Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ah, Kit Siang!

DAP to boycott PAS Menteri Besar.

I thought Bernama had gone overboard in spinning this story, Cracks appear in Perak Opposition alliance.
Then I went to Lim Kit Siang's blog. I read his posting No DAP CEC mandate for PAS Menteri Besar in Perak.
"As the appointment of PAS Assemblyman for Pasir Panjang Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin as Perak Mentri Besar representing the third and smallest political party in the proposed coalition has not received the mandate of the CEC, DAP Perak Assemblymen will stay away from the swearing-in ceremony for Perak Mentri Besar scheduled tomorrow."
I was telling myself, "I don't believe this". Many will be devastated by this turn of events. They weren't even done celebrating the historic victory.

Does power go to everybody's head?

p/s If Kit Siang doesn't take it back, might as well give the MB post back to Umno. BN won 28 state seats in Perak, DAP has 18, PKR has 7 and PAS 6.


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Anonymous said...

Hey LKS, in case you got your head that far up in the clouds, let us bring you back down to earth. We DID NOT vote for you, we just voted AGAINST BN! That's why you won.

We were so disgusted with BN, we were willing to bet the next 5 years on BA/BR. And now at the starting line, you're telling us that our gamble appears to be in vain!

What did you expect, to be the MB yourself? GROW UP, OLD MAN! You are disgusting us now!

Anonymous said...

I don't vote for DAP but I'll vote for PKR (my kampung only DAP VS MCA both are chinese chauvis) because since long time I don't trust DAP because the anti-malay stance it commited. But I quite trust PKR because it multi-racials stance - sincerely shown by its leaders but DAP is not.

Now DAP true color is shown by its Great Leader LKS!!! So my perception about DAP is true!!! Anti-malay - anti - islam like uncle SAM Bush too!!!! So malays be aware of this satan for the next GE.

Anonymous said...

If you believe Malaysia is for all Malaysians and the Constitution permits the Sultan to appoint a non Malay Muslim as head of the state government, then why can't you accept that the head of largest faction can be the MB. Talk about discrimination!
Naive politicians think that it doesn't matter who will be the MB, but when PAS starts implementing its agenda then DAP will have to explain to the people who voted them in why they didn't stop PAS or why they agreed to let PAS take the leadership in Perak Assembly.
Didn't YM Raja Nazrin say that Malaysia is for all Malaysians?

Anonymous said...

Subject: Strong disappointment on DAP's decision over Perak Menteri Besar

From: Gerald Khor
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2008 08:32 AM
Subject: Re: Strong disappointment on DAP's decision over Perak Menteri Besar

To my beloved DAP leaders,

Hope this message get to your CEC members as well.

Why you want to sour the already fragile relationship with PAS, at a time where you can work towards strengthening it? PAS has shown willingness to discuss Barisan Rakyat and we rakyat is happy to see the formation of Barisan Rakyat to realize the dream of 2-party system, as long as it carry a mandate of secular state for Malaysia.

And why such a flip-flop? Where is DAP's integrity? DAP Perak pledged to abide by Sultan of Perak's choice of Menteri Besar just a day earlier. Why DAP CEC rejects it? Why not discuss this among PAS, PKR and DAP? Why does it has to go public, and in such high profile? You guys are not better than Pak Lah nor BN in handling such situation.

Your report card is already tainted. Go mend the fence now and take corrective action immediately.

Gerald Khor

ps: Don't know which email address to use thus use whatever email addresses I know to hope to get my message across.

----- Original Message ----
From: Gerald Khor
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2008 12:11:39 AM
Subject: Strong disappointment on DAP's decision over Perak Menteri Besar

Dear YB Karpal Singh, YB Lim Kit Siang, YB Lim Guan Eng,

As a supporter of DAP that believe strongly in "Malaysian's Malaysia ", I wish to express my strong disappointment on DAP's decision to disapprove Perak Sultan's selection of the next Menteri Besar (from a PAS representative). At the very least, please respect the choice made by Sultan Azlan Shah.

We just witness a new era in Malaysia politics after 8th March that gave so much hope to the people of this lovely nation. The loose pact between DAP, PAS and PKR scored big win in GE2008. Please keep up the good work and strengthen the pact. In fact, you guys should just formalize the pact and form Barisan Rakyat as suggested by many concerned Malaysians. Chinese voted for PAS and Malay voted for DAP on 8th March. I personally called my family members to make sure they vote no BN candidates. It is time that DAP seriously consider formalizing a pact with PAS and PKR. PAS seems to come a long way and is becoming more moderate. A pact should be made if PAS can drop their mandate to form an Islamic country.

Please don't let this pact break away because of selection of Perak Menteri Besar. It is no doubt an important post but the next General Election will be even more important. The bigger task for DAP, PAS and PKR is to prove to the rakyat that you guys can be good government, starting with showing good results in Kedah, Kelantan, Penang, Perak and Selangor. It is a bad start to score an "E" for this fiasco. Furthermore PAS has given its words to work closely with the coalition government in Perak, and DAP has more seats and have been promised the most EXCO members. Give and take will go a long way for this young coalition.

I am a Chinese from Taiping and I have no problem seeing a PAS representative as Perak's Menteri Besar, as long as there is no Islamic rules (as yet) like those in Kelantan. Given the Constitutional constraints and the state's demographics, it is fair to have a Malay State Assemblyman to be appointed as Menteri Besar with a Chinese and Indian Naib Menteri Besar representing the other two major races.

The rakyat is still trying to grasp with the new scene in Malaysia politics. For me hailing from Perak, I know it is not easy for the Chinese in Perak to accept a PAS rep as Menteri Besar but we are ready to give him a chance to perform. People voted him (and his coalition government) in this time round. People can vote him out the next time. And we hope DAP will put national interest before party to give this man a chance to perform with his comrades in the Perak State Assembly as well.

If DAP cannot resolve this fiasco properly, all the manifestos and promises given pre-election will not be relevant anymore. Walk-the-talk. Integrity is everything. Otherwise DAP is no different from any BN component parties. And I will regret very much the thousands of dollar donation I made to DAP Malaysia in Jan and Feb 2008.

Thank you for your attention.

Gerald Khor

ps: has a lot more feedback for your attention.

ps: Somehow does not work properly thus a direct email.

Anonymous said...

Before GE 12, I told myself that this country has no medicine to cure, for corruption, abuse of power,and hungry for power. No matter who grap the MB, who is PM, who is "Menteri" this country has no hope.

Anonymous said...

This is a message to YB Lim Kit Siang,

You have, in one senseless action, ensured your legacy in Malaysian political history.I cannot even begin to find the word to describe what you are but boy, you sure have you disappointed us!!! Kindly retract your statement and have some respect for the Perak Sultanate. Lose the ego, old man!I pity you coz most Malaysians now will just lump you in the same category as Samy Vellu - a politcial has been.even if you are now a YB!Oh yes, one more thing, after 15 April, it will be DSAI who will be the Opposition leader in Parliament and not you, ok!

ahm said...

nothing is new, dap is still dap. racist and always be. and has now gone one step further, power-crazy and liar.

it obviously a big mistake for br to trust lks in the coalition.
dap is lks, lks is dap that stays.

i suggest those who disagree with this power-grabber issue, show your power by simply swing to pkr or pas, that is how rakyat teach their arrogant self-centered leader. the rakyat have done it one in the pru12, repeat that in dap...

Anonymous said...

Bro Rocky,

LKS is now showing his true shade of colours. Wait till DAP gets a simple majority in Parliament and he will do a LKY. Good for you Malays who voted for them.

All these years I have much respect in this one Chinese supremo that I couldn't even find a chance to ask him this "Why are you so Bodoh!?".

Anonymous said...

Now wants to talk about merit? Ir Nizar is qualified Engineer. And he is a Malay Muslim. He will be the check and balance of Perak loose coalition.

That's why HRH Raja Nazrin chose him instead the other.

I & my family (mom Ustazah) voted DAP for Penang (Jeff Oui lagi) because we believe in denying BN 2/3 and they will be fair to everyone. We're screwed big time it seems. We have another 5 years. We've already decide.

Anonymous said...

come back to earth.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rocky,

I think he made that statement to check the Chinese sentiments to a PAS MB. If the Chinese revolts him, then he has gauged correctly the Chinese is okay with the MB and has accomplished having the Chinese and Indians united in accepting the MB.

Anonymous said...

finally..his true colour came out...when a man come accross the luxury of power..say one thing mean another....

AND its only been wut...5 days since they won....hmm n 5 years how?????????

Anonymous said...

Dear Malaysian rakyats,

I agree with many of Rocky's commentators - DAP is place in a very difficult decision, so got to make some noise so that BN parties cannot capitalise on it.

Thinking logically, if the State Constitution calls for a Malay for the MB's post, the PKR candidate would have qualify. If in the spirit of the democratic process, he would also have been the people's choice as he's the rep from the party who has been elected with more seats then PAS.

Of course, I agree LKS could have been handled in a more refined way considering our current frgaile political state.

Please, please ... cool down abit, sabar-lah and do not committ LKS to hell so quickly.

Let the whole act play out first before we threaten him with more fire and brimstone.

Anonymous said...


Uncle Lim KS and gang have tendered an opolygy to the Sultan of Perak. Good for DAP. Good for Barisan Rakyat. Goood for everybody.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh! Uncle Lim - what have you done? It is okay if PAS is MB-la. You need to step down and let the younger generation take over - don't be like some other people-la.

China Girl from Ipoh mali...

Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

Aiyo, now like this already. Mydeen thinks many of you are missing the point. Uncle Kit is not objecting to a Malay MB, but to a PAS MB. The DAP did agree to a PKR MB. They have an electoral pact with PKR but not PAS.

Mydeen thinks while this election has exorcised the ghost of 1969, for Uncle Lim it resurrected the DAP ghost of 1999.

Anonymous said...

Why propose 3 names in the first place..why not just 2.. Ngeh & Jamaludin.It is a known fact why the BA coalition cannot come to understanding during past elections which ended with 3 cornered fights in many constituentcies.PAS had always wanted more seats than they should.
Today we see PAS already have 2 MBs in Kedah & Kelantan where the situation is undisputed.Same with DAP in Penang.Appropriately,PKR will have an MB in Selangor,for having the most elected assemblymen in the coalition.Now we look at Perak.After considering the state constitiution,each party's elected candidates, and the generally mixed population of the state. Should'nt it be another PKR MB?
So..jangan la hentam Uncle Lim kuat2 sangat.He has his point.
And to Uncle Lim.. the Sultan had chosen .. accept only time we remedy ok..anikuan ho liau laa uncle..
hehehe...jangan mareh..

Anonymous said...

Kit Siang Kit Siang Kit Siang, this is about Malaysia and more specifically, Perak. Even DAP has majority of seats, it does not mean Perak belongs to DAP. Perak belongs to ALL Perakians.

Assuming me, Mr NoName, an honest and fair Chinese leader from the smallest component party of Barisan Nasional is appointed as the Prime Minister of M'sia because the DYMM Agong decides that all the IDIOTS from Barisan Nasional do not deserve to be the Prime Minister. Would Mr LKS protest too because I am from the smallest component party?

Anonymous said...

Patutlah Lim Kit Siang tutup web blog sementara waktu...dok pikir strategi..

Bloody hell...Thank you LKS for giving BN the much needed OXYGEN....

Go dead...WTF ...I`ve already asked my friends to vote for ANY OPPOSITION without you betrayed us all.....

where`s that UMNO`s MEMBER FORM?

Anonymous said...

LKS has apology on the matter on his blog

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Klu LKS masih dgn keputusan dia, memang bodoh la.Dia tak fikir ke yg DAP hanya menang 18 kerusi dan DAP perlukan kerusi dari PKR dan PAS utk menerajui Perak.

Matematik mudah pun tak tahu ke?
Pantang org melayu ialah Raja mereka dihina.Jgn sampai nak hina institusi raja.

Selama ni kita duk berusaha nak jatuhkan BN dan bila dah berjaya.Kita pula buat hal semasa sendiri.

Susah2 sangat dan dgn langkah radikal dgn keputusan LKS atau DAP ni,apa kata 3 org PAS pergi masuk BN.Biar BN ambik balik Perak dan kita semua yg berusaha keras selama ni duk gigit jari.

Benjamin Nicholas Cameron said...

Latest from LKS blog

Apology to Perak Sultan and Regent - No offence intended
March 13th, 2008 (8 minutes ago) « No Comments »

My three-paragraph statement at 7 pm last night that the DAP Central Executive Committee emergency meeting on 9th March had not given approval for a PAS Mentri Besar to head a Perak coalition state government was not made out of disrespect to the Perak Sultan and Regent both whom I have always held in the highest regard and I apologise for any offence caused. The statement was on the party position at the time.

There have been further discussions and developments on the matter in the hours after the statement. Announcements of the latest position will be made.

Anonymous said...

I am a Malay. Voted for DAP in Teratai. So were my family and relatives in Ipoh, PJ, Klang, Puchong, Seremban and elsewhere. We voted DAP simply because dogs are better than BN.

But now it turns out that DAP is worst than dogs.

In the next election, we will vote for Pas only. DAP can go fly kite. If BN vs DAP, we would rather stay in bed.

Anonymous said...

I agreed most of the comments above. We understand that DAP won most of Perak seats in the last election.

From Malay perspective points of view, the appointment of PAS representative as CM is another crucial point of DAP and non-malays. What if non-Malays win most of the seats in the next election, but still Malays has to be the top post? What is their reactions? The question remains to be answered.

Anyway, you cannot change a system and a culture in one night. United States which said stands for democracy for 200 years just had a woman (black) as US general secretary in the new centuries. Now Hillary and Obama is fighting for presidency post. Malaysia can do it faster than that.

What do you expect 50 years of a system based on race?

On the eye of the PAS and Malays, is DAP look at Malay PAS worse than Malay UMNO? If MCA won all the state seats but one by UMNO, will it be a different story?

On positive side, LKS is consistent with his statement on PAS. DAP fight for their supporters and not easily surrender the top post to PAS. It also a test and a good try by DAP to install a Chinese as CM. DAP also shows that race still important in Malaysia which should not.

I am PAS and PKR voter in Shah Alam. I urge DAP to think big and think wise, consider it for the interest of Chinese and their supporters.

I think it just a small matter and it is actually a win-win for oppostions themselves. Bravo Raja Azlan, Raja Nazrin, DAP and PAS. Bravo LKS.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to "unanimously abiding" by the HRH Sultan of Perak's choice?

Not only is this blatant disrespect to the Sultan but also to the people who voted for your party. Shame on you, LKS. Shame on you.

lanaibeach said...

Barisan Rakyat made the move
It isn’t DAP or PAS or PKR
So don’t ever get into your head LKS
DAP and its partners won voted by BR

LKS has lost his balls
He thinks he wants to make noise
So that to demonstrate the Chinese
“I don’t agree, I don’t agree
Correct, Correct and Correct”

LKS it isn’t about your party any more
It is about Barisan Rakyat on the move
You better sink into your head
Respect the Sultan decision and his wisdom
He is the king otherwise what you think?

Let the Barisan Rakyat government works
Don’t play into the hands of the BN
The sleeping beauty is waiting……..
When there is an opportunity
He will whack the coalition left and right
So are you still there with the people?
The Barisan Rakyat is the king maker!

Leaders must be humble
You don’t show it with your arrogant statement
Maybe it is time you too retire
This is the politics of the cyber-world
You better wake up
And don’t close one eye…….

Barisan Rakyat is color blind
It is the way it should be
Walk the talk; let it be fruitful
And multiply into peoples’ hearts and souls

LKS, you are an ungrateful person
Barisan Rakyat put the coalition there
Yet now you make a mockery of our votes
Shame on you, Kit!

Anonymous said...

Dari dulu sampai sekarang mana pernah apek tu berubah. Orang Melayu aje yang berubah, mikir sanggup menelan DAP. Dapat...

Unknown said...

I am a Chinese and voted for BA in the election because I want change in Malaysia. Yet I am ulterly disgusted with the action taken by LKS. Obviously he still thinks like a small time opposition running on racist line.

The latest comment from him is really damaging and it is to an extend that people already losing faith in the new alignment. The reaction on the net clearly shows that.

I think the only way to save this is for Lim Kit Siang to resign from leadership post, this will help save some integrity and trust of the people.

Anonymous said...

Lim Kit Siang .... if you let this arrogance get to your head you have become Lu Kee Siow liau!!!!After all the efforts of us moving a big step forward you are now moving 2 steps backwards. SHAME on you. Please retract immediately before BN take advantage.If this go ahead,we will abandon you and DAP.
I am a Malaysian (of Chinese decent) and I am saying this is the time to move forward and no more RACE based politics please.

Pak Idrus said...

Rocky, As of this hour,[11.22AM] March 13, it has been solved, read Malaysiakini.

They should takes one small step a time. And now they did. Well it add to the excitement.

Have a nice day.

ipohleong said...


jhayxon moch said...

ah, people are prone to misunderstandings.

LKS isn't racist.
DAP approved Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Ngeh Koo Ham as Perak MB but just not Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.

It could be because of paper qualification, lack of experience or whatsoever other reason... but NOT because of RACISM.


Anonymous said...

Maybe kit siang have his own view. Maybe at the first time he already reject that PKR and PAS be MB of perak and he haven shout it. And bad thing had happen, he just lost control to shouting. Because his party maybe will lost PAS hand. Since Roma not build in 1 day. All his energy already put into DAP. For us we will feel upset.

rocky said...

seems LKS has apologised and we are moving on.

Zainal A. Kasim said...

First the annoucement on abolishment of Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB) and now this.

Is Lim Kit Siang against Malay?

Anonymous said...

Apology to Perak Sultan and Regent - No offence intended
March 13th, 2008 (1 hour ago)

My three-paragraph statement at 7 pm last night that the DAP Central Executive Committee emergency meeting on 9th March had not given approval for a PAS Mentri Besar to head a Perak coalition state government was not made out of disrespect to the Perak Sultan and Regent both whom I have always held in the highest regard and I apologise for any offence caused. The statement was on the party position at the time.

There have been further discussions and developments on the matter in the hours after the statement. Announcements of the latest position will be made.

Anonymous said...

i just wanna wait n see. I believe LKS has his own reason and clearly explained it to PKR dan PAS leader beforehand.

dont trust MSM.

Anonymous said...

DAP was dismayed by the decision to give the Perak MB position to PAS (DAP has the most number of state seats followed by PKR. PAS had the least).

Such a situation could have turned out very badly for DAP with MCA ready to pounce and condemn it for giving in too easily for PAS.

Kit Siang objected vehemently - earning the scorn of bloggers and online commentators last night - but the seasoned politician knew exactly what he was doing.

What does he do this morning? He apologizes to the Sultan and the Regent of Perak. All DAP state reps will be attending the ceremony after all.

The Opposition coalition proceeds and MCA is without any ammunition to attack DAP.

No one can claim that they did not put up a fight. No one can claim they gave in easily. What can Ong Ka Chuan say now?

This, folks, is political chess. This is realpolitik. This is why Kit Siang is the master politician.

Arin said...

Now LKS apologises regarding the, hopefully no more hick-ups ok..
i'm a malay and i vote DAP too's the problem MR LKS?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lim Kit Siang has the humility and sensibility to apologise and retract his statement of disappointment. See his blog, here:

Anonymous said...

Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin as Perak Mentri Besar.


Anonymous said...

ANON 9.44AM,





Anonymous said...

hi uncle rocky, uncle lim sudah tarik balik kenyataannya dan sudah minta maaf dalam blognya.

Zulkifli said...

Come on la Mr. Lim...this is not the right time...UMNO and BN will use this to shoot at the is sad to see that u have this kind of mentality maa...all the campaign will masuk bakul sampah if you keep on behaving like this...come on man BERSATU....

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of all this LKS bashing. He is a man of principle. The fact is the DAP won the most number of seats in Perak. The DAP should be able to determine who should be the MB of the state not the Regent or the Sultan. That is what democracy is about. The Sultan who was an ex chief justice should know that this is the fundamental of constitutional law.

Anonymous said...

see how DAP born..
serpihan PAP..singapore..
so..ideology is still the same..
not malaysia for malaysian
but actually malaysia for chinese..
for malays who voted dap..
heheh its time for u guys to start crying..similar goes to PKR voters..
although i'm not supporting the opposition n government..
but in the event u wanna to protest go for PAS..never go to DAP n PKR...
what the word malay said..matlamat menghalalkan cara...
same goes to you rocky...
if u think yr best fren jeff ooi can protect your children future...let's us see.....

bayi said...

Lim Kit Siang needs to rethink seriously what he has done. Even if he is using this as a bargaining chip for an exco position for DAP in Kedah, this move is potentially more harmful than its possible reward.

Let the new Barisan Rakyat work and produce results to prove BN wrong, instead of trying to outdo each other to jostle for positions. Use the resources for doing productive things, not infighting like this!

I am dismayed.

Anonymous said...

I share the sentiments of Cik Noory who just left a comment above. It displays the solidarity many of us here share about the political changes in our country, irrespective of race or religion.

And I hope all readers here would understand that Kit Siang's disappointment and response is not about race. He is among the last people you'd ever label 'racist'. Neither is he thoughtless or a fool. In any case, he has apologised his statement. Dig in deeper to understand the circumstance and reason why this expression of disappointment/disagreement could have occurred before reacting.

Anonymous said...

LKS has shown his true color. umno is right all along about LKS and DAP. KS dares to challenge the Sultan and State's constitution. This too much to me and I can't stomach it. PRU12 my wife and I had voted for DAP and eventhough LKS has apologised, next GE I have to reconsider this unless DAP shows good gesture to Sultan and PAS as well. PAS has shown this in the case of Kedah exco whereby DAP has only one ADUN.


Im a Malay who think that alternative PAS, PKR and DAP will admin the Perak state maturely and consider rakyat being their 1st agenda. But now the DAP acting like a rowdy cowboy. So is it a true of their color? If this is their color then i will use my vote to erase them.

Why don't they stick to ground first? step and another step to prove that they can do the work. Remember, they are now the goverment.

Please do proof to me that multi racial party as DAP can bring Perak state prosperity. Im challanging all of you now.

Anonymous said...

The problem with DAP is that it is anti islam. PAS inclination is Islam. But look at Kelantan that has been ruled by PAS since 1990, chinese are free to practise their custom and religion without problem. No discrimination that what Islam preaches. DAP needs to explain to its supporters and members that it is ok to work with PAS.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

this is like what we call as "dah dapat betis, nak peha pula"
This lim kit siang should NOT make the sultan offended, offending the sultan will cause anger to us malay..
try to live together, share the power, for the rakyat. not for the sake of particular party.

Anonymous said...

to correct one comment somewhere above.

PAS govt in Kedah did elect a DAP rep as part of their exco committee but somehow PKR decided there's no need for DAP rep, therefore there's no DAP rep.

Anyway, LKS is old and he's no longer relevant. He's just like the some old ppl in BN- racist, arrogant, ignorant, paranoid, greedy lot. we, the young generation are into "malaysians" not "malays, chinese, indians dan lain-lain". when you ask samy bellu to resign, i strongly think that you too should resign and take care of your grandchildren, go holiday or something. LKS is like those child celebrity parents who shove/harrass/intimidate every kids aside so that they can 'pimp' their own and emerge victorious. DAP doesn't need a father like you LKS.

it is sad tht we the people campign for you, put a trust on you and you spat back everything on our faces only a few days in power. We make an effort for you and you simply dismisses everything.

initially i didn't want to be a registered voter coz i think malaysian politicians are stupid. but i did because i want to make a change and frustrate with what's going on. i regret it now, truly regret that i voted for the same thing with different name and symbol. Your life is in our hands and i think your should rename your party's name coz you are a shame to the word "democratic".

Just put Tajol Rosli back as MB.

Anonymous said...

Please bear in mind DAP & those die hard fan of LKS!

1. Without coalition with PAS (6 seats) , DAP (18) + PKR (7) only have 25 seats in DUN against BN..

2. BN-UMNO has 28 seats.. which is 10 more than DAP! If plus 6 from PAS (=34), DAP can kiss ass their victory in Perak...

3. The Malays who vote for DAP will now start to think back of their action...with 36++ Malays (2/3) seats against 18 seats in the DUN, what make DAP think a Malay cannot be the MB in Perak simple majority govt?

4. DAP are not forming 2/3 strong majority government, just a complimentary simple majority govt..what if BN & PAS urged with 'undi tak percaya' to re-dissolved the DUN? Dare for another Pilihanraya DUN after all this??

5.Do DAP think that there will be no more next GE if they spoilt this one?..

So.. with that you still wanna talk cock so big & arrogant as if DAP achieved trumendous victory solely by the vote from DAP members & the chinese?

Do not insult the Sultan..If you were to choose between a postman & Ir. engineer to be your state manager, who will you choose?

IS THIS LKS LEGACY OF ANCIENT DAP?....DAP you better change otherwise we change you! Democracy is a majority game..Do not insult & provoke the Malays to unite against you!

p/s: Now UMNO already got M16/bazooka instead of that cannot beat UMNO in a racist game for sure DAP..
Thanx to racist DAP who started to play the same-o-racist game, after all their swearing to the Barisan Rakyat before the PRU..all gone down to the drain now..

The rakyat were hoping to hear a different tune after this PRU, instead LKS is playing ancient chinese opera tune to them ! WTF


Anonymous said...

to all the sonofabitch here who try to stoke up racial tension. you can go to hell. allah can confirm that. dap pkr is multi racial. pas need to open up their membership to join pkr and dap as multi racial party.tq

Anonymous said...

Cool down, everyone. People make mistake especially when it's something new to them. LKS has apologies and the whole DAP will attend the ceremony. So, let's give the BA a chance to rule Perak.
Perhaps it's the MCA's current attck on DAP (especially Ong Ka Chuan) regarding Perak having a PAS MB that cause LKS to come out with the statement. Anyway, don't just judge a person by that mistake. They have 5 more years to go before the nexr election. If they performed, they will be voted in, or else, bye bye.

Anonymous said...

Pls do not comment your point of view from racial or religious. Whether you like it or not we all live in a multi-racial country. Stop racism!

Just a matter of Fair Game. Could you accept a soccer team has the least accumulated points chosen as the champion? Waste of time and money to organize the game and to participate.

Barneymami said...

i have to write even though i don't know if my comment would be read.

mr. lim ks, please get united and start doing something that would not harm the trust we have given to you. We wanted a better hope for our country. something good for our children. Please don't let BN use this as as an excuse to stab the BR from the back. if you let go of this opportunity to work together and form a better government, there would not be next time and all our votes and hopes would be reduced to ashes.

we don't care if the MB is a malay, indian or chinese. We just want good leaders.Listen to us, i am chinese, but a malaysian first before i called myself a chinese.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad most of the entries here feel the same way I do and hope all these messages here gets into that stupid idiot LKS's head. This is not 1999 election, this time around a lot of non-Malays voted PAS in. Don't be stuck in the past.

And, LKS don't start thinking like those BN assholes that despite all these negative comments, somehow or rather the "silent majority" is behind you. This is the message. Compromise and make BA work. Otherwise come next election you guys will be on the receiving end of a tsunami.

Anonymous said...

Stop this RACIST TALK , CURSING AND SWEARING. People just stop !! It's getting to a point that we are turning to be blood suckers . Just can't wait for the next victim, is this a disease??? Politics has become one and right now we need to keep our emotions guarded and not let it go over our heads. I'm so sick and tired of all these racial talk. Isn't 50 yrs enough of shit?? Honestly ask yourself. Why keep digging dirt ? Let it go already , pls la for the peace of this country. I hate they way this country heading to...
LKS has apologized and probably only he knows why he said that. I'm not on his side but you have to stop scrutunizing the leaders for every god damn chance you get.

1 said...

Please leave him (Uncle Kit) alone. He has the right to express what he feels and to voice out the basic principle of his party, which Malaysia is a Secular State. He has to stand firm for this. He also has to consider the Chinese community feelings in Kinta Valley. Bear in mind that not all chinese are computer literate and intelectual like you and me. They are still reading and listening to main stream media. The Chinese might think that DAP-PAS might have hidden agenda. I believe he is not racist. I also believe he knows that the Malays(rakyat) who had voted for DAP in Kinta Valley is not meant to support DAP but to give BN a lesson. Therefore, i believe Uncle Kit is wise enough to take this factor into account. After all, he had already apologized to the Royal Highness and thus indirectly to the Rakyat.
So, please let him alone. He done so much to the nation.

-For A Better Malaysia-

Anonymous said...

if DAP cannot tolerate with Sultan decision, I think better there is no coloboration between DAP-PKR-Pas.. so who win? BN

LKS- time to step down

Anonymous said...

As a Malaysian and Malay, now i feel that i cannot trust in DAP anymore. fullstop

Anonymous said...


I hereby make use of your blog for a simple message to Mr. Lim Kit Siang:



Anonymous said...

The statement is typical of Lim Kit Siang, the Chinese cahvanist. Look at his hair style. A real Chinaman.

Look at his son, there is no difference. Another Chinaman in his outlook.

The present DAP leaders of father and son will lead Penang and other places into disaster.

Don't ever trust the father and son team just like Daollah and son-in-law. They are jsut the same.

Anonymous said...


HRH the Sultan of Perak is a wise men. He reads the mind of his subjects and is fully aware of the geopolitics of the state of Perak. It is still a backward rural state and the majority of the populace, his subjects, in the hinterland are still rural Malay Muslims. He cannot possibly put a non-Malay (and a non-Muslim at that) in charge of the state without serious political ramifications at grassroot level. The country although on the verge for major political changes still cannot face a revolution of the sort that Lim Kit Siang demands for the state of Perak. The Malays will not accept such drastic changes and the Sultan is aware of the feelings on the ground. That's why he opted for a candidate from PAS in a transition where evolutionary changes can be properly cushioned to suit his subjects. The DAP is too chauvinistic. PKR is too progressive. PAS will be more acceptable to the majority of his subjects. Democracy must be undertaken in small baby steps - not a complete overhaul of the existing power structure. The Sultan is counting on the DAP to keep PAS in check if things get out of hand. That's why he is amenable to their original power-sharing structure for the State of Perak until Mr. Lim decides to throw a spanner in the works without using his common sense.

Mr. Lim, you have no political experience in running a state the size of Perak and having a MB from PAS will mean the state of Kelantan will assist and guide you in doing that. It doesn't have to be an Islamic state and PAS already pledged (or vowed?)to work hand in glove with you sans the Islamic State (and hudud nonsense) this GE12, didn't they? What happen to you, Mr. Lim. Senility getting the better of your hare-brain?

I am of the opinion Raja Azlan is a man of wisdom. He read the tea leaves well. He must have been following the political developments in this country closely to make such a decision. His sole intention was to help us nurture our fractious and fledgling democracy post-GE12. His son Raja Nazrin has already told us so much for the past 12 months before GE12. But the DAP stalwart was the greatest fool who failed to read the Sultan's mind. I would suggest Mr. Lim get to know his ruler more and consult him more often to better grasp the Sultan's wisdom on the affairs of state. Who knows, the Sultan of Perak may be able to train him on the finer points of running and administering a government.

To the Sultan of Perak, I offer my sincere apologies on behalf of Mr. Lim Kit Siang. May God Bless your kind soul- forgiving Mr. Lim who knows not what he is doing and saying. A dumb fool Mr. Lim Kit Siang definitely is, for sure.

Your humble subject,

everydog has hisday with the Sultan of Perak

Anonymous said...

i've posted how i feel about all this titled

Anonymous said...

Noory, but I'm sad, most Malaysian still can't grow mature enough to discuss politics in a rational manner. The issue and difference between 3 political parties can even drag in the accusation of racism dan mencabul kedaulatan Raja-raja. DAP no doubt at fault in the whole fiasco, but the accusation of anti-Malay, anti-Islam, mencabar kedaulatan Sultan are just too much and had gone overboard.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

excuse me but can everyone please read the statement made abt DAP CEC by lim kit siang again and it is not difficult for one to NOTICE that LKS did say that they are prepared to accept PKR's nominated candidate as the MB.... incidentally, PKR's nominated candidate is a Malay. to this end, i really dont think that everyone should attack LKS solely on the ground that he was being racist to malay..... given that in his statement, he did say he was prepared to accept a Malay as the MB....just not one from PAS since they won the least seats. so yeah, stop the brutal attack la!

Anonymous said...

Very funny. Most of you call LKS racist. If LKS or DAP is racist, why he support PKR then? I think a lot of the posters here are the UMNO cyber troopers and intentionally create chaos like their master! Simple logic and everyone jumped the conclusion. That's the thing, petty issue easily escalated to a big issue. How productive Malaysians are?

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way, Have Sultan of Perak dah buat statement marah LKS or DAP? NOPE. So why you all marah marah ? busy body ker ? or kaki bodek ?

Unknown said...

noory, please shed more tears when the 8 DAP exco members make the PAS MB their puppet.

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