Saturday, July 26, 2014

Balan-ced blog, explicit content

Wan-nabe: Name already submitted for MB post! Source Malay Mail
If you like the stuff made by Balan Moses, veteran ex-NST journalist and author of the book Brickfields and Beyond. there's good news: the man is opening a blog soon. He told me the blog will basically park his thoughts on current affairs, including cuttings of his weekly column in ABN News. 
For a sample of Balan-ced Perspective, his latest piece on the sorry episode the Reluctant MB-to-be and why Wan Azizah as MB of Selangor might weaken PKR's position among the people in the State who thought they would be ushering in a new era of state politics by rejecting the BN ... 
I have my own thoughts on my residential state, Selangor, but I have to save it after Raya due to the explicit nature of those thoughts ...


  1. Aiyooo...I cannot than this guy la.

  2. Salaam Aid Il Fitr, Rocky and juga kepada semua umat Islam.

    Saya menunggu, the "explicit nature of your thoughts."

  3. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Selamat Hari Raya aidilfitr, Latuk Locky.


  4. Anonymous10:05 am

    Slmt menyambut hari baik bulan baik. Tuan rocky saya tak pernah miss perjalanan tuan dan rakan2,ke bumi suci. Allah rehai perjalanan tuan2 kesana walaupon kena menempohi segala dugaan dariNya. Amiin.

  5. Anonymous1:34 pm

    You should make love to Art Harun.