Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who stabbed Guan Eng in the back?

Let's read, in full, what Lim Guan Eng had to say about the Registrar of Societies' decision against the DAP. 
Guan Eng: ‘It’s political assassination! We’re stabbed in the back!’ 
18 APR 2013 06:47PM
By Lam Seng Fatt and Noorsila Abd Majid
KUALA LUMPUR: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has called the Registrar of Societies (ROS)  move not to recognise its Central Executive Committee (CEC)  as “political assassination”.
He also called for The Election Commission (EC) to issue a statement in black and white to prove that DAP can still use its Rocket symbil in in the upcoming 13trh General Election, as reported by The Star.
“We can’t take the chances,” Lim said during a press conference at the DAP headquarters here. “So many promises have been broken. By not recognising our CEC, that means our office bearers are not recognised as officials by the authorities. So, they can’t authorise the candidates to use our party symbol.”
According to Lim, the crisis started when ROS issued two letters with two conflicting messages on April 17. The first letter stated that the inquiry on the CEC – which was caused by a slip-up on non-CEC member Vincent Wu during the last party election on Dec 15, has been postponed to May 9.
The second letter, which was received on April 18, stated that the ROS do not recognise the CEC.
When asked if DAP would consider standing in the election as independent candidates, Lim said:  ”We don’t want to contest as independent. We won’t be able to tap on the coalition party’s strength. We also have to fight other independent candidates. So we have partners – PAS and PKR – who will allow us to contest under their banners.”
As a sign of solidarity, PAS secretary general, Datuk Mustafa Ali and PKR secretary general, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail were also present at the press conference.
Lim said DAP will likely contest in peninsular Malaysia under the PAS ticket and in Sabah and Sarawak under the PKR banner.
He urged on Barisan Nasional to fight “fair and square” instead of sabotaging DAP.  ’It’s political assassination! We’re stabbed in the back!’
On whether by using the PAS banner will diminish the Chinese support for DAP, Lim said: “Let it be spoken at the ballot box. When we use PAS symbol, people will see how they (the ruling party) have victimised and prosecuted DAP.” - ABN News

This is what (Guan Eng thinks) Guan Eng excels in. 

But the fact is this: the crisis did not start with the ROS. We all know that. The crisis started when DAP members demanded a probe into their party's CEC election boo-boo last December. It was also his own members also demanded that Guan Eng call for fresh CEC elections after the fiasco. The ROS had to investigate. 

It's all here, Guan Eng, you can't fool all of us all of the time. You have been stabbed in the back, yes, but by your own members. Assassinated (such a grand word, why not just just opt for, er, screwed? or fucked?) by your own members.

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p.s And if the Registrar thought it was doing Guan Eng a favor, it's got it coming. A lot of quarters are riled by the RoS' ruling, which they deem as too bloody lenient.


  1. Lim Guan Eng...LGE

    Losing General Election...

  2. cocky, arrogant & talk-cock asked for it. sendiri buka pintu, orang pun masuk la. dah dapat kuasa sikit sudah mabok.

  3. Anonymous11:48 pm

    This just show that Najib is really scare of DAP the most and want to remove DAP through technical. So UMNO's wish will come true when vote DAP means vote PAS when they change logo.

  4. the mean machine12:31 am

    By showing that it has abused its power over the public institution,Umno/BN will be punished in the upcoming polls by all Malaysians who despised authoritarian rule.

  5. Anonymous12:44 am

    What do you mean by 'lenient'?
    Should de-register altogether?
    Is that what the complainants wanted? Show us the link where the own party members wanted the deregistration!

    Or was that the scheme conceptualised with your inputs as well but did not materialise and hence you are also jumping high?


  6. Anonymous1:15 am

    Right in front of our shops, huge PAS flags flying atop tall trees, I was wondering why as my area 98& are Chinese..(Normally these many huge flags lined up during Apek's all souls day' festivities).

    ....and most of these Apeks, when serban or purdah clad PAS and their familY members pass them by, would never smile let alone greeted each other!!!(Open secret they truly taknak kawan wan)

    To imagine they are contesting under PAS banners??? real joke of the century. hehehehehe

    No wonder my APEK neighbour and his family (28 of them, inlaws, granpas bla bla) have booked their family tour to Taiwan (not voting), I suspected earlier something is not right as these are hardcore DAP supporters!!

    Ini rupanya?


  7. Guan Eng until today still don't trust PKR, refuse to use PKR's symbol in penisular malaysia.

  8. Anonymous2:33 am

    CINA komunis ni memang bijakTidak mSuk akal boleh salah kira undi yang tidak seberapa tu melainkan ada gameplan di sebaliknya..Ini taktik DAPuntuk memperolehi undi melayu PAS .puak hijau ni kebanyakanjya kurang pendedahan dan senang ditipu selain jumud.Cina memang akan undi DAP dan mereka tahu taktik DAP ini.Kenapa tak pakai lambang PKr d semenanjung... sebabnya org melayu dalam PaS sendiri pun sudah mula cuak dengan persenvkokolan PR .Inilah caranya utk meraih undi melayu demi mencapai matlamat mereka

  9. Grand Marquis4:27 am

    Lim Guan Eng, why don't you take responsibility by admitting that either the glitch in DAP is the result of your incompetency as the secretary general or you are manipulating your own party electoral system for your own gain. The problem is no other your own doing and don't put your failure into others.

  10. Anonymous5:03 am

    DAp really cocky and arrogant stupid people ahhhh...obvious problem on their part with the whole CEC fiasco and they expect not to get any problems over it. Only know to blame others.

    This already big problem, how can you expect these people to manage a state?


  11. Anonymous5:54 am

    Cybertroopers working late tonight.....right after bru's posting.....kerja overtime ke?

  12. Thanks rocky for telling it the way it is. Nowadays anything bad happens to PR, BN/UMNO is blamed no matter what. Did BN complain to the ROS? NO, it was DAP's own members!

    If you use common sense, what does BN gain with DAP being deregistered? Nothing, and as you can see now, they have more to lose as people see it as an "abuse of power"

    I'm sick of this politics of hate that is going on. As a normal citizen of Malaysia, all I want in the GE is to vote for the person who I think is the most capable. Not to vote against the person /party that I hate.

  13. drMpower7:12 am

    let met get this straight

    DAP did party election
    according to 700+, DAP party election was rigged by so many stuffs
    DAP calculated the votes
    DAP adjusted the calculated votes
    DAP managed to promote someone that was waaayy down the order, to higher places in the vote recounting

    all i see, were DAP doings. and when shit hit the fan, its someone else to blame?


  14. BN is not fear of DAP but rather very concern that if DAP are to win this election, Malaysia may experience another round of (worst) than 13th May. This is what every Malaysian should be concerned about more than anything else

  15. Lim Guan Eng did not get stabbed in the back. It was him who stab the grass-root DAP members by not inviting them to party election.

    Why is it, like the rest of the oppositions' sex videos, they divert the fault to UMNO/BN when they only got themselves to blame?

    UMNO had been deregistered before. Its members have been prosecuted in court from time to time.

    While everybody else in the Malaysia respect the rule of law, the opposition adopt the holier-than-thou attitude. I wonder what would happen to our country if these people were to form the federal government.

  16. Anonymous8:17 am



    which means balance = scales = BN

    it's divine message from Almighty

  17. Anonymous9:06 am

    The message has got around This has made Chinese angry. They had lost faith in MCA who sold them out long ago Now they are being denied a voice through DAP which has become very popular among the chinese
    They will stand under PAS banner-now what? In one swoop you have made the Chinese give their protest vote to the govt in large numbers and then get malays who dont like umno at the same time. PAS and DAP will then campaign together to show solidarity against BN

  18. Anonymous9:11 am

    So rockybru, you have been unmasked as a paid agent of the BN/DUMNO. You do not seem to see the bigger picture with your narrow brain. God help Malaysia if people like your bosses continue to rule Malaysia.

  19. Anonymous9:11 am

    The Dapsters always think that they are above the law. I am absolutely rejecting DAP because they do not respect the law, they practice nepotism, they practice cronyism and they are very deceitful and manipulative! DAP is a self-serving party. They remind me of The Animal Farm: All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. This is DAP's real tagline. And because DAP is a part of PR, I am automatically rejecting Keadilan and PAS. I want to ubah but this is definitely not the kind of ubah that I have in mind.

  20. Anonymous9:51 am

    Lim Guan Eng, why don't you take responsibility by admitting that either the glitch in DAP is the result of your incompetency as the secretary general or you are manipulating your own party electoral system for your own gain.

    The problem is no other YOUR own doing and don't put your failure into others.

    You are right Bro with your remarks above.

    Your trouble your own doing..Now shift the blame to others... Typical STUPID IDIOT mentality...
    1. Who denied the votings rights of 700+ peoples?
    2. Who manipulate the election results?
    3. Who made the complaints to ROC?

    BODOH PUNYA KIT SIANG (tears konon!!!) & GUAN ENG..


    but your own shit stick to ur buttok, you blame the tissue paper, when you do not wipe it properly..USE water la BODOH !!!!

  21. Anonymous10:03 am

    dear Rocky Bru , wish you well. not for publish.

    is that a chance that the current noise of deregistration of dap and not able to use their rocket logo in election is an ultimate strategy of dap?

    these are my supporting keys:
    - the sink ship is vocal in any shit but when came to this, he shows no usual tantrum and just say no issue and use pas logo.
    - the late yesterday so called media conference of that tokong seems like a careful crafted stunt. it is like a big stab on bn and get as many sympathy votes that he can get. his tone the timing of this shit is just fishy.
    - spr is the first line for them to disrupt to run down the gov because when spr cant function then the election will be ruined and win or lose does not matter anymore because chaos will take over and the dap is the master in causing chaos.

    hope you would write your insights about this.

    have a nice day.

  22. think for a moment BATU,

    i wonder what you'll think of ros's action 2 days b4 nomination & how you'll write if it was UMNO instead of BN in this situation.

    but then as usual, you've got not much of moral values to make a fair evaluation of this situation.

  23. Anonymous10:27 am

    This time they want black n white printed paper, last time whatever accusation they made based on heresay. Hipocrates

  24. Anonymous10:35 am


    This is what DAP want actually.Their grand much more than what you can expect.

  25. Anonymous10:37 am

    Tak apa lah, life in Bolehland has never been a level playing field. Ass-licking officials, ass-licking referees, ass-licking commentators like Rocky.....we have grown up on a tilted playing field, and we can still win.

    Ultimately, it is the will of the people, our supporters. We will send these clowns running to their ill-gotten mansions in Perth, London, Ottawa, Sydney, Singapore, Medan, wherever.

    There will be such of shout of liberation when these bullies are kicked out of government.

  26. Anonymous10:51 am

    Dey Kim Guan Beng,

    "This is what (Guan Eng thinks) Guan Eng excels in. "
    Bill Gates doesnt allow us to mention Excel and guan beng in a same sentence after MS Excel got blamed in CEC election blunder.

    A political party can give ultimatum to ROS for its own boo-boo? Is this Pyongyang ?

  27. Who cares who did what to come to this situation at the 11th hour. Honestly I am looking forward to seeing Karpal, Lims and Hannah Yeoh too, contest under PAS! Indeed it is such an opportunity. But considering UMNO is being advised by a bunch of looneys, I guess they will read the comment sections of Malaysiakini on this news and arrive at a decision. ROS will sadly revoke their letter and allow DAP to contest under the Rocket..that is sad, don't you think?

    1. Anonymous2:44 pm

      ...who cares? your 700+ bloody Indian DAP cares... you dumbarse!

  28. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Muslim will choose YB based on the individual quality but not so much on the party. For example, if a muslim party has Goaty appearance and the candidate representing the party has similar goaty quality, this candidacy is to be considered a select-able candidate.

    In contrast, if the party is Goatic in appearance but party's candidate look like something else, for example more of a Doggy than Goaty, voters will reject this kind of hypocritical candidacy.

    Dap on the other hand believe that people will look at them not because of the individual character of its candidate but more on party appearance, Meaning, they have so many YBs not because of the mental capacity its candidate but it is because of the fanaticism toward symbols and slogans!

    With that observation, it is expected that if party symbols and slogans are to be declared "illegals" they would feel the world is at its end, so does the political journey of the famous Kim Malayan Dynasty.

  29. Anonymous1:10 pm


    When one doesn't have much to say, take the moral high groud. Not a word from you about DAP illegal CEC. Now who is the real BATU here?

  30. Anonymous1:16 pm

    The smell of fear permeates the very air we breathe....all the UMNO dogs are running round and round in fear......this is a good sign for the country.

  31. Anonymous1:22 pm

    The fear of losing is all too real. All the defence contracts get reviewed. 1MDB gets audited by international firms. Goldman Sachs get sued for being accomplices to rip off the country. Commission of inquiry on Taib Mahmud and his family. Reopening of Altantuya on issues like erased immigration records, whose instructions to silence her.

    Be scared, UMNO. Be really scared. We might have to rebuild Pudu jail for UMNO crooks.

  32. Anonymous3:07 pm

    1.16, my name is Abdul Hamid, an UMNO dog as you said, ok, but I'm not running around as you said. I'm here right in my doggie house worth about 3/4 of a million which I built about 35 years ago at a cost of just under 150k.
    After the GE , I won't be running anywhere, come what may, but remember this, don't you too go anywhere and if you need me you can give your e-mail address or hp number here so I can accomodate you if you want to take the law into your own hand. Just remember , people of your type only think of what you can do unto others. Have you ever paused for a moment and envision what others can do to you? We have a saying that goes like this,'If you talk in the daytime - watch out for strangers and if you talk at night, open your ears for any enemies'. Kapish you dirty hog?

    1. Anonymous11:56 am

      Wow, this old UMNO DOG thinks he has done well. He ignores the rape and pillage by his masters. Hundreds of billions sucked out by the leeches that old Hamid worships as his leaders.

      Without the looting, we would all have cheaper cars, cheaper electricity, free water, free quality education. Cheaper houses for the poor. No tolls on roads. Instead, we have poor services, stadium that has collapsed roof, leaking parliament and leaking courthouses. We have substandard cars that cause untold deaths on roads.

      Poor Hamid has every right to worship the masterful thieves in UMNO. he may be part of the scam to rip off the rest of us. ABU !! ABU !!

      With all the piratisation under UMNO, your leaders drive huge imported cars like Bentley and Ferrari. They holiday in their second homes in Canada, Australia and Europe. They have accounts in all the tax havens.

  33. Grand Marquis4:03 pm

    Anon 10:37 am,

    You forget about LGE ass licker

  34. due to party's misconduct and OWN mistake
    he yet say such harsh words to najib?
    lim guan eng – bapak? celaka?
    quote 1 – “bapak dia pun tak buat macam ni, tapi anak dia…” quote 2 – “kalau menang macam celaka macam ni…”
    is this how our pemimpin tertinggi will speak to public/media? goshh..

  35. Anonymous5:35 pm

    I am so going to vote for najis's BN until this Ros stupid decision. Now I am a convert. I will vote pakatan.
    And to all cybertroopers...sudahlah..nobody visit rockybru anymore nowadays.

    And after today I won't come here also.

  36. Anonymous6:13 pm


    Get your facts right. How to vote for dap when you twist facts and blame others for your shortcomings, cheating (fellow members) and now blaming Najib. It was dap people who complained to ROS. BE FAIR. You change your stupid attitude before trying to change others.

  37. Anonymous6:17 pm

    1:16 -- Who is running round in fear? Who denied dap members of voting in party elections? And your mother didnt teach you any manners? Calling people dogs!!!

  38. Anonymous6:21 pm

    anon 1:22
    Carry on dreaming.

  39. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Hello 10:37

    Why dont you get out of this country? cant go anywhere else? Your grandfathers country dont want you? because your type are not wanted anywhere on this earth. The only one who will be shouting is you, being a lunatic.

  40. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Agree with Sam @ 8:06

  41. rafil9:50 pm

    Yhamks for the info bro..You are the "Real Deal" and true Malaysian Hero!

  42. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Daddy Anak Party
    Demanding Arrogant Pansies
    Derogatory Abusive Pushovers
    Dim-witted Asinine Pompous
    Depraved Absurd Pussies

  43. Anonymous2:57 pm

    DAP manoharan is right, he should resign together with his father.

    DAP is not Family Party, or a sdn bhd party and why should we vote DAP when they only think of them selves?

    why should we vote DAP? when they did nothing towards chinese community?

    why should we vote DAP? when what they did is to create a chaos and racial disharmony toward other community?

    why should we vote DAP? when they create a personal relationship with thug and triad gang member?

    why should we vote DAP? when they they are dishonest towards chinese community?

    On the first place they NEVER CARE, they only have self interest.

    ONLY BN create and give chinese community harmony and economy opportunity.

    i hereby vote for BN.

  44. PAShit5:41 pm

    yo moron!

    Assmin ali drives a Ferarri. so does Ust Azhar. Ac Mizal drives a Bentley!


    PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit

  45. PAShit5:43 pm

    Yo anon 11.56,

    Please lodge 100 police reports against these alleged looters. I will support you 100% from your behind hehe!

    PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit