Monday, February 25, 2013

Election Integrity Pledge - What are Pakatan Leaders waiting for?

Updated, 27 Feb: Anwar Ibrahim has openly denounced the Transparency International Malaysia's Election Integrity Pledge [Hanya pemimpin rasuah sokong Ikrar Integrity Pilihanraya: Anwar/Only corrupt leaders support the Election Integrity Pledge: Anwar].

Keadilan Daily, 26/2/2013

Anwar and Keadilan Daily, his party's mouthpiece,  obviously don't have a clue who they're calling "corrupt leaders". 

Or perhaps daughter Nurul Izzah never did sign the Election Integrity Pledge on April 2 last year ..?

Corrupt leaders support the Pledge: Nurul Izzah bte Anwar Ibrahim is on the list of signatories

Original posting:

“When he (Nik Aziz) was appointed as the Menteri Besar, he was sworn in before the Sultan. He should have told the Sultan it was unnecessary to sign as what is important is in the heart. This is all empty talk, just politics." Nazri Aziz on Niz Aziz's response to Najib Razak's Election Integrity Pledge [Opposition Leaders are Scared - Bernama 23 Feb]

Nazri Aziz is not someone I've credited with too many things but you must admit he's spot on here with regards to Nik Aziz's assertion that the "nawaitu" or "intention" is more important that actually signing the Election Integrity Pledge. The PAS spiritual leader must be so detached from our real, physical world to have thought of even saying something like that. Holier than you and me, for sure.

I am not the only one thinking that Pakatan leaders should not make too much of an issue out of the EIP, if they really want a fair and clean election. Just because Najib Razak has done it first does not mean they still can't do it. And just because Nazri has ridiculed you does not mean you should continue with the ridiculous stand and say that the "niat" is more important than the actual deed. 

Here's a mail reflecting that view that's been circulating on the mail:

Clean election candidates: Najib leads the way

In the history of Malaysia, it has never been done before and in the history of the world, Malaysia is set to be the first country to do it.  What is it? It's the Election Integrity Pledge.
Najib Tun Razak was the first Malaysian Prime Minister to sign such a pledge before a forthcoming general election.
If all BN candidates also sign the pledge after their candidatures are announced, Malaysia will be the first country in the world to do so, said Transparency International (TI) whose representatives witnessed the signing at Putrajaya.
"The positive tone from the top is an encouraging indicator of the government’s seriousness in fighting corruption and practicing good governance, "  said Paul Low, President of Malaysian Chapter of TI.
The pledge included a promise to:
  Observe the principles of truth, integrity, ethical conduct and accountability;
  Uphold the interests of the rakyat; and
  Practice good governance and transparency.          
“Today we are making a further commitment to put those principles into practice by agreeing to internationally recognised standards of electoral transparency and fairness, " said Najib.
This is BN's second move to have clean candidates in GE-13. Potential candidates have already gone through a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission screening process, to ensure they meet the high standards of integrity expected by the Malaysian public.
The issue of integrity is extremely important, said Low. He urged all candidates, regardless of political affiliation, to uphold this principle.
Will all opposition candidates also sign the pledge? The rakyat wants to know.


  1. Anonymous3:02 pm

    "Will all opposition candidates also sign the pledge? The rakyat wants to know.'

    Spot on Datuk Bru.

    Anyway, we the Rakyat already know the integrity of their Ketua Umum as an ex-convict. When he was the 2nd. man in UMNO and DPM + Finance Minister, he was send to jail for the police SWAT team to intimidate Ummi Hafilda into retracting a letter to the PM, accusing him of homosexuality and having sexual relation, with her sister-in-law.

    Infact Mat Sabu was the one who named the Ketua Umum as Al-Juburi during the time Karpal accused him (Anwar) as a sodomite, in Parliament, 1997. The amazing is; Karpal defend Al-Juburi in Sodomy II. What a fart.

    Where got integrity, these opposition politician.


  2. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Bro let we talk about Manifesto lak..PR dah kuar Menifesto sampai 38 Page yang mane 3 page terbelakang blanko jer hehehe

  3. Let’s see now what else there is that comes close to the “I shoulda thought it first but didn’t, but since they did it earlier, it must be bad anyway” perspicacities (read: Sour grapes, the National Size):-

    Psy. The horse-toting, worm-jumping K-pop Gangnam sensation was all the hits of the families of the Lees and the Puas and the Koks and the Lius in the privacy of their own homes until, Lo and Behold, Najib and the MCA Rhythm boyz brought him in first. Luckily, the Puchong Khalsas and the Gelugor Singhs stick to their Bhangra Shuffles, thereby saving face.

    1Malaysia. Yup, the idea of a nationwide “I-Win-You-Win” National Ethnic synthesis clearly downplays the “I-Win-You-Lose” camouflaged Malaysian-Malaysia shibboleth. Ahh!! If you can’t beat them, then take down their posters. Which was what Ronnie Liuew commanded Khalid Ibrahim to do in Selangor.

    BR1M. Well honestly, I don’t think the BN did this one first. Nik Ajis seemed to pioneer it in Kelantan. DAP’s Tunku Aziz was quite rather special when he was offered the BR1M-RM50,000 to not leave the party. But Overall, everybody can benefit from RM500 what. Haiwan or otherwise!

    Gag Order. Now THIS one I must admit, the BN haven’t gotten around to institutionalizing it yet. Without it, one can criticize Najib, step on his photos, sign false statutory declarations against him, slander his wife, question his every move. Do the same on Tokong Lee, and you can get sued faster than you can spell it.

    No Allah’s Name Damn it! After all that fiasco, after all these difficult justifications to our Church Elders and Paymasters Overseas on why we want to put Allah name in the malay bibles, after all that effort to convince the masses that we share the same Allah (never mind that we got scolded by our priests), finally they refuse to grant the Name? We shoulda declared from day one that we don’t WANT your Allah.


    “I'm kidding about having only a few dollars. I might have a few dollars more.” – James Brown

  4. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Only those inherently defeceit of integrity need to a show of pledge of integrity.PLEDGING ALONE IS NOT TANTAMOUNT TO HONESTY.

  5. Anonymous4:35 pm

    I was wondering what happened to that guy.
    He's making himself heard again, is he?

    Rocky, just because Najib and gang signed the pledge, does not mean it will be adhered to, or it makes right what has been done earlier. youknowand i know, it is just a ruse, a ploy. we are not impressed.

    why must the pakatan do the same?
    rocky, so you must spin something every day or once in a while only. how do you earn your keep? or do you liase with the israeli spinners to help you do your job?

  6. BNationalFeed&LOOT koperasi4:42 pm

    I'll sign anything for RM250,000,000...
    Malaysia apa pun Boleh Cowtim one!!!

  7. Najib also pledged open tenders for all government projects, that no stones will be left unturned in getting to the bottom of TBH's killing, 1M ( now declared to have been a vague concept) etc., etc., etc. All observed more in the breach than in the honouring!

    So, let's not waste time with these fake pledges or swearing on holy books trick. No one believes in Najib's or BUMNO/BN's sincerity. The Sabah Project M inquiry clearly tells us that the electoral rolls have been compromised, especially now in Selangor.

    Ask Najib to answer 2 simple questions:-

    1. Why after 7 years has he not still ordered the Home Minister and the IGP to arrest, charge and prosecute the person(s) who ordered Altantuya's murder?
    2. Why has he not sued Deepak who has now openly acccused him and his wife of involvement in murder, abuse of power and fraud, for criminal defamation? In fact, Deepak has now threatened to file defamation charges against Najib for callim him a liar! What the fish is going on?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  8. Anonymous5:43 pm


    Once again pakatan buffoons are checkmated by highly suave PM.

  9. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Aiyo Rocky, are you serious ah? This integrity pledge is a real joke as it is difficult to find one Umno politician that is "clean", yet they don't feel shameful at all to come out with such a pledge. Hahaha...with these clowns around one don't have to go to the circus.

  10. Anonymous8:28 pm


    1. Why should he give special interest to the Altantuya case I wonder?
    2. I notice by now that Najib is consistent in never suing. Correct me if I'm wrong. But the same cannot be said of say, Anwar, who is inconsistent in suing on some issues and not on others, which makes me wonder if the issues he's not suing against are actually real, evidence-backed issues that he chickened out of suing knowing he'd lost.


  11. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Anonymous 7:30 pm;

    Yours is a skill well-honed by Pakatan politicians; No Action Talk Only (NATO). Congratulations. You deserve each other.


  12. BN's integrity pledge rings hollow without a commitment to ensure clean electoral rolls, and to make a public declaration of assets

  13. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Wah, lau - so many "clean" politicians! It makes us, the ordinary rakyat, look positively grungy!

    There must be a fire sale on Dettol products in the BN and PR headquarters!

    But, then, the "grungy" rakyat may be more intelligent than certain quarters give them credit for.

    Including, perhaps, quite a few analysts, bloggers, commentators and journalists.

  14. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Woi Rocky...Najib dah kena bungkus oleh Three little Indians....kah..kah..kah...

    Madey+Bala+Deepak !!

    tak payalah Rocky pertahankan Najib lagi, Najib sudah abis, baik Rocky sokong sama Muhyiddin !!

  15. Anonymous9:56 pm

    The "highly suave" PM?

    It must be due to his education in an English-medium school, followed by a stint at a British university.

    Hence the "polish", "sophistication" and the "suavity".

    It's a pity that the Oppo politicians can't boast of such a "polish" and "veneer of sophistication".

    Maybe they were "disadvantaged"?

  16. Anonymous10:36 pm

    pakatan bozos have corrupted hard disks for brains

    leader ex-convict for power abuse, sodomy and CORRUPTION

    kim gag egg went to jail for sedition

    wali slipper believes Allah swears

    fisherman wannabe is also judge and jury with his political fatwa

    loyar wheelchair defend aged buttman after calling him a "sodomite" and asking him to "taubat"

    sabu sapu bini orang also called buttman "aljuburi"

    aisehman, DS Najib has a pleasant cheerful facial expressions like a shining star as compared to all these scowling stressed out countenance

    Najib has also performed the haj and sworn on the holy Quran to clear his name

    buttman when huh??

    strange that the pakatan clowns are fighting for transparency and free and fair elections

  17. Anonymous10:48 pm

    hey bru ...your najib says can survive on $40 a month...macam mana?

  18. damansaraman11:14 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Its not that they do no want to sign the Election Integrity Pledge; its just that the TM-I's pledge does not come near to Ambiga's world standard.

    They only listen to Ambiga.

    Only Ambiga holds the truth, nothing but the truth!

  19. Anonymous8:35 am

    Kim gag egg went to jail because he defended a MALAY girl who had been raped by an UMNO chief minister.

  20. Anonymous10:07 am

    I think it is worth to give Pakatan a chance even though they may not fulfill their pledge. Even they can fulfill 1% of their pledge, it is good enough as compare to continue to vote for BN. To vote for BN means status quo, means rakyat will continue to suffer bad quality of life, means continue to addict handout or bribe from BN and most importantly means to support cronyism and corruption by robbing the rakyat. Some may think Pakatan pledge may not be implemented as promise but the fact is by just reduce the corruption and wastage by the BN gov to the cronies, the money save is more than enough to implement all these changes.

  21. Anonymous1:47 pm

    you know what, Rocky?

    Najib and his team signed the "election integrity pledge" knowing full well that there are so many compelling accusations of corruption and wrongdoings against them and yet they did nothing to prove these accusations wrong.

    In plain English, by signing the election integrity pledge under this light, Najib and his team are lying with their eyes open.

    This is what terrifies me about Barisan Nasional. They have graduated from thieves to day-light robbers.

    Come GE13, I will vote for any candidate that stand against BN, even if that candidate is a banana tree or a piece of stone.

  22. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Mr Rocky, I think it must be spiritually and emotionally agonising and painfully where you are now, having to work for bosses whom you know deep in your heart, are evil and corrupted.

    Your conscience must be keeping you awake at night, the realisation deep in your heart, that what you are doing for your bosses, will continue to put your fellow Malaysians in harm way for years to come if your bosses come to power again.

    Come, let us all rakyat Malaysia do the right thing, do our part to get rid of your corrupted bosses at the upcoming general election.

    I am sure after that, you will be able to sleep restfully everynight.


  24. Anonymous10:39 pm

    If merit points were to be used as a yardstick of performance when it comes to Anwar vs Najib, it is obviously obvious that the Najib administration wins hands down.

    Anwar's opposition alliance has not delivered all the promises they pledged, apart from promising to make another promise. And now there's another wild promise by way of their manifesto. Sure, dumb idiots will have wet dreams over this new manifesto pledge. But when the time comes to deliver, another promise will overshadow the previous one.

    It is a real wonder how so many idiots still cannot see the forest from the city.

    Perhaps we should refer to Barking Magpie's blog about the missing RM 1000 and 500 notes. Is the Pakatan Rascals waiting to get to Putrajaya for the obvious reason? Think about it.



  25. Anonymous said...
    Kim gag egg went to jail because he defended a MALAY girl who had been raped by an UMNO chief minister.

    8:35 am


    Anon, you are so behind. Let's bring you back to the truth and today:

    "‘Guan Eng went to jail for a Malay girl’ — oh puhleez lah" by Helen Ang:-

  26. Anonymous2:10 am

    I seriously wish the Pakatan wouldn't act like children.
    They have no good reason for not signing this pledge with TI.
    This is actually a good example and a positive start. Them not doing this does not project positively for them.

    I expect their die hard followers not to realize this and still defend them though.

  27. Anonymous5:13 am

    Anon 1:47 pm
    You speak like PATI Tongkang origins..the very reason why they decided to abandon their homeland, relatives, friends and kins.

    Biaq jadi coolie, labourers dan hamba abdi of the Orang Putih including banana tree trunks or stones asalkan berambus dari kesengsaraan yg tak sanggup dialami diNegara Asal sendiri!!!!

    ish ish ish


  28. Anon 1.47 pm and Anon 1.53pm.. how right you both are.
    And you can always get to read that idiot....PERWIRA talking cock all the time.
    hoi ROCKY!!! 45 days to 13th GE...daily getting nearer.
    Tell us why Najib dare not announce he date la.
    Why keep fighting for votes and latest shows...Najib popularity sliding down and down and down.
    "Are you ready for BN?" he said..3 times.
    NO NO NO!!!
    Followed by idiot Tourist Minister ..Yen Melaka...also NO NO NO.
    Looks like Penang and Melaka gone case for Najib.

  29. Anonymous10:24 am

    To me, this Rear Admiral is very desperate. The last chance for PM post was dashed by PAS refusal to an aye at their airmanifesto launching. He might be suicidal too, hence his nonsensical talk.

    Gopal Raj Kumar (GRK) have another insight, about this sodomite.

    GRK’s articles seems credible enough. His blog is known to have reported about that Gold scam, Casanova something, about 3 years ago, but nobody takes heed.


  30. Anonymous11:36 am

    retard @ 1:47 pm is really off his rockers, poor thing - gotta book a place in tanjung rambutan pronto

  31. Anonymous12:37 pm

    manifesto is just a pledge by a party about what it going to do if people give them the mandate. if a pledge to integrity sound hollow, same thing apply to party manifesto...PR's manifesto sound hollow!

  32. Anonymous2:04 pm


    How can you embarrass the great leader like this lah. Aiyoooo yooo!