Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Can you blame the police for Dataran's "fall"?

I blame the police. If the police are going to stand back and allow mayhem to disrupt peace every time, as they did at the traditional Dataran Merdeka New Year bash last night, I'm afraid people like me will start losing confidence in the ability of the police to stand up to "a small group" of trouble makers. I think Bukit Aman Internal Seecurity and Public Order direcetor Salleh Mat Rashid should not worry about those "pictures and videos", he should be worried of the fact that these protesters will be more emboldened by their success in "capturing" Dataran Merdeka last night despite heavy police presence. 
Salleh says police will make arrests after collecting enough evidence. What's the point? Thousands of people at the Dataran were not able to count down the New Year last night simply because the police "would not be a tool to (the protesters') agenda"?
Salleh says the rally was a ploy to start chaos ala Thailand and Egypt. That's not a claim to treat lightly. Thousands of people have died in violent street clashes and protests in Thailand and Egypt. If Salleh had evidence to back up this claim, then giving in to the protesters last night was an epic failure on the part of the police. 
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  1. Anonymous1:32 pm

    I think the police did a terrific job. They did the best they could. You have no idea how difficult to handle large aggressive crowd. These disgruntled lots had an extreme appetite for destruction. Ever ready to headbutting anyone and anything in front of them. And you have young people too over there with strong anti-establishment attitude. These naive lads really didn't know real world work. Full of absurd ideas and cocooned in campus environment, these people view the world through rose-tinted window. They are too idealist and didn't realized thing sometimes don't work in like it should. These youth is like what Cat Steven said in his song 'Oh baby baby it's wild world, it's hard to get by just upon a smile..'
    When these people in a large group, the sentiment in the air is high. Even the rational among them could go berserk. As it grows bigger and bigger and reach tipping point, all hell will break lose. A decision to stop the program was a wise one. Prevention is better than cure. At least nothing extreme or serious happened last night. Nobody got injured or killed. It showed that the situation was UNDER CONTROL.

  2. Anonymous1:58 pm

    On the contrary, PDRM acted very wisely. The days of the Police acting aggressively on people gathering and voicing criticisms and dissatisfaction against the authorities is over. It should be allowed, but controlled, and not threatened with force. This is the way things happen in developed countries, of which Malaysia aspires to be one by 2020.

    sri hartamas

  3. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Contrary to that, police did just fine yesterday night. It will be total catastrophic if heavy handed method used that night with innocent public, youngs and olds at large. On the other hand, being a developed nation does not means being nice or succumbed to the threat of the aggressors. London, New York, Seattle etc had shown that sometimes brutal power needed to suppress element of anarchism. Lets not be fooled by lame democracy shouts. Its peace and harmony that should be upheld at any cost. I would rather spill some bloods than sacrifices this mother nation tranquility.

  4. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Tan Sri,

    I just love the way you are lamenting the lack of water cannons, rubber bullets, army vehicles and tear gas, yet you seem to have no problem with your paymasters' annual billions of mismanagement, corruption and wastage that the rakyat are painfully paying for now.

    Your BFF Isa Samad tell us it's not umno's fault, and I think for once you'd be glad to agree. Heck, give each other a big, big, hug. It's new year.

  5. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Sri hartamas.
    Pls check properly in You Tube on how
    the True Blues react in the develop country on the same situation. One touch on the blues and the whole team come charging on horses , batton drawn assist by guard dog .
    What do we have here now in our beloved country ? A softy Blues who can be kick , punch , piss on and humiliated .
    I longed the good old days where the blues are much respected and feared
    They handled student demo those days with canes and nobody dare to cross sword with them then.
    Some folks who were involved still remembered the pain from the cane till this day .
    So , to the Blues .. bring back the cane and ... the pride .
    Dato Rocky , i'm with you.
    In the honour of SI 21251.


  6. Anonymous1:51 am

    Police did a good job and so did the protestors but not the DBKL. They shouldn't have called off the concert and count down.


  7. IT.Scheiss5:01 am

    Dato Rocky,

    Practically, if the police had used tear gas and water canon on the rowdy protestors who were in close proximity with the new year revellers including foreign tourists, just think what would have happened to the revellers and to Malaysia's reputation worldwide, especially if foreign tourists are caught in the crossfire.

    Also, the police have said they believe there's a bigger agenda behind these protests so avoided reacting and falling for their provocation, but would be taking action against the organisers, so this is not end of the story yet.

    Malaysians have the right to peacefully protest against price rises, etc. but here these protestors acted immaturely in a manner which could endanger the revellers.

    Also practically speaking, these mostly student protestors in no way can topple the government, unlike those in Thailand who most probably have the army behind them in the background, which could launch a coup against the present government if it acted upon the protestors too harshly.

    In Thailand, the military and the police are not on the best of terms, so prime minister Ying Luck has to tread very carefully, given Thailand's realpolitik, which is very different from Malaysia's.

    Likewise, the Bolsheviks would not have been able to take power and topple the Kerensky provisional government of Russia without their own armed units, the Red Guards, and some of the military on their side in the storming of the Winter Palace.

    This silent movie (with music) by Soviet film maker Sergei Eisenstein testifies to that.

    Also, historian John D Clare gives seven possible reasons why the Bolsheviks won.

    These conditions don't exist in Malaysia right now.

    The French Revolution and the earlier Russian Revolution of March 1917 (Gregorian calendar) which brought down the Czar also with the help of soldiers and Duma (parliament), both resulted from mass starvation, a dysfunctional economy, mass poverty, disgruntled soldiers and dysfunctional government.

    However despite rising prices, we in Malaysia are far from starving yet, so conditions are not "ripe" for topling the government by street protests.

  8. Anonymous9:27 am

    Dearest Datuk,

    You are one of the lucky elites who may not feel the pain of living in a cramped flat,taking bus/LRT to work & school and now having to cut back even on our daily basic foods with the rising costs and this could be the reason why you will never understand why so many people even from afar took the trouble to come down to voice their dissatisfaction of the govt. Spare a thought for the poor, Datuk rather than for those high flying rich leaders and their tycoons friends in power.

  9. Anonymous10:20 am

    Until and unless, the police are not controlled and manipulated by the UMNO bastards, their duties and loyalty to the country and the rakyat are never in doubt. Otherwise they are just a bunch of useless security guards engaged for polishing UMNO balls.