Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And the winners are ...

Shahrizat Jalil is new Wanita chief. She garnered 507 votes for a convincing victory against Rafidah Aziz, who managed just 280.

So far so good.

10:15 NST is carrying the results coverage "live" here.

10 minutes later: Mukhriz won by 12 votes. Unofficial.
10:52 -- Someone said it's KJ by 25 votes?!

[Rocky's notes: This is one of the reasons why I am so supportive of the teaching of Maths in English. Susah sangat nak kira!]

11.15: 25/3 Umno Youth polls: Results not out yet, but Khairy Jamaluddin seen entering hall where he was hugged and congratulated by his supporters/STAR

11.29pm: Khairy Jamaluddin is Umno Youth leader, Ladies and Gentlemen.

[My final notes: Razali Ibrahim will be his deputy. He beat Reezal, KJ's running mate. Shows that KJ won because his detractors in Pemuda Umno were split between Khir Toyo and Mukhriz Mahathir.]

Good night Malaysia, don't have nightmares.


  1. Anonymous5:47 pm

    i just cannot stand seeing her even on television nowadays. she just did not realise that her time is over and she should call it a day. rafidah should have packed up and go home earlier. nobody can stand her and she cannot even get the messasge. see the miserable number of votes for her. it is sickening.


  2. Anonymous5:51 pm

    anybody would be better than mukhriz the ugly duck and khir the toyol.

    Speaking truth

  3. Anonymous6:03 pm

    To Masih Melayu.

    I think you are the one who never learnt or should I say refuse to do so.

    I don't give a damn about who u are supporting or who u 'adore'.. I just don't like the language u are using...sini MAMAK sana MAMAK..what's that? kalau nak maki marah or whatever, don't attack races, religion lah wei. Macam budak2! I'm sure u are a smart man, don't let your language spoilt it for God sake.

    FYI, I'm not a Mamak. I'm just so sick to hear people like to play around with races and calling names.

    I speak 5 languages and people naming Malays with all sort of bad names and I hate it a lot but ape kurang nye kita? must we become like them?

    Memang ramai orang tak puas hati itu ini bla bla bla but the way u are using races is so so ... childish! just imagine your children growing up with those language around the house.

    Go join a political party and fight for rakyat rights. Don't condemn people all the time. Lambat laun orang bosan!


  4. Kepada semua yang memilih Khairy, enjoy le puas-puas sebab ente punye bos dah menang. Lepas tu tunggu le time pilihanraya ni, tengok rakyat nak pilih ke tidak UMNO.

    Diharap DS Najib dapat tambat beruk sekor tu elok-elok, jangan kasi dia buat kacau kat kampung.

    Kalau buat honar jugak, ambil kayu api dan bedal belakang dia, biar di reti bahasa sikit.

    Kalau tak berubah juga, buang aje dalam hutan.

  5. "Improving the judicial system doesn't benefit Malays"
    - Mukhriz -

    "Fighting against corruption is an opposition agenda. The government should stop implementing their agenda"
    - Mukhriz -

  6. Anonymous8:17 pm


    Well said, Sick&Tired!

    There are others who, similarly, while hating Khairy simply couldn't stomach any more of Rocky's blatant ampuing of TDM by blog-campaigning for Mukhriz in furtherance of his own personal ambitions, would rather see superbrat KJ win!

    And boy did the Oxford upstart deserve it. Everyone loves a fighter who beat the odds stacked against him.


    So really no thanks to you Rocky, that Mukhriz lost!

    posted by bwahaha

  7. Anonymous8:26 pm

    KJ won?

    Ok everybody, sing after me ....

    "Mari kita rakyat Singapura, sama sama menuju bahagia...........blah blah blah .........MAJULAH SINGAPURA"

    You guys are going to sing the National Anthem of Singapore, better practise now....don't play play ok ...well, at least it is in Malay ....

    - Jaga Malaysia

  8. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Well, again, money won. The 'culture' is well preserved.

  9. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Bodoh lah korang, tak nampak ke sokongan kepada UMNO semakin meningkat akhir-akhir ini, contoh yang jelas tengok komen-komen yang keluar. Kalau dulu boleh dikatakan tak ada langsung komen yang pro UMNO, sekarang PR dah ada nama baru Fucktan Riot. Maknanya apa? Maknaya ramai majority tak bersuara le.


  10. Anonymous10:51 pm

    If blog is evidence, than the world will be a f&^#%#up place. Don't worry BN, I'll vote for you in the next GE.

    To PR, you only have Anwar, what next after Anwar?


  11. Anonymous11:47 pm

  12. Anonymous12:56 am

    KJ is elected because he is lesser of the three evils. period. and UMNO is on track to peril.

    Evil eyed

  13. Anonymous2:58 am

    Haji Bakhil

    What is your problem??

    Got something stuck up your ass??

  14. Anonymous4:02 am

    Old Fart
    U sounded more like a bitter old man. Wife tak kasi cukup ker?

    Find a life old man!


  15. KJ No.1 kekekeke..dont care bout what expM said say fatherinlw..kekeke you deserve that pos..keke