, their materialistic and hedonistic aspirations, their willingness to be subjugated by their lords in the west, their serious lack of self worth, their sense of inferiority and inadequacy - the list can go on and on. Islam is uncompromising and steadfast. These "nons" & libbys can't handle that, so they want the reach of Islam to be curtailed and they set out their agenda in various guises - be it by claiming that hudud is an infringement of their human rights, that "moderation" is the best way, that hudud conflicts with the Federal Constitution etc. etc.
    We, Muslims must know what is important, fundemental and necessary for us in this jahiliyah times and guard our faith strongly against all these detractors.

  14. I forgot to mention that stoning to death on adultery can't be found in the Holy Quran. It's in the Old Testament (Torah @Pentateuch @Taurat).

    "The adulteress and the adulterer must be stoned to death" Al Son'aniy, Subul Al Salam
    It's argued this one very particluar Quranic verse on adultery capital punishment was left out from the Holy Quran compilation.

    Don't you think we Muslims are contradicting this particular verse, Surah Al-An'aam Verse 115? Allah swt says His Word has been completed, in truth and justice, and there's no changing to His Words. He gives His guarantee to safeguard the Holy Al Quran as clearly stated in Surah Al Maidah Verse 48.

    So therefore, the above verse cannot be part of the Holy Al Quran due to the fact it contradicted with Surah An-Nur Verse 2 where the offenders (regardless single or married) will be lashed with 100 strokes if found guilty.

    6:115 The Word of your Lord has been completed, in truth and justice. There is no changing to His words. He is the Hearer, the Knower.

  15. Anonymous10:53 am

    Because we don't want our brothers to get into trouble and accept something that is bad for EVERYONE !

  16. Anonymous10:53 am

    Hudud law is a man-made hypocrite law that used to oppress the women, the poor, the downtrodden and the minorities. Aceh under Hudud law, is still one of the top 5 most corrupted province in Indonesia. How nice for the sultan of Brunei that dare to declare himself and his family exempted from punishment of the same law that he had implemented.

  17. Anonymous10:54 am

    Hudud law is a man-made hypocrite law that used to oppress the women, the poor, the downtrodden and the minorities. Aceh under Hudud law, is still one of the top 5 most corrupted province in Indonesia. How nice for the sultan of Brunei that dare to declare himself and his family exempted from punishment of the same law that he had implemented.

  18. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Why is the 1MDB PM so silent on a pressing national issue so grave as this hudud bill?

  19. /// Anonymous said...
    A common denominator that will unite Muslims, pas, pasma, umno; whatever party it is, hudud unites the malays.. ///

    What an asinine reasoning - cutting your nose off to spite your face. How about uniting Malays by setting an ISIS caliphate in Malaysia?

  20. Anonymous8:54 pm

    While the non-Muslims appear to be more upset than Muslims about Kelantan's hudud pronouncement, I think it is not far-fetched to say that many Muslims are privately very concerned about where the Islamist PAS is bringing the Malay people.

  21. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Why upset? Because we allow them to be upset.

    Try lah to be upset in Indonesia. Can? We allow them to be upset on what us none of their business.


  22. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Anon 6:42 ini lah Cina... my business is my business...your business is my business..

  23. It's naive to think that Hudud won't affect non-muslims. Even today, syariah and civil courts are embroiled in jurisdiction conflicts.

    I'm sorry but your statement doesn't carry any credence. It's an assumption, a crude one at that.

  24. Anonymous7:35 am

    Let the Melayus have hudud. We shall have 50% of the nation with only one hand. Padan muka. Don't even talk about Indonesia when it suits you, they fucking hate Melayus. Why? Because Melayus have no shame.

  25. I as a non-muslim are concern about huduh, because it is about human rights. Imagine the victim in crime of rape. Where will the victim find 4 witnesses? Because if she doesn’t, the tables are completely turned on her and she will be charged for qazaf (slanderous accusation), punishable by 80 lashes. what if a non-Muslim rapes a Muslim? Or Muslim commits a crime against a non-Muslim? Which system are you going to use?